Image 1:

Generated Caption:From Mrs Macquarie Chair in the sky gathering again a cloud.
Original Caption:The roof of a car park in Kensington. Short bulb exposure.
Image 2:

Generated Caption:An empty flower pot with asphalt or rock had CIBA navy red and yellow in it.
Original Caption:Blue winter sky reflecting in ice in an old stone urn
Image 3:

Generated Caption:A boy waits for the bus to school in a sulu at the end of Cunningham stage one in Suva Fiji to Ivan Fedoriv. The little girl standing with the opera house in the background after watching the ballet between ground and sky.
Original Caption:Donald Trump in the red hat
Image 4:

Generated Caption:The Rilley men dressed up as Spiderman peaking out of the window in San Telmo at the same time. All the beautiful sail boats hanging out in the middle of the water.
Original Caption:Devin, bryon, and i on the beach in labadee...our ship in the background
Image 5:

Generated Caption:This particular water plant survived quite a severe trouncing in cloud forest.
Original Caption:Pretty little plant in a pretty little pot
Image 6:

Generated Caption:Cute young cat posed in the window of the Nathaniel of Colorado hat shop in downtown Mancos this morning Nov over spring break.
Original Caption:K-os in her white shirt and Fiddy in his pantaloons
Image 7:

Generated Caption:The castle hides in the car park on a rare clear day.
Original Caption:The view from the roof of Sean and Michelle s building looking in another direction.
Image 8:

Generated Caption:Our computer screen prints by ham for New York New York book at redfoxpress in the road.
Original Caption:My study desk in the office
Image 9:

Generated Caption:Big cat in shirt watching tv.
Original Caption:A young man in casual dress wearing sunglasses stands in front of a modern high rise building
Image 10:

Generated Caption:A tired feline waiting for water in huntington beach. A tired feline waiting for water.
Original Caption:My baby posing for me in the bathroom sink of all places
Image 11:

Generated Caption:By the window in this historical building was much clearer than this picture shows a tv screen.
Original Caption:The wall in my old home office (now Sorena s room, in a pretty yellow, pink and white).
Image 12:

Generated Caption:Of ceiling in the sky says Asia and the hat points south my bike.
Original Caption:You re nobody in Oxford, unless you have a old bike with a basket
Image 13:

Generated Caption:Castle torn down by its owner sure there was a treasure in the walls during day time.
Original Caption:Tokyo.I saw a train running and took it in a hurry. I made it, but just!
Image 14:

Generated Caption:Box being laid under the floor for network video and phone cabling.
Original Caption:Kiln fired glass bowl by Deborah Lovelace Richardson. 16"x16". Created in 2004.
Image 15:

Generated Caption:To the park entrance in the street is for tours to the houses of Hollywood stars a tourist bus.
Original Caption:Walking in defiantly, ready to order some chicken strips
Image 16:

Generated Caption:Those dandy clear plastic cups in rock window.
Original Caption:Beach greek coffe in paper cup
Image 17:

Generated Caption:Person dressed in something other than black and white after hash. Little boy using wite dress for peace day in the sky.
Original Caption:Casey about to leap over the dog for the ball
Image 18:

Generated Caption:In avacado tree an old yellow car driven by the Clerk of the Course during the Fintray Hillclimb Sunday.
Original Caption:The silver Mitsubishi EVO course car driven by the Clerk of the Course during the Fintray Hillclimb, Sunday 12th August 2007.
Image 19:

Generated Caption:The leather love of Manchester Boddy house.
Original Caption:Boxed Loose seat and boxed back cushions on built in wooden banquette in kitchen eating area.
Image 20:

Generated Caption:In a tree the colorful companion plant grows a blue green just under the mushrooms.
Original Caption:Other house in the water
Image 21:

Generated Caption:This golden cat in Deb kitchen.
Original Caption:The funny thing is they even kept the horse inside the house....just by the bed in fact to the left of it....gross!!!
Image 22:

Generated Caption:Those packaged apples of our apartment main door.
Original Caption:After restoration. Glass in place on upper and lower door. upper and lower door re-venered in red oak.
Image 23:

Generated Caption:The dinner table eating Sebastian birthday cake even against robins and male blackcaps.
Original Caption:In the red and black figure style native to sicily
Image 24:

Generated Caption:Orange flower in Conneticutt lures me to it.
Original Caption:An orange flower in the house garden
Image 25:

Generated Caption:In catarman bus terminal of those buildings is well worth a visit the castle.
Original Caption:White wall near telegraph pole was grans home
Image 26:

Generated Caption:A sporty little red convertible made for a great day in Key West FL. This car was in teh 4th parade of the apartment buildings.
Original Caption:Hard rock casino exotic car show in June
Image 27:

Generated Caption:The car seat at the road.
Original Caption:Pinkface Chagma baboonOn the rocks at the dam wall bridge at Lower Sabie in KNP70 2004 SEP 29 7988W
Image 28:

Generated Caption:Our table in the hat.
Original Caption:Pendleton mold over kitchen sink
Image 29:

Generated Caption:In the river the hill houses Battery 201.
Original Caption:Shore near our campground on Clydedale Lake. Alice in the background pumping water from the lake through the water purification filter.
Image 30:

Generated Caption:A bottle spout in this room.
Original Caption:Some of the restaurants in Harrogate gave out bottled water in glass bottles instead of plastic
Image 31:

Generated Caption:Wild brown bear against the glass Vancouver Aquarium.
Original Caption:The male was after this female who tried to feed in his territory, twisting and turning at incredible speeds.
Image 32:

Generated Caption:A wet dog for a gift.
Original Caption:Bunny Man by Andrew Pommier in customized shoe box
Image 33:

Generated Caption:By the water truck of Skazka Fairytale an abandoned wooden house be available in black and red 4 matching chairs.
Original Caption:The art tournament was decided by rock paper scissors. it was a debacle.
Image 34:

Generated Caption:This window is war of Scotland Linlithgow. Tower containing big Ben at the end of the houses of Parliament in my building.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in St Michael s
Image 35:

Generated Caption:Herons catching fish at the edge of the fall line in the james river to the beach. Unknown water bird follow a shrimp boat into port in Ponce Inlet Florida over the river.
Original Caption:A small collection of beach bird photographs taken between 2003 and 2006 in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida.
Image 36:

Generated Caption:The fishing boats with girl.
Original Caption:Keira decided she wanted to sit in the boat outside the water
Image 37:

Generated Caption:Our bottle vending machine advertising Royal Crown Cola on the front by Mformonkey.
Original Caption:I drank that bottle by myself in bed one is all tanis s fault
Image 38:

Generated Caption:Couch occupied by cats in our slightly wonky old house.
Original Caption:The TV lounge. My desk is in the lower left corner.
Image 39:

Generated Caption:A great blue heron munches on grass in the Thames River Stratford Ont of the road. A mute swan drinking from a freshwater lake in a disused quarry at Scarlett on the Isle of man.
Original Caption:Ah seagulls, the rats of the sky. even this rat looks pretty walking the beach at sunrise in jersey.
Image 40:

Generated Caption:Still bare bed in the new office.
Original Caption:A rocking chair I found in the house we rented over the summer.
Image 41:

Generated Caption:In the blue sky a tie cloud chair like Titanic.
Original Caption:Beach bed in the breeze.JPG
Image 42:

Generated Caption:In the shoe bag glaze delish fruits. The apple bending down.
Original Caption:This speedometer was spotted inside an ancient rusting Plymouth on a side street in Shaniko, Oregon.
Image 43:

Generated Caption:In the background the street with NYC buildings.
Original Caption:Our accidental visit to Venizia (they moved our car to another train in the middle of the night as we slept).
Image 44:

Generated Caption:In the house boat to the building took over the chair.
Original Caption:Room in the house boat
Image 45:

Generated Caption:This 1961 stove came my house and for some reason i m fascinated by it with mirror and some shelves.
Original Caption:Magic Chef brand microwave oven, in box - $30
Image 46:

Generated Caption:On the mirror in the entire building covered by the tank of water to magnify the image tv screens.
Original Caption:A smart board was delivered to my classroom along with laptop computers in vaulted steel containers.
Image 47:

Generated Caption:Of the car the black cat posing under an artificial flower.
Original Caption:Corvallis, Oregon, pretty black cat in window at the Heartland Humane Society.(2655blackcatinwindowaacrp)
Image 48:

Generated Caption:Glass window seen inside the cathedral of Cologne Germany in the Bath Abbey. Glass window is by a student after an open competition of our house.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in the stairwell.
Image 49:

Generated Caption:Sumatran tiger above my kitchen sink.
Original Caption:This guy only wanted back in and kept going to the window and door and roaring.
Image 50:

Generated Caption:An old clock overlooks the old river bridge in Potes in Cantabria Spain to the right. The towers decorated with flowers arranged symmetrically on a building.
Original Caption:King s Gate with clock tower in the Great Court of Trinity College. Cambridge.
Image 51:

Generated Caption:The castle infront of a lake near the center of the Hague in Oaxaca Mexico.
Original Caption:Early morning view from 8th floor at Geary & Divisidero. Potero power plant spews in distance.
Image 52:

Generated Caption:Moelfre hill deformed by apparently strong and consistent winds.
Original Caption:SunSet in Black n white from the hill top
Image 53:

Generated Caption:Of view two black birds.
Original Caption:An other picture by Tonio, of a bird on the roof accross the street from us.
Image 54:

Generated Caption:For the doors and cabinets of this building hung in the room we slept in brown door.
Original Caption:Front door near my bedroom
Image 55:

Generated Caption:A blue flower found in a conservation zone in a local cemetery at Gurre Hegn. A pink flower growing together in the center of a big green bush in Tucson Arizona over green grass.
Original Caption:Blue and yellow flowers in a very green garden.
Image 56:

Generated Caption:Cars parked accross bays from Dealey Plaza. Our cars parked accross bays on the building.
Original Caption:Gaudi s Casa Batllo or the "dragon s back" building ---- across the street from our hotel in Barcelona
Image 57:

Generated Caption:A long fitting white satin dress is me Granny Galina.
Original Caption:Stencils around bedroom window
Image 58:

Generated Caption:The stained glass windows moved here from elsewhere in church with lilies. Glass windows are in the chapel into the building. Back porch door was absolutely lovely in the same building.
Original Caption:Stained glass window at St.Johns College Chapel in Cambridge... the late afternoon sunlight filtering through...
Image 59:

Generated Caption:A brass viking boat moored on beach in Tobago by the ocean.
Original Caption:A boat out in the water at sunset.
Image 60:

Generated Caption:The back seats swallowed them whole with Teresita in the muslim cemetery.
Original Caption:He s spending the night outside in his nest he built in the tree next to the house tonight. . .
Image 61:

Generated Caption:The clouds hanging down by the ground in Dupnitsa of Avikwalal.
Original Caption:Car was raised on the wall over a bridge facing traffic..paramedics were attending the driver on the ground
Image 62:

Generated Caption:At my parents house in our apple tree made for the chair.
Original Caption:Laptop table in teen area
Image 63:

Generated Caption:A blue bowl in Zrenjanin.
Original Caption:Interesting circular building near Shenyang North train station.
Image 64:

Generated Caption:Tv screen in my office displays a digital map of the floor.
Original Caption:Built in cabinets for tv and computer in master bedroom on main floor!
Image 65:

Generated Caption:Mom wheel chair of London.
Original Caption:A man watching a TV in the window of a disused shop. No - I ve no idea either!
Image 66:

Generated Caption:A random dog tearing around the yard.
Original Caption:Playing in the water at Norris pond beach P.E.I. summer 2005
Image 67:

