Academic and Research

Current Computer Science PhD student at Stony Brook University.

Academic Advisor: Scott A. Smolka

Interests: Verification, Model Checking, SAT, Satisfiability Modulo Theory (SMT), Hybrid Systems, Parallel Software Systems, Parallel Verification, SPIN, General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA)

Projects: Towards a GPGPU-Parallel SPIN Model Checker (2014 SPIN Paper); Modeling Tap Withdrawl in C. Elegans (2015 CAV Submission)

My active research is primarily based on improving the performance and feature set of our GPGPU-based model checker, with the goal of a complete tool like modern iterations of SPIN. I am generally interested in any parallel extension to traditional formal analysis and verification techniques, but I think that the GPU in particular is an architecture with much promise. It has already seen a great deal of success in many fields, particularly in scientific computing, and when we bring model checking to new domains the GPU isn't very far behind.


In addition to my research I am also a mentor for a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) high school robotics team. I joined the team as a freshman in high school, the year after its inception, and was co-team leader in my senior year. FIRST is a program that not only had us tackle a major engineering problem in six weeks (given a set of rules for a game, a fixed budget, and no deterministic instructions, design, build, program and test a robot that plays the game well), but how to work together as a team, the importance of communication, forming and fostering business relationships, and many other important lessons. Because FIRST gave me so many things, I decided to return to my team during college, and to a greater extent graduate school, to mentor the next generation. Our mentoring approach is to guide the students to answers but to let the designs and work be their own. Quite frequently the students will ask us questions that we will not directly answer. They either ask a teammate or walk through the logic in their own heads until they reach the answer themselves.
West Islip Robotechs FIRST Team 871
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