Rich and Val's
Cross Country/Wedding Trip

Way back in the last century (1998) Val and I drove on an excellent adventure across plains, mountains, and strip malls to the left coast. We made some interesting stops along the way:

Badlands of South DakotaIn The Badlands I made Val nervous by sitting on a crumbling bad land.

Utah's Bonneville Salt FlatsIn Utah, we walked on the Salt Flats and felt we were starring in the '70s movie Vanishing Point.

Yosemite's Half DomeAt Yosemite National Park, bears prowled outside our cabin and attacked a woman walking back from dinner. It seemed strange for bears to live in such a busy shopping mall.

A view of Alcatraz from San FranciscoOf course when we made it to San Francisco, we were required by law to visit Alcatraz. If one day I find myself holed up in a federal penitentiary, I'd like to be in one with such a beautiful view.

Rich & Val's Wedding PhotoOh, and by the way, we got married in Las Vegas by an Elvis Impersonator.

Bryce Canyon, UtahBryce Canyon took us back through Utah. This time we felt we were starring in The Hills Have Eyes ... as the normal people, not the mountain people.

Arches National Park, UtahJust outside Moab, Utah, we went to Arches National Park.


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