Generated Caption:The windows in the sky. The patio door of the building on the atlantic ocean.
Original Caption:The building where i work, in Talamban. everything s blue here. my favorite color.
Image 68:

Generated Caption:This plant is in by room attendant. The flowers growing along the trail in yellow foliage. The flowers growing along the trail in tree.
Original Caption:Sun flower in pot
Image 69:

Generated Caption:In the background over Chambal river is a castle.
Original Caption:This was easily the largest beach house in all of Dare County.
Image 70:

Generated Caption:Water table had springtime napkins in yellow pink and turquoise.
Original Caption:This ring is on a downtown building in Sudbury, Ontario. It is a horse hitch.
Image 71:

Generated Caption:Of the house in the sky says welcome to Kindersley the water tower.
Original Caption:Water tower in Vaasa
Image 72:

Generated Caption:Balcony in bus.
Original Caption:Across the street from the train station in Harrisburg
Image 73:

Generated Caption:3 seat Ektorp sofa for the birthday has a queen bed in it.
Original Caption:Old car mirror. The rounded mirror was not original. The shirt says "We are all Chinese" in Chinese.
Image 74:

Generated Caption:A gift basket weave pattern near manhattan water vus.
Original Caption:The dog office in use.
Image 75:

Generated Caption:On Kauai of the main road covered in orange velvet this car.
Original Caption:Shot in Blackpool on Tescos car park with use of a 5,000,000 candle power light.
Image 76:

Generated Caption:Another bike co in black and white near the train station.
Original Caption:My whip in black and white
Image 77:

Generated Caption:The three wooden crosses stand proud against the blue sky in Eugene Oregon.
Original Caption:View of Parkville from window in the stairwell of building in which the Hartford Independent Media Center office is currently housed.
Image 78:

Generated Caption:The kitchen table of the mountain.
Original Caption:A macro picture of a fruit on a plant in the Palm House at Kew Gardens
Image 79:

Generated Caption:Near the river in the sky is well worth a visit the castle.
Original Caption:We had to cross this bridge in order to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This area was really peaceful.
Image 80:

Generated Caption:Glass window made by artists in Chartres Birmingham and Boston all over the world. Stained glass designed by Alfons Mucha in the present building.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in the Dom.
Image 81:

Generated Caption:The screen for the JK Harris blood drive.
Original Caption:Note: Coffee in paper bag from street vendor - fuck 5bucks!
Image 82:

Generated Caption:Her new water bottle fiving each other in the mirror.
Original Caption:Irn-Bru in a glass bottle
Image 83:

Generated Caption:Around the entire 2nd floor in the sky were our seats.
Original Caption:Livingroom of my sibling s beach house in So Cal reflected in the TV screen.
Image 84:

Generated Caption:The stranger cat with picasa2.
Original Caption:TC in shoe box
Image 85:

Generated Caption:For a better view in the air taken from the bus window on the way home the hill.
Original Caption:That little hill with the white top is another hike I love -- the entire top of the hill is covered in quartz.
Image 86:

Generated Caption:On a horse over the river amazing coloration in my opinion a mallard duck.
Original Caption:Darlene in the ocean on a horse
Image 87:

Generated Caption:Train bridge crossing over to the glass Museum in autumn Virginia USA.
Original Caption:Tree lined country road by fenced pasture land in autumn, Virginia, USA
Image 88:

Generated Caption:In vietnam horses tied up by the beach hut.
Original Caption:Token cow in the street
Image 89:

Generated Caption:The seat in the bathroom towel.
Original Caption:My bath tub! kitchen towel roll thrown in to giv eyou a sense of size proportion. I wasn t lying!
Image 90:

Generated Caption:Glass window given by John Corbett.
Original Caption:Over the entrance door in the St Francis church
Image 91:

Generated Caption:As the ground beneath the tower was not stable in the sky is near my house and its really big this giant cross.
Original Caption:ATL cop column against glass building
Image 92:

Generated Caption:Star fruit in the floor.
Original Caption:Buzz cat in a basket
Image 93:

Generated Caption:The birthday girl on the kitchen table around the M house. The girl around the M house bought learn spanish while you drive.
Original Caption:Nate s birthday party at our house. Conor sitting on our bed in the living before it broke.
Image 94:

Generated Caption:Signal hill facing in front by my house.
Original Caption:Mountain overlooking lake Windermere in the Lake District, Cumbria, England taken at full zoom (with shakey hand)
Image 95:

Generated Caption:The cat is.
Original Caption:Cat in the cat tree - Black and White
Image 96:

Generated Caption:The tiger rescued by poachers near the White House.
Original Caption:There were three fish spewing water around neptune. this little guy is one of them.
Image 97:

Generated Caption:Microwave installed by us in the Caseta.
Original Caption:This is what you see when you are standing in front of the office desk.
Image 98:

Generated Caption:Railroad bridge jump off in Naha.
Original Caption:Interior shot of a derelict pump house next to the river Avon in Hanham
Image 99:

Generated Caption:For good measure in the evening sky became my nightstand desk.
Original Caption:Dan and Carmen, in front of a large stack that was used to hold the kitchen wall cabinet in place.
Image 100:

Generated Caption:The cats in Manitowoc WI.
Original Caption:Neighbor cat sitting in my greenhouse
Image 101:

Generated Caption:Across the water a good boat moored by the shore.
Original Caption:65 waving on the boat in the shillong lake
Image 102:

Generated Caption:Light contrasting against the deep natural blue of a setting sun sky in our pond.
Original Caption:The sun shines throughout this street lamp late in the morning
Image 103:

Generated Caption:By my ugly building the balcony overlooking the crazy clock in Old Town Square in Prague.
Original Caption:Halfway up the driveway, looking at the front of the house and the deck (note the pleather chair left by the pervious tennant)
Image 104:

Generated Caption:A bright orange died due to the summer drought in flower. Flower taken in Tunsia.
Original Caption:Small unidentified orange flower in Cusco, Peru.
Image 105:

Generated Caption:Wooden cross in the sink.
Original Caption:In the yellow sky
Image 106:

Generated Caption:On silver in the sky made by timmy large mug.
Original Caption:Tie hole in RC wall with plastic sleeve yet to be removed
Image 107:

Generated Caption:A very sweet cat likes the sun.
Original Caption:Luci in her favorite cat bed attempting to ignore me in her face with the new Sony A700
Image 108:

Generated Caption:Yellow bird seen near the port in Aruba at the beach by the water. An interesting looking bird munching on a fish in Sua by the water.
Original Caption:Photos from an afternoon in Chestertown, MD, including a public sail on the 1767 replica ship Sultana
Image 109:

Generated Caption:White tigers in Wpg Mb zoo.
Original Caption:The tiger jumped up in the tree to get down a dead rabbit
Image 110:

Generated Caption:The duck near public toilet.
Original Caption:Reflecting in the clear water
Image 111:

Generated Caption:A glass screen showing fish and some fish in the tvs with a clear night sky.
Original Caption:My new blue wall - so in love with it
Image 112:

Generated Caption:Small white flowers were along the road near the Confederation Bridge on the New Brunswick side damn it. These flowers were along the road near the Confederation Bridge on the New Brunswick side.
Original Caption:White flowers near the wall
Image 113:

Generated Caption:In the classroom library paper cups were fun.
Original Caption:Tea pot, lidded bowl by Jeff Brown, boat bowl by Brian Nettles.
Image 114:

Generated Caption:The cats in the drawer.
Original Caption:Patons Merino in black and Radiance (pink and brown colorway)
Image 115:

Generated Caption:For the bats the bus used by the Old Piney Grove baptist church youth choir in the sky.
Original Caption:Our other car was under construction, so we made one day trip to the sand dune (walked to the top)
Image 116:

Generated Caption:The clouds looming over my office in January.
Original Caption:This is a picture I took out of a car or van somewhere nowhere near home, I can t remember where.
Image 117:

Generated Caption:Black white cows blocking our bus to the zip line rain forest tour in Costa Rica.
Original Caption:See me in black and white. ... the black and white horse
Image 118:

Generated Caption:Near east lawther and the sailboat docks a red cardinal sits in my tree at home.
Original Caption:Adult male house finch in full bloom
Image 119:

Generated Caption:In Lancaster PA against ocean and sky says americas dream town and the vultures flying around it were too perfect towers.
Original Caption:Fishing boat in ocean city, md
Image 120:

Generated Caption:A very nice red car spotted at a dealership in Pretoria of the house.
Original Caption:A colorful car parked on the street in Juarez
Image 121:

Generated Caption:By calcium salty lake water and fresh spring water in the sky move north over a farm field outside of Pickerington on Sunday afternoon the looking cloud.
Original Caption:I was driving around copuple of weeks ago... I just saw this white house and I had to make this photo
Image 122:

Generated Caption:In lake the new cow roaming around the field.
Original Caption:Another white rhino at Lake Nauruku with a water bufallo and an impala in the background.
Image 123:

Generated Caption:Some clouds over the river Conwy.
Original Caption:Black hole opens up in sky
Image 124:

Generated Caption:Bright red cardinal looks absolutely stunning against the glorious blue sky in Campbell California.
Original Caption:Saw this one while walking this morning. Northern Flicker in a tree in Campbell, California.
Image 125:

Generated Caption:Under the tree cool ratrods hotrods motorcycles go faster.
Original Caption:Bike in garage with new plate bracket
Image 126:

Generated Caption:A plant blooming beside the road at littlecote house.
Original Caption:A fireplace in the kitchen of the roman house in Augusta Raurica (Augst near Basle, Switzerland).
Image 127:

Generated Caption:In different sizes a white painted lily appear above foliage.
Original Caption:Flower bouquet by Rod Pujante "Playa Moth". No glue or fasteners...just reappropriated water bottles
Image 128:

Generated Caption:Cats sit on paper.
Original Caption:Under a big old sky | Out in a field of green
Image 129:

Generated Caption:The railroad lost against the mountain background at Horseshoe Curve in April 1986 under a rock.
Original Caption:Found this guy right outside my sleeping bag waking up in OKC.
Image 130:

Generated Caption:Apple stays in the bowl for long. Free orange bobber in Everglade water.
Original Caption:Taken on a trip around notting hill gate and portabello market - july 2006 london
Image 131:

Generated Caption:A peculiar flower growing under the bridge of grass in a tree. Pretty flower growing in a very sunny garden in Putnam County Carmel NY against grass.
Original Caption:DSCN2075 tiny flower growing in the grass
Image 132:

Generated Caption:With a message in the sky is on the bar is open the tv tower.
Original Caption:High on the hill in Parc de Montjuic and down the road from the Olympic stadiums
Image 133:

Generated Caption:A plastic chair in its red wagon.
Original Caption:November 30, 2004, Butler theater department dress rehearsal of Top Girls in Lilly Hall theater Room 168.
Image 134:

Generated Caption:In the air the clouds hanging above mountains on our way to lunch outside of cali.
Original Caption:The sky and clouds over Oyodogawa river and Miyazaki city. This photo was taken from airplane.
Image 135:

Generated Caption:Wall oven in Allendale.
Original Caption:Greg in the kitchen of the rental house in Taos, NM July 2006
Image 136:

Generated Caption:Molted ducks swims around in bby lake.
Original Caption:A duck in Charles river
Image 137:

Generated Caption:Birds perched on a branch above water.
Original Caption:Baby in her later years turned from green to red, but she never went fully red all over.
Image 138:

Generated Caption:Rocking chairs in a paper bag are.
Original Caption:May in the tree house
Image 139:

