Homework 3 Grading Criteria

The third homework submission is being split into two stages. This decision is taken so that you can revisit your design decisions and, if required, modify them based on your initial implementation approach in homework 4. The details of the two-stage process is described in this page, with the grading criteria spreadsheet link giving a more detailed breakdown.

Stage I

In the first stage, you will submit a draft design document that contains the sections as specified in the HW3 assignment handout, except that the following aspects of the SDD may be absent:

  • Division of system architecture into class/object diagrams and sequence diagrams.
  • Roles and responsibilities assigned to each subsystem.
  • Communication/collaboration of subsystems with each other.
  • Rationale for architecture.
  • UML sequence diagrams.
  • Data-related details.

Note that stage-I is due on the original submission deadline for homework 3.

Stage II

In this second stage, you will submit a (potentially) revised and updated document that contains all the information as specified in the HW3 assignment handout. This submission must complete the elements missing from your stage-1 submission. Please note that since you are getting a chance to revise the SDD, you must ensure that the system architecture, UML sequence diagrams and other details that are being updated in the design document reflect your code in HW4.

Note that stage-II is due on the submission deadline for homework 4.

As discussed in the lecture, please DO NOT organize your git repository by homework submission. That is, do NOT make folders for HW3, HW4, etc. This is because HW3 through HW6 form a continuous line of development, leading up to your final project. Therefore, make commits to start with your initial design document and progress toward a single, unified and coherent project that consists of design and code that agree with each other (at least during the initial stage of implementation, i.e., HW4).

In particular, your submission for HW3, stage-II, should be committed as revisions to the submission for stage-I. This way, after stage-II, you will have a single, final design document.