Pradipta De

Pradipta De is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science Department at The State University of New York (SUNY), Korea based in Incheon Global University Campus. He is also affiliated to StonyBrook University, US as a Research Assistant Professor. Prior to joining SUNY, Korea, Pradipta worked as a Research Staff Member with IBM Research - India from 2005 to 2012. Pradipta received his Ph.D. from StonyBrook University (SUNY) in 2007. He did his undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata.


Latest News

  • Sep, 2015 Work on the use of QR code as mobile payment enabler in India users context accepted at IndiaHCI.
  • Sep, 2015 Presented our work on smartphone based emotion detection at MCSS workshop @ Ubicomp, Osaka.
  • Aug, 2015 Presented tutorial on Mobile Cloud Computing at ICITCS conference in Malaysia
  • July, 2015 Our work on live streaming of mobile video accepted for publication in IEEE Communications Magazine, Oct issue on Social Networks Meet Next Gen Internet
  • July, 2015 Presented our work at ARMS-CC workshop at PODC 2015
  • July, 2015 Joint work with IIT Kharagpur on Mobile Affective Computing, titled "Impact of Experience Sampling Methods on Tap Pattern based Emotion Recognition" accepted at MCSS workshop at Ubicomp 2015
  • June, 2015 Ray presented the paper on fingerprint based locationing at IEEE Mobile Services conference in New York
  • Apr, 2015 Ray's survey paper on fingerprint based locationing to be published in IEEE Communucations Surveys and Tutorials
  • Apr, 2015 Arani presented his Research Proficiency Exam titled "Mobile Cloud Computing in the Wild: A Survey"
  • Oct, 2014 Joint work with IIT Kharagpur on smartphone energy optimization accepted at COMSNETS 2015.
  • July, 2014 Keeyoung Kim presented his Research Proficiency Exam on use of Machine Learning in Mobile Affective Computing.
  • Apr, 2014 Local organization chair for W4A conference co-hosted with WWW 2014 in Seoul.
  • Feb, 2014 Ray presented his Research Proficiency Exam on Fingerprint based Localization.
  • Dec, 2013 Jaewoo Pi's work on "Using GPUs to Crack Android Pattern-based Passwords" presented at ICPADS 2013 in Seoul.
  • June, 2013 Attending Mobisys in Taipei, Taiwan. Presenting our poster paper on Outdoor Locationing using Textual Signatures.
  • May, 2013 Attending WWW in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Presented our poster paper on optimized web browsing for mobile devices.
  • Apr, 2013 Our poster paper titled "WhereAmI: Image-based Positioning in Dense Urban Areas" accepted at Mobisys 2013
  • Jan, 2013 Joined SUNY Korea as Assistant Professor at Computer Science Department. Affiliated to StonyBrook University as Research Assistant Professor.


My research interests are in distributed systems, focusing on design of efficient cloud based systems and mobile applications. I am currently investigating the application of cloud computing for enhancing mobile applications. You can visit the Mobile Systems and Solutions (MoSyS) site for the latest information about our work.

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This semester (Spring 2016):

Previous Semesters:

  • Operating Systems (CSE 506) : 2014-Fall, 2013-Fall
  • Compilers (CSE 504) : 2015-Spring, 2013-Fall
  • Asynchronous Systems (CSE 535) : 2014-Spring
  • Introduction to Programming (CSE 114) : 2015-Spring
  • Seminar on Media Networks (CSE 660): 2015-Spring
  • Seminar on Mobile and Wireless Networking : 2014-Spring

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Message to Prospective Students

  1. If you are interested to work with me, please visit the MoSyS lab webpage and check the active projects. If you would like to discuss an idea which you are interested in, please email me for a meeting.
  2. If you are applying for PhD, there are several departmental merit-based fellowships. Follow the application process in the Computer Science webpage.
  3. If you are interested to do your Masters project with me, please contact me for project ideas.
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