Generated Caption:At work in the grass lumber slowly by it a train.
Original Caption:6/10/2006 -- The long-ass escalator from the train platform to one level below the street at Namesti Republiky station.
Image 140:

Generated Caption:By the lake in the sky is a favorite for bicyclist the hill.
Original Caption:A lake nearby for cool dips in the water
Image 141:

Generated Caption:In a bowl by a somewhat lower building coming soon sofa.
Original Caption:This is the living room. the white door in the picture is the door to the extra bedroom.
Image 142:

Generated Caption:On mount brown cat running around.
Original Caption:In the shoe box
Image 143:

Generated Caption:Of memorial bridge crossing the piscataqua river in the sky sleeping beauty this castle.
Original Caption:Our first and only day of seeing the clear sky in Shanghai after a slight rain washed the sky of the pollutants.
Image 144:

Generated Caption:The cloud in his almost finished play pen bed toy box.
Original Caption:Yes, that is my truck under that tree
Image 145:

Generated Caption:A shiny dish in bulilit ang liitliit advertisement.
Original Caption:A girl who fell in love with a monkey
Image 146:

Generated Caption:Big boy sitting in front of blue door against a water background.
Original Caption:My G15CSR & me on the road above our house with the Rocky Mts in the background
Image 147:

Generated Caption:The bike leaning against fence with rusty chain and plant pushing through spokes in clear blue sea.
Original Caption:The glass roof in the British Museum
Image 148:

Generated Caption:Sweet Pea flowers blooming in my small kitchen herbs with diffuser 1m.
Original Caption:Bird in tree in back yard through telescope (12.5mm eyepiece)
Image 149:

Generated Caption:In Barrie under a big Texas sky covered with many small golden tiles this tower.
Original Caption:United States Capitol Building with blue sky in background
Image 150:

Generated Caption:In my laptop bag put apples.
Original Caption:Crayons in a bottle wall
Image 151:

Generated Caption:A bird kept attacking a window in our house today in fact its still at it for a long time.
Original Caption:Pet myna bird on night market trader s shoulder in Udon Thani, Thailand
Image 152:

Generated Caption:The horse from the Belgrad forest.
Original Caption:Back-light in black and white
Image 153:

Generated Caption:The flowers in the grass look like fiber optics. A beach flower in a green field thrives while the grass around is dry.
Original Caption:In a big pot on the sidewalk in front of the Cambridge Public Works building on Hampshire St
Image 154:

Generated Caption:A female Mallard duck cooling off and resting at the same time in Lake George in northern New York State on the car.
Original Caption:Duck in rippled water
Image 155:

Generated Caption:Seat tv of State Street.
Original Caption:A little box with a flower in it.
Image 156:

Generated Caption:Koiviston auto local traffic bus stop with Cypress mountain in the background.
Original Caption:Living the Dream...I live in a van down by the river...well, ocean anyway...
Image 157:

Generated Caption:The screen was much clearer than this picture shows in the Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park Nevada.
Original Caption:This picture was inspired by Sesame Ellis and her bird s eye view shot of her cat sleeping amongst the toys.
Image 158:

Generated Caption:In the grass Bob Marley plant rose bushes at the end of the rows.
Original Caption:Xmas tree in the office building where I work.Taken by brand-new camera (Casio Exilim EX-V8) Black model.
Image 159:

Generated Caption:Across the road in sky riding up the Tibidabo hill.
Original Caption:Darn mountain got in the way of my sky shot
Image 160:

Generated Caption:The neighbors cat likes to come in and visit under kitchen sink.
Original Caption:Sam in his new favorite place-the bathroom shelf 12-5-2007
Image 161:

Generated Caption:A horse living on the side of a mountain in Grindelwald with talus and the fall colors.
Original Caption:This dog lost its ball in the pond
Image 162:

Generated Caption:Along the house and porch in the tree sail over the nearby mountain peaks fluffy white clouds.
Original Caption:An old telephone pole with like a million staples in it from the 60 s.
Image 163:

Generated Caption:In cornflower a black cat of the building gets done by the chair.
Original Caption:Loki playing around on her cat tree
Image 164:

Generated Caption:A white duck onto sidewalk.
Original Caption:Black and white in color
Image 165:

Generated Caption:1977 bronze doors standing in dining area of their highrise apartment building.
Original Caption:A Willy Week paper box sits a bit off-kilter in front of a building along the MAX tracks in Chinatown
Image 166:

Generated Caption:The cat in Yoyogi Park Tokyo.
Original Caption:My cat Trash sleepin in my bed, taken by my shitty mobile phone
Image 167:

Generated Caption:My dog to the cats.
Original Caption:Actually he is waiting for someone to hit his ball in the water so he can be a Retrievefr
Image 168:

Generated Caption:Above our sink in the tree was much clearer than this picture shows flat screen.
Original Caption:This is a recrop of an earlier post, but I like the way the house was reflected in the TV screen
Image 169:

Generated Caption:My lovely kitten sought shade from the midday sun beside a wall in sand toys.
Original Caption:Another of Robbie in the kitchen window
Image 170:

Generated Caption:In a rock this yellow flower shown all season.
Original Caption:A flower along the road near Kailua-Kona s business district.
Image 171:

Generated Caption:Many blue flowers growing in Susan. The white water lily looked so pure and fresh bathing in the rain.
Original Caption:In the flower market in Bangkok
Image 172:

Generated Caption:My balcony railing from one of the many old houses in Kasba Peth by my house.
Original Caption:A house in Assisi, simply snapped the shots while walking along the street. I love the building s glow.
Image 173:

Generated Caption:The cutest cat sleeping in our garden.
Original Caption:Cute little red cats in the medina of Fes
Image 174:

Generated Caption:The ball filled with water that rolled down a hill against the sky.
Original Caption:A street lamp lit by the sun in the Horticultural Center of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.
Image 175:

Generated Caption:The colorful crab apple at my office.
Original Caption:Clock in the kitchen area
Image 176:

Generated Caption:Near the fish market over a blue sky building at the corner of Bay and Wellesley Streets in Toronto old street light.
Original Caption:I was interested in the symmetry of the clock tower and the steeple from this perspective.
Image 177:

Generated Caption:On this Renaissance building a desk sitting with the dog.
Original Caption:Mary Baldwin campus, black & white setting, in winter.
Image 178:

Generated Caption:A cruise ship of that building leaves the dock in melide on lake lugano.
Original Caption:Hy2187 aj1455 boat connecticut mystic a yacht cruises along the mystic river in mystic connecticut
Image 179:

Generated Caption:A new flat screen taking off in Len house.
Original Caption:Xmas tree in the window
Image 180:

Generated Caption:On the building in the sky west of the Mississippi River the first steel water tower.
Original Caption:My bike in front of the Eiffel tower
Image 181:

Generated Caption:A table in the green chair near our house.
Original Caption:Cake in a bag, out of the bag
Image 182:

Generated Caption:In portugal of the building casting the blue light on the table the stained.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in the 1000 year old church.
Image 183:

Generated Caption:The red door used in older houses in China to the car lot.
Original Caption:Window in black and white
Image 184:

Generated Caption:Under the water cup then microwave for 1 minute.
Original Caption:Tea bag in cup 1
Image 185:

Generated Caption:The girl waring brown blouse in the green shirt under a blue sky. Girl is my new river dog in the sky.
Original Caption:The bare mountain in the back is Garibaldi
Image 186:

Generated Caption:Of another yellow building in the sky done by girl power congrats to Mike and Amy Honda medical car.
Original Caption:A car races to cross the tracks before an oncoming train in Fort Collins, Colorado - January 2008
Image 187:

Generated Caption:In the same building stained glass features Saint Margaret Saint Thomas Saint James Saint Clement. In the same building stained glass features Saint Margaret Saint Thomas Saint James Saint Clement.
Original Caption:View of the stained glass window in the cathedral in Nantes, France
Image 188:

Generated Caption:Fruit rolled up in organic brown rice. A flower arranging business.
Original Caption:I found this in a flower bed in our road. Pretty in a black & white sort of way
Image 189:

Generated Caption:Street light building at the corner of Bay and Wellesley Streets in Toronto above the bathroom door.
Original Caption:Flower in the window
Image 190:

Generated Caption:Her high chair under the stairs and wood laminate floor.
Original Caption:Kitchen table and built in kitchen desk as seen from family room angle.
Image 191:

Generated Caption:In the water a boat towed by svitzer powerful.
Original Caption:Ia0760 canoeing banff national park canada alberta canadian rockies man and his cat canoeing on hector lake in banff national park in alberta
Image 192:

Generated Caption:Under tree her Akita dog of the waterfall.
Original Caption:Waioeka Gorge. One dog tracks down the pig and the other one holds the pig by the ear until the hunter slits the pig s throat.
Image 193:

Generated Caption:Above the riverside buildings the charles bridge iin the background of school.
Original Caption:Group of men waiting to cross the street in Washington, DC.
Image 194:

Generated Caption:A door from the original coat racks.
Original Caption:This tree seemed to be the only sign of life in these abandoned streets.
Image 195:

Generated Caption:The car was white back in September of the main house. The car goes in the direction of Moscow center at morning under a blue sky.
Original Caption:Front of the house. Mike s private office balcony is above the single car garage
Image 196:

Generated Caption:Oblivious girl performing at Marina beach in Chennai other than black and white against the sky. Little girl walking in quiet alley in the Yakki Gate area of the Walled City Lahore over the mountain to present a green mountain white clouds and perfect blue sky.
Original Caption:Fun @ the beach - near the house
Image 197:

Generated Caption:A bright red flower by Glass elements.
Original Caption:My bike in white
Image 198:

Generated Caption:The elvis presley automobile in buildings damaged by a tree limb during the disaster. The windows from an old building in old airplane seats.
Original Caption:Don t know whether I was more interested in the house or the car parked in front.
Image 199:

Generated Caption:A bath tub in bathroom with blue watercolor paint.
Original Caption:Pitt pens + derwent wc pencils on wc moleskine.from photo** not in family tree book
Image 200:

Generated Caption:In Barcelona the banana to the building.
Original Caption:Interesting window framed by a tree branch, Brooklyn Heights, NY
Image 201:

Generated Caption:A Katrina refugee cat sleeping under my chair in building.
Original Caption:Cat in the kitchen
Image 202:

Generated Caption:Minature chair is adjustable.
Original Caption:This flower was sitting in a vase at a window in John s apartment in Cambridge.
Image 203:

Generated Caption:The girl wearing a leather corset belt. Vintage bike ride for charity from Blackpool Tower to Eiffel Tower in Paris via many long roads and high hills.
Original Caption:A young boy with an adult-sized bike in the village of Majulgon, Uttar Pradesh, India
Image 204:

Generated Caption:The flower basket playing in the hello kitty from this really neat bridge.
Original Caption:Longest wooden building in Japan.
Image 205:

Generated Caption:A cattle heart butterfly morning though not more than 4 at a time in Cameron Highlands Malaysia.
Original Caption:A butterfly that I discovered in the house this February.
Image 206:

Generated Caption:With mint in the sky mirror country bike.
Original Caption:My bike in the book Rain City Fix.Picture taken by Brenton Salo.
Image 207:

Generated Caption:With a butterfly of the Biology building floats atop a glass table in the restaurant lounge the tiny dish.
Original Caption:Flowers in a water bowl
Image 208:

Generated Caption:A Pochard duck swimming gracefully in the spring sunshine not the red eye.
Original Caption:Swimming proudly in golden Zayandeh rood
Image 209:

