CSE 506: Lab 7: Final Project

Project proposals due Tuesday, October 23, 2014, 11:59 PM
Code due Friday, December 5, 2014, 11:59 PM


This lab is an open-ended final project. You have two broad choices for the final project. (1) The default option is for you to add a significant piece of functionality to JOS, as described below. (2) Another option is to build something that is independent of JOS. The three requirements for this second option are as follows. The project must (a) have a significant implementation component, specified by deliverables (b) concern operating systems and (c) be challenging and potentially research-worthy. For all projects, you must write a proposal that is accepted by the course staff.

Lab Requirements

Here is a list of examples and projects from past years and other versions of this course. This is meant to be inspiration only, not a menu. The actual project is up to you. Please pick something manageable. It is far better to complete your project to spec than it is to take on something too big and not have anything to show for it except excellent intentions (also true in the real world).

For those students interested in systems research, here are some projects I am interested in. If you think you might want to pursue one of these, please send me a quick email and we can discuss during office hours.

The project you choose must have a significant operating systems component. For example, you shouldn't simply port a user-level application that requires little or no kernel modification. You should email a proposal to the course staff email alias (not the course staff separately) at the deadline given above. The proposal must include: (1) The names of your group members; (2) What you want to do; and (3) What you are expecting to present (a list of deliverables). Please keep it short (no more than several paragraphs).

This ends the lab. As usual, you can grade your submission with make grade and hand it in with make handin for the initial exercises. You may use the git repository to commit source for your final project and email cs506ta instructions how to get your source code.

Congratulations on having completed all of the CSE 506 labs! We are looking forward to seeing your projects!

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