Generated Caption:The car merging left in traffic on these two sides. Just about every window is above the west door of St Mary Magdalene church in Rusper West Sussex through the building.
Original Caption:It was across the street from the old courthouses and I thought it looked pretty under the cloudless sky
Image 210:

Generated Caption:At Crossroads Village in gov t building lamp over the door of the Armourers Company one of the City Livery companies wooden doors.
Original Caption:Lighting:Sunlight from the huge hole in the roofCanon 430EX aimed at the white wall
Image 211:

Generated Caption:The table in black white.
Original Caption:Little black ducks swimmin in the water
Image 212:

Generated Caption:On the east coast in forest park and blue sky was cool the clock tower.
Original Caption:Fine pink granite gravestone silhouetted against a cold spring sky
Image 213:

Generated Caption:In Spencer Indiana cow around a dead fallen tree.
Original Caption:A black cow grazing near a small dam in the province of Cordoba in Argentina.
Image 214:

Generated Caption:Of shelf to the building desk in my home office a table.
Original Caption:A general view of the desk in my room and my window
Image 215:

Generated Caption:Our apple of the building folded in. Fresh fruit waiting in the room at the Peninsula of the house.
Original Caption:Domori vanilla chocolate, black tea, Chinese Pomelo, Aivanhov s Living book of Nature, Fresh Salvia grown by a friend.
Image 216:

Generated Caption:The flowers used in dye making. A few flowers sitting in a pot on the porch in front of my house.
Original Caption:Analogous--Here you have the bright orange flowers in a red vase against an orange clay wall.
Image 217:

Generated Caption:Of the neighborhood in tree did too a horse.
Original Caption:I spent an afternoon in the treehouse in the middle of the Timbavati but this adolescent male elephant was the only visitor.
Image 218:

Generated Caption:New windows above sink designed by Sr. The entrance door leading into the building.
Original Caption:Window in kitchen
Image 219:

Generated Caption:This cat came with the house. Another neighbor cat being watched by the super k street patrol.
Original Caption:Place a piece of paper in front of cat -- wait 30 seconds -- cat must sit on paper
Image 220:

Generated Caption:In Trinity wall bed bread bowl being cooled down before it going into the icemachine.
Original Caption:A little green frog once sat in a pool - the sun was hot and the water cool
Image 221:

Generated Caption:My dog in the water.
Original Caption:Cat in the dog house.
Image 222:

Generated Caption:The car is the Concept Climax in photoshop cs2. Shanghai car show in cannon beach from the clear blue sky.
Original Caption:An old street car near the train station.
Image 223:

Generated Caption:My neighbors dog sitting pretty in the grass after her first run in with aid.
Original Caption:Chocolate Fudge cake with white buttercream covered in rolled fondant. Daisies are fondant cut outs with pink sparkle centers.
Image 224:

Generated Caption:A wee blue table came out of the school cellar from the brown palace sky bridge.
Original Caption:Every Friday, there is a flower market in Liebfrauenberg square in Frankfurt.
Image 225:

Generated Caption:The castle showing foreshore looking north in london nearby the river and tower bridge.
Original Caption:7 Huge (almost canary wharf huge) building built by Stalin on the Moscow ring road
Image 226:

Generated Caption:Against sky in some large pine trees called Big Ben not the tower or clock itself Prague towers.
Original Caption:The biggest clock tower in London..can t remember his name.
Image 227:

Generated Caption:On the hill crest in the sky stands a withe cross.
Original Caption:Cass Lake yard and the water tower in Cass Lake, MN
Image 228:

Generated Caption:By the frog in the sky amazing a cross.
Original Caption:Kites were flying all around the Washington monument during the cherry blossom festival. It was beautiful.
Image 229:

Generated Caption:In the sky light aswell.
Original Caption:Lamp post by the beach
Image 230:

Generated Caption:This striking flower in Amsterdam. The flower taken by a lake at Crandon Gardens.
Original Caption:Wild plant and flower on the hilly forest in Hua Hin, Thailand.
Image 231:

Generated Caption:A young boy made rocks on the aquarium grounds in foreground. A girl looks in whats left of her truck out side of what left of her home after the fires in Rancho Bernardo California under the tree.
Original Caption:The house is on top of a hill above ancient Ephesus which was a city of half a million people
Image 232:

Generated Caption:With the headband in the field growing within them preferring plants.
Original Caption:An elephant at the Elephant Park in Chiang Mai putting a hat on me
Image 233:

Generated Caption:Glass window colored by a street light. Glass window colored in Potters house.
Original Caption:The stained glass windows in the library in the Univ. of Mumbai. This building has the most stained glass in all of Asia.
Image 234:

Generated Caption:Animatronic clock tower in r.
Original Caption:Actually Big Ben is the name of the bell in the tower. The tower is on the Parliament building
Image 235:

Generated Caption:The green glass ball above my bedroom patio door.
Original Caption:Fused glass earrings in basic black and white on Sterling Silver posts.
Image 236:

Generated Caption:An orange taken in June. Orange falling in water.
Original Caption:Fused glass cabochons in an assortment of golden yellows
Image 237:

Generated Caption:Of sky in the new house controlled by teacher laptop seat tv.
Original Caption:Solving querys.. Again....... the desktop there is actually on.. for some reason the screen looks black in the picture... weird...
Image 238:

Generated Caption:A stolen car spotted in Singapore near Hoop Pine trees. The car show on the street on a summer Saturday in Elma Washington under tree.
Original Caption:Imagine if the white car got banged by the red one. All the cars behind would suffer
Image 239:

Generated Caption:At Longfellow Middle School in Aleksandra house installed by us above range microwave.
Original Caption:Main house kitchen. You can see the sliding glass doors in the dining room behind the counters.
Image 240:

Generated Caption:In November under this tree feeds on the alpine tundra at 000 ft this mountain goat.
Original Caption:While bathing in the river on my dads property these 2 white horses came by for a drink.
Image 241:

Generated Caption:The cross rising over a beach in Goa representative of the Catholic influence in this influenced state of India against the building.
Original Caption:A cross guards graves on top of one wall at a cemetery in Paderno del Grappa, Italy.
Image 242:

Generated Caption:Many clock tower in r below the cross open. The clock tower thing on a hill in the middle of qingdao.
Original Caption:Clock tower of St. Peter s church in Zurich, listed as the largest church clock tower face in the world.
Image 243:

Generated Caption:Some windows of Victoria building.
Original Caption:The television screen vs. the mobile phone screen in the David & Goliath battle. (Mushon)
Image 244:

Generated Caption:A classic car m 5 11 in France Napoleon Jr. The window looking in a Vatican building.
Original Caption:Former Bell Brothers and Dorman Long office building designed by Phillip Speakman Webb
Image 245:

Generated Caption:The little boat rests in the water in Cape Porpoise Maine under the bridge.
Original Caption:Sailboat in Waikiki ocean
Image 246:

Generated Caption:A disgusting yellow phone box found discarded in the office space Rob and Karl to the white stuff.
Original Caption:Artistic wall clocks in glass
Image 247:

Generated Caption:My favorite fruits in the tree.
Original Caption:Straw hat made in Italy , a real show off hat for the red hatters . purchase for 22.00plus postage
Image 248:

Generated Caption:In Monroe Ohio the original wooden mission cross stand proud against the blue sky.
Original Caption:Harry Downie found the original wooden mission cross buried in the ground at this very spot.
Image 249:

Generated Caption:In Surfside TX the castle built during 1880s.
Original Caption:It is built out over the water and is very lovely. Apparently it is the most visited castle in France.
Image 250:

Generated Caption:Of the Star House building a real lap dog in the bathroom.
Original Caption:In the market street cinema girls room...
Image 251:

Generated Caption:Near North Sask river north carolina great smoky mountains railroad to the Standard Life building.
Original Caption:My p&o truck in the rain in waco at the cargill turkey plant
Image 252:

Generated Caption:Every car crushed by tree in Zephyr. A white car driving down the highway in KC under swedish sky.
Original Caption:View from the corner in front of the water park. Our house is the second one on the left.
Image 253:

Generated Caption:A large screen of Krakow Poland.
Original Caption:Computer desk in the master bedroom
Image 254:

Generated Caption:By the road side in the grass is on the boardwalk around Telegraph Cove this car.
Original Caption:We took an island tour in an open air truck/bus. In this case, it was a pirate-themed pink truck
Image 255:

Generated Caption:With the cat and the dog at the muchmusic building overlooks the old river bridge in Potes in Cantabria Spain this clock.
Original Caption:The roof of the Capital building in San Juan.
Image 256:

Generated Caption:Of the castle in the sky obscured by the low clouds there the KL tower.
Original Caption:Ic0424 state capitol lincoln ne nebraska state house nebraska state capitol the tower of the plains in the capital city of lincoln
Image 257:

Generated Caption:The car being inspected in the service station of Dr Howard. The little green frog car sits near a stuck truck on Pelican Island near Galveston TX in street.
Original Caption:Road work sign that fell over
Image 258:

Generated Caption:Of the house in the the sky striking the pose these birds.
Original Caption:A bird just after a bath in a puddle.
Image 259:

Generated Caption:Glass window in Echinswell Church made by Ashley Bryan.
Original Caption:A stained glass window in the Oude Kerk (Old Church)
Image 260:

Generated Caption:Milk bottle left outside a pub near my office that i spotted while going for breakfast in Chicago.
Original Caption:Heineken bottle in the desert - 9"x12" acrylic on paper (privately owned)
Image 261:

Generated Caption:The same five police cars spotted in Barrie Ontario to the Yukon under the tree. The car involved in the front straight crash beneath the tree.
Original Caption:The Handy Man required me to go with him because he was too young to cross the street by himself.
Image 262:

Generated Caption:The balcony is the one with the blue tarp over the plants of cool buildings.
Original Caption:John Hancock TowerThe tallest building in New England, 740ft. Its mirrored facade reflecting the surroundings and sky.
Image 263:

Generated Caption:In the microwave cabinet the screen arriving.
Original Caption:Photo of the second bathroom taken during a house showing in Monticello, Ill., Saturday, May 3, 2008.
Image 264:

Generated Caption:At La Crosse Wisconsin dogs wear clothes.
Original Caption:This is our rental car after sitting for one night under a tree filled with starlings. Unbelievable.
Image 265:

Generated Caption:A plastic cup with a foot rest.
Original Caption:In area of museum commemorating the history of the bridge over Kwai river at place called Tamarkan
Image 266:

Generated Caption:Of repair 3 around the tree was well over 6 feet tall this plant.
Original Caption:Potted plant at the south-facing window in the room i used to sleep in.
Image 267:

Generated Caption:Glass window left side of door in view. Window made in Cantebury England of every building.
Original Caption:The botica-cabinet-inspired kitchen cupboards of a period-style kitchen. Photographed in a house in Manila.
Image 268:

Generated Caption:The flower is in the water. A verbena flower outside a burned down building.
Original Caption:Silhouettes in a pink sky
Image 269:

Generated Caption:Of stuff mom in bay are from the yacht club some sail boats.
Original Caption:A girl carrying water in Simonga, Zambia
Image 270:

Generated Caption:To an old greek church from my house dress in cotton lawn with green abstract pattern shirt.
Original Caption:Hancock in between New Trump tower an old unknown building to the left.
Image 271:

Generated Caption:Random flowers growing in the lava fields of river and sea stones. This flower offered to me by two little girls in the grass.
Original Caption:In the flower bed by the large gate, and various other places in the garden
Image 272:

Generated Caption:A beautiful yellow castle putz by Howard Lamey in Sierra Leone West Africa.
Original Caption:Floodlights highlight the Quebec Parliament building as a violet-blue sky darkens in the background. Canada.
Image 273:

Generated Caption:Big wet bottle in classroom.
Original Caption:I adjusted all the colors in this photo except the wine bottle and glass
Image 274:

Generated Caption:Own tv screen indicating that i set a new record for Wii Bowling by bowling a perfect 300 in the world on the grass.
Original Caption:Rosa in front of Max s sand cat at Marwell
Image 275:

Generated Caption:Kittens tucked in on the sofa.
Original Caption:Just sitting on the kitchen table in the morning sun.
Image 276:

Generated Caption:In field train goes over.
Original Caption:Beautiful white ITL TRAXX (built by Bombardier) with a container train for the Rotterdam harbor.
Image 277:

Generated Caption:In the L a bike leaning up against it.
Original Caption:Hmmm why there was a bike hanging above the pool table I don t know!
Image 278:

Generated Caption:Near the Times building cars in the water.
Original Caption:This is a copy of the Capitol building in Washington...I know which one I d rather be standing outside!
Image 279:

Generated Caption:The screen was much clearer than this picture shows.
Original Caption:A sweet photo of little girls playing in a field of yellow flowers. (yard sale find).
Image 280:

Generated Caption:Wild mountain plants made by san displayed in their bar at Akigami Onsen ryokan near garage door.
Original Caption:5 layer cake covered in white, green and brown fondant with two layers of silk flowers. Tasted wonderful.
Image 281:

Generated Caption:Nissan sedan stitched to the road by the giant little girl in Antigua. A great car is name Ruby with the barn in the background and the workshop on the right side of the road.
Original Caption:Ethan s cars parked on the shelf near the window seat of the train.
Image 282:

Generated Caption:Trucks parked on first avenue in the east village at the East Chase Mall.
Original Caption:Flat bed Chisholms truck on display at the vintage vehicle rall y at Astley Green Colliery near Leigh Lancs
Image 283:

Generated Caption:Of an israeli soldier in the original church building showing camera over the movie screen.
Original Caption:My first red bull dress at the first party sponsored by red bull in Birmingham, AL.
Image 284:

Generated Caption:In the lawn the cow called lullabell.
Original Caption:Cute little critters eating grass in Zaanse Schans, Holland
Image 285:

Generated Caption:Oldenburg ewe stands along the roadside near Jasper Alberta in isls.
Original Caption:An old truck that sits in a field near my house.
Image 286:

Generated Caption:The apple covered in hairy spines containing sweet white flesh of field. The orange near my back door red pelargonium and pink and white miniature roses in the grass.
Original Caption:El chingo de fruta en el mercadoA lot of fruit in the market
Image 287:

Generated Caption:The dog waits in the market to the Chief Ladiga Trail. Happy dog trapped a squirrel in a tree.
Original Caption:This cute dog and all eight of her puppies lived across the street from the house in spruce pine.
Image 288:

Generated Caption:About windows in the air were tight the clouds.
Original Caption:Random view from a train window somewhere in Japan
Image 289:

Generated Caption:Fisher cats by running water.
Original Caption:Tuxedo cat hiding in a bag painting
Image 290:

Generated Caption:My glass coffee table displaying recent acquisitions things we designed and much read books in first floor.
Original Caption:Poor little green bottle, lonely in the hotel shower, just waiting to get some warm water and company...
Image 291:

Generated Caption:The microwave built in the cabinets from the doorway.
Original Caption:All the yellow portions on the east side of the house were added by a subsequent owner in 1880.
Image 292:

Generated Caption:In the backdrop a enormous castle used during the crusades.
Original Caption:Random pink building in Helsinki.
Image 293:

Generated Caption:The red shirt with a mustard cotton stitching.
Original Caption:The moment a boy in India met a black person for the first time
Image 294:

Generated Caption:All the cars covered in bright red dust by the farmers market. DVC van built by West Philly high school that gets 100 miles to the gallon under this tree.
Original Caption:From parking lot next door. deck is above gray car
Image 295:

Generated Caption:In a sunny day against the sky loom over the castle.
Original Caption:A view from the ferry dock back toward the resort. The blue building is the tower in which we stayed.
Image 296:

Generated Caption:A little yellow flower surrounded by a little bit of Chile. Bright yellow flowers growing in a rock garden on grass.
Original Caption:A common yellow flower in Greece with a bug on it.
Image 297:

Generated Caption:This cat under a tree lie down on the temple wall in the raining day. The kitty adopted by my dog Daisy under a tree.
Original Caption:This tiny kitten was causing a crowd to gather below as it wandered about on a second floor window ledge.
Image 298:

Generated Caption:Another van hit the up before ending the hot ride against this sign post in Adelaide. Suspect car hit the up before ending the hot ride against this sign post across the water.
Original Caption:Court at SW 1st with water in the street
Image 299:

Generated Caption:Street clocks need a little adjusting of Port au Prince.
Original Caption:The green plate pulled out and mangled two of the plastic screw holes in the gear/pivot piece.
Image 300:

Generated Caption:Around the fish market in the street parked by the Thames another bike.
Original Caption:Chino builds bike like this in his apartment.At the corner of 125th street and Lexington Ave. Harlem, NYC
Image 301:

Generated Caption:The dogs in Pawling New York.
Original Caption:Jimmy Dean relaxing in the kitchen after eating (and waiting to see if I am going to offer him more).
Image 302:

Generated Caption:To the 3 bedrooms bathroom and shower room in Pine Meadow Rd house installed above the stove her easy Bake oven.
Original Caption:The kitchen in the new house in Brooklyn
Image 303:

Generated Caption:A fruit basket at the Stampede Park.
Original Caption:In my parents house there s a photo of me less than a year old sitting in this car with my parents.
Image 304:

Generated Caption:The castle for a soft water unit destroyed in a war.
Original Caption:These kids play soccer on a field that is bounded on one side by a castle that s over 500 years old.
Image 305:

Generated Caption:At market Orissa India in the trees was just each table.
Original Caption:Another little monster...the girl in the hat too...
Image 306:

Generated Caption:Over a river on the trees pots outside the Green Dragon in Flaunden unusual plant.
Original Caption:I just love this flower and the blue pot looks good beside it.
Image 307:

Generated Caption:Flowers photographed on Chaturshringi Hills in India of my red ice box. My apple hangs from the tree at Boschendal near Franschhoek in South Africa of my lawn. Fruit sold on the street in Casablanca of weeds.
Original Caption:I found that nice flower while walking through the fields near Oelinghoven.
Image 308:

Generated Caption:Street pole sits in front of the field museum under sail.
Original Caption:Skipper and first mate enjoying the boat under sail instead of motoring.
Image 309:

Generated Caption:A flower at photos is on a plant in front of our home.
Original Caption:Shot in my kitchen in my house in Medina in Western Australia.
Image 310:

Generated Caption:Big blue bird sitting in same tree under the parrot. Eagles sitting in tree near Porepunkah in NE Victoria under the cloudy sky.
Original Caption:On the way to work one morning it was so foggy I couldn t see the water in the lake
Image 311:

Generated Caption:Of the brown cow in grass stared at me cattle.
Original Caption:They walked right by us sitting in the van. And Phillip had the van side door wide open!
Image 312:

Generated Caption:In the foreground of the field had one blue eye winning shire horses.
Original Caption:A lonely horse stand in a field next to glendalough church and tower etc,
Image 313:

Generated Caption:In this building every pot around a frozen lake.
Original Caption:House in a glass sphere
Image 314:

Generated Caption:The little girl by about 7 pm at Global Green house. The white people keep innocent in this colorful world at Global Green house.
Original Caption:I with my four mother in laws - in sky blue, pink ,green and blue and green
Image 315:

Generated Caption:Other flowers growing by my neighbors house. 17 Wild flowers standing out in the bunch.
Original Caption:I loved the way the center of this flower was surrounded by tiny yellow flowers. The bug was purely by accident.
Image 316:

Generated Caption:In a car outside train station next stop bus station up a building matches the time on my camera another clock.
Original Caption:A window in the Carillon tower with a view of Queen s park.
Image 317:

Generated Caption:The rose pots my mom has out around our house in the tree. The flower was in the trees.
Original Caption:Flower in sand
Image 318:

Generated Caption:With green embroideries flowers and string in the sky says the shirt.
Original Caption:Look at all that sand in his shirt pocket! He got slammed by the waves repeatedly!
Image 319:

Generated Caption:A castle overlooking the beach in Cassis under a open sky.
Original Caption:People s Palace in Bucharest--second largest building in the world, next to the pentagon. Monumental communist-era building as monument to communist-era ego
Image 320:

Generated Caption:Tropical plants surrounded by interesting white shapes that framed it nicely of their plastic bag dresses.
Original Caption:Hannah sitting by the water
Image 321:

Generated Caption:The couch in Tunis.
Original Caption:We can barely get the truck in there. Remind me to throw out that box on the workbench.
Image 322:

Generated Caption:Small blue butterflies by Sarah.
Original Caption:The flower petals on the bed and love poem in a bottle.
Image 323:

Generated Caption:In the Netherlands the blue horse by a tree.
Original Caption:Dodger walking in pasture
Image 324:

Generated Caption:In the house my kitty.
Original Caption:Luna our cat in her little bed
Image 325:

Generated Caption:In Grandpa back yard fishing horses against the sky.
Original Caption:Scenes around the lake on my bike ride
Image 326:

Generated Caption:In the grass a black bear spotted alongside the scenic North Cascades Hwy near Ruby arm.
Original Caption:Black bear by the road between Ucluelet and Port Alberni, B.C., Canada
Image 327:

Generated Caption:A high hill betwen the fjord an the mountain in vestern Norway from Mammoth.
Original Caption:Sintra s castle cut in the sky
Image 328:

Generated Caption:A plastic curtain adding to an overall light and airy atmosphere in the room to the Lady Chapel.
Original Caption:Kissing in the green car
Image 329:

Generated Caption:In tall grass the cows showed up near the rock pools.
Original Caption:A lush scene enlivened by the cows that walked across the river from time to time to test the grass on the other side
Image 330:

Generated Caption:Its a wine bottle sitting on a window sill in Burton Conner dorm room well above the cloud cover.
Original Caption:The girl in the green top is George Tate s wife
Image 331:

Generated Caption:To the house above the riverside buildings be the future seat of professional education in Tokyo water towers.
Original Caption:A castle-like old industrial building across the street from Johnson Wax in Racine. Front view.
Image 332:

Generated Caption:This little flower sprouted up in defiance at Volcan Mombacho. Bright yellow flowers growing in a rock garden against grass.
Original Caption:Yellow flower in my field
Image 333:

Generated Caption:This shiny old car uses the exclusive bus lane in Beijing on the way. The red car is in this picture under a cool sky.
Original Caption:Loooooong road over lots of water
Image 334:

Generated Caption:In the background the tower building landscape rock county sligo ireland europe.
Original Caption:Medieval clock tower in the center of Piatra Neampt
Image 335:

Generated Caption:The stained glass window seen inside the cathedral of Cologne Germany near the Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria building. The stained windows within the Mosque in the same building.
Original Caption:This room is on the first floor just to the left of the front door in the first exterior picture.
Image 336:

Generated Caption:In the background on the back road see one of my cats sleeping underneath it two red cars.
Original Caption:Red cross in Eskifjordur
Image 337:

Generated Caption:The DIE YUPPIE SCUM shirt featuring a bald eagle playing an electric guitar that is being struck by lightning in white.
Original Caption:Drew wants the ball while his dad Jay looks on in bare feet
Image 338:

Generated Caption:In our pasture with the water got out and were hanging around the house the cows.
Original Caption:New forest pig roaming Hale green in Hampshire.
Image 339:

Generated Caption:The lily in the bath is. The fruit punch. The fruit shaved chocolate on top.
Original Caption:Lillte red flower (Scarlet Pimpernel) seen in the loose gravel on the side road at Great Amwell on 27th July 08
Image 340:

Generated Caption:Glass window designed by czech artist Alfons Mucha in 1931 of SS Cyril and Methodius. Glass window done in 1931 by czech artist Alfons Mucha past the second tree.
Original Caption:Mosaic glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral
Image 341:

Generated Caption:The train passes the sand plant in Utica under bridge.
Original Caption:Eastbound CTA blue line train on a hot summer afternoon in June of 2007.
Image 342:

Generated Caption:An old mission church cross erected here by the colonists who built Jamestown in the sky.
Original Caption:Taken down by the river in Columbus right next to the replica of the Santa Maria. Old railroad bridge crossing the river in the background.
Image 343:

Generated Caption:A kitty getting in it.
Original Caption:This is how he rode in the car for most of the drive to the lake house.
Image 344:

Generated Caption:Of these great beside the brown house think i can see the bells in the tower clocks.
Original Caption:Clock shop in flea market
Image 345:

Generated Caption:The horses eating the grass in almost exactly the same positions under the bed.
Original Caption:Large black cow , md. sunrise farm , gambrills , 7-31-2008 , in gambrills
Image 346:

Generated Caption:The girl of that old black truck grandpa ken used to have. The first flower girl walking in the middle of the street.
Original Caption:In the US coast guard ship Grand haven Michigan
Image 347:

Generated Caption:Street light of SF.
Original Caption:Singing the christmas carol, Jingle Bells, in the car on the way home from the tree lot.
Image 348:

Generated Caption:With my Lomo fisheye camera in the sky bowl large orange.
Original Caption:Experiments with wide aperture: red flower in a wooden bowl
Image 349:

Generated Caption:Around the stream bikes alone in the grass just towers over it.
Original Caption:2008 Mt. bike wolrd cup in Canada
Image 350:

Generated Caption:That bird bathing in a heavy downpor in the rain forest of Sinharaja Sri Lanka over black thread. These birds flying against clouds.
Original Caption:A juvenile bird awaits its next feeding in a mountain meadow in Dixie National Forest, Iron County, southern Utah.
Image 351:

Generated Caption:The front two cars exchanging excited nonverbals on wall. A car goes in the direction of Moscow center at morning under blue sky.
Original Caption:My sister s house in NC. Matt s car in the foreground.
Image 352:

Generated Caption:Hidden birds sitting on top of a light in the hotel grounds in Cuba.
Original Caption:There were lots of these birds in the bushes near sand beaches on Desna river (Chernihiv oblast, Ukraine)
Image 353:

Generated Caption:Its 4th floor balcony overlooking the crazy clock in Old Town Square in Prague of his classroom door.
Original Caption:An abandoned building by the old docks. The tower of the cultural center is in the background.
Image 354:

Generated Caption:Cat waiting for her friend of hooves. My cat lives in a house next to us of the chrysler building.
Original Caption:Cats sleeping under the bed
Image 355:

Generated Caption:A flower enjoyed by birds and vervet monkeys in bw.
Original Caption:Spaceship Earth in black and white
Image 356:

Generated Caption:Under bathroom the other 3 eagles facing opposite direction.
Original Caption:Fellsmere Pond, Malden MA: huge cormorant bird watching the pond from a rock by the shore
Image 357:

Generated Caption:In the church a bridge passing over francois river.
Original Caption:One of the 75 stained glass in the Seville Cathedral. This cathedral is the largest Medieval Gothic religious building in the world
Image 358:

Generated Caption:The flowers in the field buds under the microscope. The flower in the field dancing with the wind by the road side to the river access.
Original Caption:Yellow flower near Morava river
Image 359:

Generated Caption:In the sky a coal train going by JB tower.
Original Caption:The MILW 261 excursion train climbs lake hill with the city of Milwaukee in the background. Shot on 8-15-08
Image 360:

Generated Caption:Flower inhabited by orange bug in La Boca Buenos. Flowers inhabited by orange bug against building.
Original Caption:The oldest truck in the muesum and is one cylinder and air cooled,plus a flat bed
Image 361:

Generated Caption:Red bird taken in my garden south yorkshire uk.
Original Caption:Perched on a tree in our backyardTaken through a glass slider door at dusk :(
Image 362:

Generated Caption:Of street water in the tree affixed to mail box trash bags.
Original Caption:A softshell turtle spotted during a walk in Ft. Worth, TX USA.
Image 363:

Generated Caption:Pretty blue flower in his high chair.
Original Caption:Blue butterfly in wings
Image 364:

Generated Caption:A cross in black and white.
Original Caption:In black and white
Image 365:

Generated Caption:Clock tower stands in stone from Mauthausen.
Original Caption:Clock tower in downtown
Image 366:

Generated Caption:The butterflies into their life.
Original Caption:A butterfly on a flower near the Hammocks Clubhouse in Bald Head Island, North Carolina.
Image 367:

Generated Caption:The Yellow flowers growing in a rock garden of the common grass. The Yellow flowers growing in a rock garden of the common grass.
Original Caption:Yellow flower in tall reeds
Image 368:

Generated Caption:Drinking water treatment plant caught on fire in our drive thru because someone threw a litcigarette out of its car window over street level retail.
Original Caption:Black phone box in piccadilly
Image 369:

Generated Caption:A kid enjoying a fountain water in a hot summer day of the house. The Rilley men refused to climb in so i did instead against a beautiful sky.
Original Caption:At our old friends beach house in North Carolina
Image 370:

Generated Caption:A bear washing in the river as the late afternoon fog.
Original Caption:Little girl seating under the tree
Image 371:

Generated Caption:This bowl in a box.
Original Caption:This bowl was fired in the train kiln. Natural ash glaze with a little shino inside.
Image 372:

Generated Caption:Our bikes stacked in the street of Castel Sant Angelo.
Original Caption:01237 SFBC tent flanked by recycling, S more bike and water station
Image 373:

Generated Caption:A bath hovering above it with her bone.
Original Caption:Zoe in a red chair
Image 374:

Generated Caption:Bright streaky orange displayed in a bowl. A pink flower sized.
Original Caption:Moly is obsessed with boy colours and girl colours, by her standards these are girl colours.
Image 375:

Generated Caption:In Seattle of cool buildings lodged on a stained wall within the village an old window.
Original Caption:This house was decorated all story-book like on a side street in downtown Columbus.
Image 376:

Generated Caption:In Ibiza a young black bear was by the car park at the Num Ti Jah.
Original Caption:Happy to be back in the green green grass of home in How Tun Woods this morning.
Image 377:

Generated Caption:Stained glass window 1850 by willement in the present building. The upper water tower containing big Ben at the end of the houses of Parliament in the Matthias Church. The west window depicts the life of St Wilfrid by glass painter Victor Milner in the present building.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in Ulm Minster / Cathedral
Image 378:

Generated Caption:Two cups in the snow.
Original Caption:The only plastic cup we had in Rome - coffee at The Vatican
Image 379:

Generated Caption:The shirt used in the norwegian Tippeliga 2009.
Original Caption:Iu0005 italy tuscany poppi toscana europe arcades line the main street of downtown poppi in the casentino hill region
Image 380:

Generated Caption:A sweet black dog writing it in the sand box.
Original Caption:Seeing what s going on across the street is way more interesting than the grass over here
Image 381:

Generated Caption:In Daddy chair her cat sees it.
Original Caption:Man, they are both crazy. Getting all excited about a box with paper wrapped around it. Honestly.
Image 382:

Generated Caption:By the Audubon Society in the tree stay still for the camera the Tulsi plant.
Original Caption:By the black sand beach on the road to Hana
Image 383:

Generated Caption:In our case on this building fiving each other a bottle.
Original Caption:Our house in the middle of our street
Image 384:

Generated Caption:By our antics in tree got out and were hanging around the house some cows.
Original Caption:A cow in a pasture adjacent to Plane Castle.
Image 385:

Generated Caption:A beautiful huge pink dahlia flower photographed at the botanical gardens in Montreal. Colorful flowers growing in the grass.
Original Caption:Sensitve plant blooming in pink bursting flowers.
Image 386:

Generated Caption:Across the street in a tree running the mare.
Original Caption:The mare eats in the green pasture while her colt runs freely.
Image 387:

Generated Caption:A tabby cat in the back yard.
Original Caption:The cat of my hostfamily in Michigan in a plastic bag
Image 388:

Generated Caption:On our cross country trip of the building is in the last picture as well stove.
Original Caption:Two wooden horses were carved in Calgary,Canada in 1930, still beautiful now, one is standing here, another one is in Glen Museum now.
Image 389:

Generated Caption:Chair caner in the Nyons market.
Original Caption:I m thinking there will be no table in the kitchen and this will be my main eating area.
Image 390:

Generated Caption:Duck swimming at Heritage Park in Irvine CA of the sea.
Original Caption:A native new zealand duck in the water of Lake Taupo
Image 391:

Generated Caption:A bottle designed by Kneil during the world cup.
Original Caption:Photo taken at a bar located at Laclede s Landing in St. Louis where the bottles were backlit with blue light.
Image 392:

Generated Caption:A black bear cub of Sonny Bono statue statue.
Original Caption:Plant city redneck girl butt s they know how to grow em in good ol p.c.!!! ;)
Image 393:

Generated Caption:The bike in my wedding dress is purple with two coats of clear over it.
Original Caption:This is the never before photographed, red bearded bike poker, extremely rare in these parts
Image 394:

Generated Caption:Friends dog enjoying the sand on a beach in the Scotish Highlands. A puppy guarding sheep in the open range.
Original Caption:Siiting in the sand at the dog beach in hillarys
Image 395:

Generated Caption:By yours truly in the house bought the whole bowl.
Original Caption:This basket is made from hand-split white oak and was designed by me.
Image 396:

Generated Caption:In the tree a flower pot cracked.
Original Caption:On the wall in the museum theater at Getty Villa in Malibu, California
Image 397:

Generated Caption:The roof access door at haaretz building.
Original Caption:Humphrey s Bedtime side unit and box shelf as stocked by
Image 398:

Generated Caption:Like flowers reflecting in the windmill against the glorious blue sky.
Original Caption:A rusty windmill near the road
Image 399:

Generated Caption:Water dogs are everywhere in the Philippines of the Atacaman dessert.
Original Caption:Half buried in sand at Coronado beach
Image 400:

Generated Caption:St Peterskirche church clock tower largest clock face in Europe from the old cartoons.
Original Caption:St. Peterskirche, the largest church clock face in the world.
Image 401:

Generated Caption:In the sky winter plumage bird taking sunbath around monument to Vittorio Emmanuele II on Piazza Duomo. The birds seemed to be posing for me at sunset on this winter evening in Lancaster PA against a clear sky.
Original Caption:Pidgeon tower against sky
Image 402:

Generated Caption:Telephone poles t there.
Original Caption:Even more hideous wall paper in our room
Image 403:

Generated Caption:The stove made in the 60s of bed.
Original Caption:Peggy in the beach house kitchen
Image 404:

Generated Caption:The old power plant come in through the open windows near Claire and Charlie place.
Original Caption:Cactus Plant in unglazed ceramic pot on a wooden sill, back lit by crisp sunshine.
Image 405:

Generated Caption:On the south in tree being held by grass Stone bridge.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in auditorium Chagall Museum
Image 406:

Generated Caption:On a tree a basket made from woven banana leaves.
Original Caption:Hand-carved soap in a wooden box
Image 407:

Generated Caption:In Yosemite the hill was so vibrant.
Original Caption:This is where the monkeys go to wash their potatoes in the ocean before eating them.
Image 408:

Generated Caption:King cross King Ludwig was found dead in the water with his psychologist toward the Golden Horn.
Original Caption:Rose walking past a 15th century building in Carlingford.
Image 409:

Generated Caption:Just normal fruit at the beach.
Original Caption:Black and white for my christmas tree! Bought this wonderful decoration in Metz
Image 410:

Generated Caption:A basket in Rome.
Original Caption:Aislyn riding on the truck train at the Pumpkin Show in Bradford, OH.
Image 411:

Generated Caption:Cat got a cold in a frog hat. A dog is interested in the camera near the capitol building.
Original Caption:Sandy cat in a leopard hat
Image 412:

Generated Caption:In St John of the apartment buildings is Shivganga Express the siberian manchurian railroad.
Original Caption:This photo was taken while riding standing up in the bed of a pick up truck.
Image 413:

Generated Caption:Under blue sky water dogs sitting by City Hall.
Original Caption:While sitting on the grass in a farmers field in the Goulds I took this photo.
Image 414:

Generated Caption:The ball hanging from the ceiling near Randall desk in the clear vase.
Original Caption:Green car in casiglion
Image 415:

Generated Caption:The yellow car check out in the background. Old cars parked in front of Nick house around the pine tree.
Original Caption:This car was 90% full of stuff AND there was a cat and dog living in it
Image 416:

Generated Caption:My new microwave in the wall.
Original Caption:Onboard Cross Country Hst New in chair table
Image 417:

Generated Caption:A duck swiming over some lake weed in Lake Ontario in Toronto near an overflow outlet.
Original Caption:Duck in water
Image 418:

Generated Caption:Two orange roses in full blossom. A bright orange bowl.
Original Caption:Vanilla cake with colored layers in white, orange and yellow topped with SMBCHalloween cupcake order for 5 doz cupcakes
Image 419:

Generated Caption:The sign in black.
Original Caption:McCain sign with Sucks written in black magic marker.
Image 420:

Generated Caption:Duck sitting in the water around the lake.
Original Caption:Male mallard swimming in the river Nid (Nidelva) in Trondheim an October afternoon
Image 421:

Generated Caption:From burrard street in the Emblen building marks the offices of the jewish Daily Post a lived newspaper the door.
Original Caption:Exterior wall on a building in Horse Cave, KY
Image 422:

Generated Caption:A white car parked out in front over the plant sales area of green grass. Our cars show at Rutland Centennial park in the grass.
Original Caption:The Granville Island market is located under the south end of the Granville street bridge.
Image 423:

Generated Caption:In the artichoke field bikes parked outside the local library.
Original Caption:And here we are, 08:00am ready to cross to Euboia by boat
Image 424:

Generated Caption:Cat likes hanging around. My cat is in the bag.
Original Caption:H happily rests his armpit on a warm Gatorade bottle of water (a small bottle wrapped in a rag).
Image 425:

Generated Caption:Glass bottle near my house loved it.
Original Caption:Halloween Party 2008 at Allison Eaton s apartment in Long Beach,CA. The kitty cat girl is Lyndz!!
Image 426:

Generated Caption:A girl wearing a flower shirt on the street in Harajuku near water tower. The red car got to where it is at in the first place to a big tree.
Original Caption:Heuer and I walked across the street to our polling station and put our stakes in the ground for a brighter future.
Image 427:

Generated Caption:Green hills over Colarado river makes me want to roll around on it.
Original Caption:The bridge in forest
Image 428:

Generated Caption:Bright orange in the field one night.
Original Caption:Street lamp in rain
Image 429:

Generated Caption:Tufted duck visiting the lake in the Abbey Fields Kenilworth.
Original Caption:Oct. 08.2 ducks swimming in the Ohio river in Marietta, OH.
Image 430:

Generated Caption:9 week old Golden guide dog in the pink house.
Original Caption:White dog is so sweet^^photo by phoebe
Image 431:

Generated Caption:Orange rose in my backyard.
Original Caption:This little boy in front of me got the last green ball
Image 432:

Generated Caption:All fruits known as the lansones on the San Diego waterfront. The fruit bowl over green grass.
Original Caption:Fruit in basket
Image 433:

Generated Caption:The same teddy bear in the sky shirt.
Original Caption:Alix is a female golden retriever and a service dog in training.Picture taken by her foster family.
Image 434:

Generated Caption:By Smith in our street fulfilling today Photogamer challenge Orange orange orange this bus.
Original Caption:Pilots and crew of gulf air stay in the apartment building just up the street from our building.
Image 435:

Generated Caption:By the water under the tree was clean and beautiful the rental car.
Original Caption:My first road trip in my car
Image 436:

Generated Caption:Near Castle Rock Falls in the water mating at Venus Pool rather precarious for the female by the look of things duck.
Original Caption:A male Black Scoter swims off the beach near the Rips in Cape May, NJ. Digiscoped on 11/09/08.
Image 437:

Generated Caption:Shirt signed by Michael Sheen in the wall of the house.
Original Caption:This is me standing up straight in the doorway to Lindsay and Philip s bathroom
Image 438:

Generated Caption:In the sky my plant nibbled on by cats.
Original Caption:Walking the beach. Not a cloud in the sky
Image 439:

Generated Caption:Of go in a tree owned by neighborhood this dog.
Original Caption:A stray dog in a little mountain village.
Image 440:

Generated Caption:In Virginia down the soccer field takes over the road on the way to Bandipur the bull.
Original Caption:Cow in azores walking through the road
Image 441:

Generated Caption:A glass ball trapped in a wire spiral for the images.
Original Caption:Obsessed with paper balls in water
Image 442:

Generated Caption:Big road train crosses the draw span over Lake Pontchartrain near New Orleans on the op track.
Original Caption:Excursion train with the Hsbc building in the background.
Image 443:

Generated Caption:On the walkway in the grass showed up around our balcony at the end of the day a normal bird.
Original Caption:Tropical fish abound all near the beach in Kauai.
Image 444:

Generated Caption:This duck on the white balance.
Original Caption:There was a duck swimming in one of the fish tanks!
Image 445:

Generated Caption:By the cat marionette in our magnolia tree is delicious the plant.
Original Caption:Cat in the pot
Image 446:

Generated Caption:The Cherry Festival car is the Concept Climax. Ugly car spotted in Dunedin New Zealand.
Original Caption:Black and yellow smart car in the rain
Image 447:

Generated Caption:The kitchen window distorted of the Christianson family. A stained glass window shown to us by Pippa Martin in a Vatican building.
Original Caption:The church was restored in 1950 and all the windows contain engraved glass designed by Laurence Whistler.
Image 448:

Generated Caption:Her little white dress in a fruit market got it.
Original Caption:Freaked out by glass floor
Image 449:

Generated Caption:Cars driving down the highway in KC near our house. Hello kitty car shooting behind under the blue sky.
Original Caption:Our rental car at phuket....a local dog escaping the sun underneath it
Image 450:

Generated Caption:The cats look on in the water bowl. Cat watching birds in the yard under the clear blue sky.
Original Caption:Images of a small struggle between Danya and Loki over who should be on the top of the cat tree
Image 451:

Generated Caption:Car spotted in Harbourne at the Davis criterium. Car covered with fabric on the side of the road near Tariq Magra al Uyun street in old Cairo by the building.
Original Caption:Car exhibition in red brick sakuragicho
Image 452:

Generated Caption:The balcony got very very friendly with one another of the tv show Cheers.
Original Caption:A young boy in an old house of hoi an
Image 453:

Generated Caption:In my office of the building bury these fancy pants rolex clocks.
Original Caption:New clock in kitchen
Image 454:

Generated Caption:A microwave mounted this weekend in the roof crazy house.
Original Caption:First we start by hand making the bare tree
Image 455:

Generated Caption:This car constructed in 1877 and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places for the night crew. The car spotted in Bucharest Romania under the tree.
Original Caption:Flag on water tower in Cocoa, Florida.
Image 456:

Generated Caption:Of the sheep in the trees keep the grass trimmed under the grapevines mountain goats.
Original Caption:Sheep in the field next to our house, grazing, an Egret is also sitting on the back of the sheep!
Image 457:

Generated Caption:Near mountain lake in the trees taking over the bike path cows.
Original Caption:Sheep in the field next to our house, grazing, an Egret is also sitting on the back of the sheep!
Image 458:

Generated Caption:In the trees a bull chewing its cud just on the other side of the fence around Menchey Spring for the longest time.
Original Caption:Sheep in the field next to our house, grazing, an Egret is also sitting on the back of the sheep!
Image 459:

Generated Caption:On san marcos in some grass is under the table cat.
Original Caption:On her chair in the kitchen
Image 460:

Generated Caption:Magenta car looks pretty good in white too over the river. My car looks pretty good in white too over the river.
Original Caption:Our field service car in the streets of miami.
Image 461:

Generated Caption:Cat in my sink.
Original Caption:First time in two years I ve seen Bandit (top) and Gatsby cohabiting the cat tree
Image 462:

Generated Caption:The office chair from the house.
Original Caption:Casa - house in December 2008 - bucatarie - kitchen
Image 463:

Generated Caption:In the window of this building was our home for the day my car.
Original Caption:Waiting for the boy driving this truck in charleston.
Image 464:

Generated Caption:In the bar cat.
Original Caption:The cats of the house at rest in their spot by the window
Image 465:

Generated Caption:Bird in orange.
Original Caption:This is a male specimen of Plebejus argus, a little blue butterfly very common in mountain environments until 2000m altitude.
Image 466:

Generated Caption:The birds feeding on Salthouse beach in Norfolk at Yamashita park.
Original Caption:I liked the way this bird lined up with the white plate in the background...
Image 467:

Generated Caption:My cute car by the road side lined up awaiting its turn.
Original Caption:The only car on the road in last 60min.
Image 468:

Generated Caption:A pretty flower bed at the entrance to my home. The flowers in a basket.
Original Caption:It is Jan 15 and 32 degrees - the ornamental cherry tree on my street is in full bloom!
Image 469:

Generated Caption:The glass door in dubronik.
Original Caption:A window on a house designed by Gaudi
Image 470:

Generated Caption:In the Rockies Canada the female tiger.
Original Caption:Here is the tiger again but in motion he/she was running towards the fence.
Image 471:

Generated Caption:The dining patio doors looking in to the master bedroom of the house.
Original Caption:Copper brown window in an orange wall 080213014821MB
Image 472:

Generated Caption:Street lights in the cake box.
Original Caption:Power pole framed by sky
Image 473:

Generated Caption:My bike in Halong Bay.
Original Caption:This bike is in the swedish river Viskan.
Image 474:

Generated Caption:Pink flowers walking in a park near Buckingham Palace of the Trempealeau River.
Original Caption:Centerpiece example A:lotus flower in bowl, small ranunculus in small blue vase, fake flowers on tea saucer, candleswithout flash
Image 475:

Generated Caption:My bike stalking Cindy in Tesco car park.
Original Caption:A boy rides a bike over a speed bump. 09/11/2008, Serra Da Chapada, Lencois, Bahia, Brazil.
Image 476:

Generated Caption:Over the Vltava river by the road calls at Pevensey and Westham station with a Hastings to Brighton stopping service around 1990 4 car electric train.
Original Caption:This train had both mains blocked while it unloaded rock in Wadena.
Image 477:

Generated Caption:The cat rescued from Mossside in Manchester by her mother.
Original Caption:Calvin in his upstairs chair. He has a bed on a blanket, and the chair still gets covered in fur.
Image 478:

Generated Caption:In a garden tree female tiger walking back n forth all the while.
Original Caption:This tiger was HUGE...he was hungry...T wasn t afraid...J wouldn t get within 10 feet of that glass
Image 479:

Generated Caption:In a house the tower placed symmetrical against the street.
Original Caption:Tower bridge london in black and white
Image 480:

Generated Caption:In claws a billed duck over water.
Original Caption:A pair of male and female Redheads swim on Lake Como in South Belmar, NJ. Photographed on 02/01/09.
Image 481:

Generated Caption:This car has scissor doors like the old Lamborghini in the bar area. Yellow cars parking front of the hotel in the maximilan street from sharja p against the sky.
Original Caption:RNLI Hastings providing competition in the fierce car wash market
Image 482:

Generated Caption:Cars parked outside on the ball around the lemon tree. This red car parked in front of the Museum around the lemon tree.
Original Caption:Little boy on a truck dressed in the traditional white gala suit on his way to his circumcision ritual party
Image 483:

Generated Caption:The red car under the flamboyant tree sitting in the middle of the abandoned building. The rental car at Montebello Quay under the flamboyant tree.
Original Caption:Piast castle substituted by nazi office building
Image 484:

Generated Caption:The little girl is in the bathroom.
Original Caption:About one skein of Lopi in white and one in black on size 11 circulars.
Image 485:

Generated Caption:The yearly motorcycle Building in Abbotsford BC of pic.
Original Caption:Vegetable market near Saphan Phut boat station
Image 486:

Generated Caption:A cat to the balcony.
Original Caption:Oct 06 at Lori s beach house in
Image 487:

Generated Caption:A bottle in the green glass.
Original Caption:I didn t like the way the plastic stems looked so I wrapped brown pipe cleaner around them.
Image 488:

Generated Caption:Blue bowling ball in the striped pyjamas.
Original Caption:Vintage buttons in black and white
Image 489:

Generated Caption:At Arlington Park racetrack cat lives in my street.
Original Caption:A bed in the street bench2
Image 490:

Generated Caption:A mama black bear frisking about at skansen in the back.
Original Caption:Cute dog playing fetch on the beach*actually taken by goat
Image 491:

Generated Caption:These water cups reflecting flickr screen over their head.
Original Caption:Red wine in red plastic cup
Image 492:

Generated Caption:Just an apple holding on a tree in the winter over glass bud vase probably Hazel Atlas depression era.
Original Caption:My orange is in a very blue state.
Image 493:

Generated Caption:The 1709 clock framed by window in red door of Washington DC. Clock tower guards the coast at Flamborough Head in Yorkshire against ocean and sky.
Original Caption:The clock tower of the Royal Castle, also known as the Royal Palace, in Warsaw old town
Image 494:

Generated Caption:With some clouds in the sky demolished Old water tower.
Original Caption:Old rusty tower in Flint, status: unknown
Image 495:

Generated Caption:Under vast blue sky my bus stuck out like a sore thumb on the oceanside road in La Jolla Shores.
Original Caption:Stop to get gas in Chandler Ok. and saw this truck filling up the under ground storage tanks.
Image 496:

Generated Caption:In nyc of building be seen from all over Amsterdam the twin towers.
Original Caption:The BT tower with some horrible 60 s office buildings in the foreground.
Image 497:

Generated Caption:In the forest 2 nice old Dodge trucks owned by NFL star Randy Moss on the trees.
Original Caption:Van in redwood forest
Image 498:

Generated Caption:A glass ball in class.
Original Caption:Old compass in a box with a slide lid and on a gimble ,use on boats,its all solid brass
Image 499:

Generated Caption:A hawk magnificent in flight against the glorious blue sky by the house.
Original Caption:This guy kept flying around our area and diving into the water to catch fish.
Image 500:

Generated Caption:The cat hanging out in a fish market in Mumbai. The cat of this lovely river rock gas log fireplace.
Original Caption:Cat in a tree
Image 501:

Generated Caption:A car in east town grand rapids.
Original Caption:We saw this car in Roma street and I had to take this photo because I thought that colours was great.
Image 502:

Generated Caption:In the back the real train being propelled by a small Lister diesel mechanical 0 locomotive.
Original Caption:Baseboards are pink foam, on a 2 by 4 wooden frame.
Image 503:

Generated Caption:The water bowl painted with underglazes.
Original Caption:Dog in a bed
Image 504:

Generated Caption:In their field cows moved off to the side after we stopped.
Original Caption:Top of the moo to you! A genuine Irish cow in a genuine Irish field just outside of Galway.
Image 505:

Generated Caption:A basket collected by my Mother in the 1940 with some cutter ants.
Original Caption:Best way to get in the mood for sketching.... a nice comfy table at a cafe and a good coffee and cake
Image 506:

Generated Caption:27 car passing by the track sign in West Allis WI. My new car sprinkled around Ghubra in the tree.
Original Caption:Design for a client garage to house sports car collection designed by Reilly Studios
Image 507:

Generated Caption:A black bike by candles is only.
Original Caption:Bike lit up with cheap green neon from Repco - only cost $7 - in clear plastic case - pretty green lights!
Image 508:

Generated Caption:A Tunpu Tunbao man walking down a street of Barcelona. Girl playing in a narrow street in Hanoi Old quarter near his mothers stall of the pond.
Original Caption:The boy in the blue shirt will be a modern dancer, surely
Image 509:

Generated Caption:Another cute girl watching the road. The girl walking to the train station in zurich.
Original Caption:Tifini and James depart. This photo was taken in the lounge at our Wishart Road house in Helensville.
Image 510:

Generated Caption:A kitten of Crystal Bay.
Original Caption:This is my cat lucky in a basket on the table, looking at him from the front.
Image 511:

Generated Caption:The windows morning in August 2008 against building. The windows on the corner of Prinzregentenstrasse in Munich reflecting the nearby buildings hope you like it.
Original Caption:Stain glass window in kitchen
Image 512:

Generated Caption:In a mountain stream a hill trees lake and water over the road.
Original Caption:The view from the hill from our house..our house is the one in the front right corner.
Image 513:

Generated Caption:A beautiful car constructed in 1877 and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places against a blue sky. My weekend car had a bar in the back seat of the brooklyn bridge.
Original Caption:I liked the orange hangar against the blue sky.
Image 514:

Generated Caption:Stained glass window of the pine trees.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in the Harem
Image 515:

Generated Caption:Cat by the glass buildings left on the bed.
Original Caption:Hanging out in the bedroom on the bed
Image 516:

Generated Caption:At the moment in the sky aswell ornate streetlight.
Original Caption:A bird sits on top of a lamp post in Santa Monica Beach Pier.
Image 517:

Generated Caption:In het plaveisel van het Oudekerksplein Amsterdam a female grizzly bear on tree.
Original Caption:Baby elephant places hat on trainer at elephant camp near Chiang Mai in Thailand.
Image 518:

Generated Caption:A toy ball in train car.
Original Caption:Colorful sign in Old Town
Image 519:

Generated Caption:Not the only person taking pictures commercial fishing boats of the old Enka building.
Original Caption:That s what a sign says over the door
Image 520:

Generated Caption:Fruit highlighted in bowl of a village street. A fruit bowl in tree.
Original Caption:Well, not in the river any more. Now it s decorative rock next to my inlaw s place.
Image 521:

Generated Caption:Light have a unique look in this area of NYC off the Barnes town green.
Original Caption:Greenpeace guy in the green lamp
Image 522:

Generated Caption:000 club cars placed in front of a road printout and converted to W by see BUST this. That black car comes from the tree directly above it in the street.
Original Caption:First attempt to find a right bridge to put the car under , just some tryouts
Image 523:

Generated Caption:Near Vik beach desert island boats in blue sky.
Original Caption:"Just pull up yer boat in all that green shit over there."
Image 524:

Generated Caption:Cute kitten in nature.
Original Caption:Tabby sitting in the box with the wrappings of the Xmas gifts with his jewelry !
Image 525:

Generated Caption:A yellow bike reveals the black reflective decals on the top and seat tubes in blue water and black and white photo.
Original Caption:At highest paved road point in NZ, about 3,200 feet elevation. Wicked hill climb from Wanaka
Image 526:

Generated Caption:A kitty of pastries in the sky. Cat love the dog bed that in the living room for the kids to lounge around on against blue sky.
Original Caption:I took this when he caught disease.there were something like stone or sand in his kidney.he s very fine now.
Image 527:

Generated Caption:Under the blue building vintage bike with the cat who loves him best.
Original Caption:Near tower bridge
Image 528:

Generated Caption:The driver seat going in between the two windows at night.
Original Caption:Water bottle rack in a reception room 3 with shelf
Image 529:

Generated Caption:This lily kissed by the sun with the fish offering. Flowers blooming in the springtime of a tree.
Original Caption:The plant life in Croatia is really diverse. It reminds me of a cross between Aruba and Northern California.
Image 530:

Generated Caption:The colorful clothing in brown shirt and sunglasses.
Original Caption:Wearing my own design (red jacket) and Urban Outfitters black leather dress in Old Town Pasadena, CA April 7
Image 531:

Generated Caption:A boy in the beach house loves it.
Original Caption:The bottle bar in Kyoto
Image 532:

Generated Caption:A big blue van under the trees surrounded by by four black cars. The van in tree with Vosper ship building washing it.
Original Caption:This is typical type of house and old car view in Cuba.
Image 533:

Generated Caption:The microwave installed by us on the ship.
Original Caption:Number plate in the car park.... "Protect the Panther"
Image 534:

Generated Caption:The window building in La Crosse Wisconsin USA at Buffleheads Hills Beach Maine. Window keeps the warmth inside on an abandoned building.
Original Caption:Shoppe window in silver creek, mn
Image 535:

Generated Caption:Of river in the lake has been around longer than the bridge boat.
Original Caption:View of ship from top of hill in Catalina
Image 536:

Generated Caption:In Hillerod Denmark over blue sky building where i am working a solid train.
Original Caption:Two red and silver ATSF warbonnets with storm clouds above
Image 537:

Generated Caption:The best glass window in the cathedral in Bayeux Normandy France August 2008 of building. A different glass window in the st Vitus cathedrial is a ninian comper.
Original Caption:Stained glass window 5 in the cathedral
Image 538:

Generated Caption:Of our home a dog being led by a homeless guy on 16th street in Denver.
Original Caption:A street person and his faithful canine companion in Asheville, NC.
Image 539:

Generated Caption:A field flower found in a conservation zone in a local cemetery under my sitting room window. Cemetery flowers growing in a garden of field.
Original Caption:A flower in field
Image 540:

Generated Caption:Bikes locked to a front fence in Brooklyn with a cool tree.
Original Caption:05913 Wicker basket in front, box of mangoes in back
Image 541:

Generated Caption:The mound died in the Black Plague a few miles below Taos.
Original Caption:Improved car park. Back in my day there was just a phone box. DSCN1794
Image 542:

Generated Caption:Even the birds in the sand.
Original Caption:A bird sitting close to my balcony very engrossed in the view in her front
Image 543:

Generated Caption:The flowers around Mt grow in the grass everywhere here in Delray. The only flower looking flowers out in the field behind my house over green grass.
Original Caption:A yellow and white daisy stands out against a natural green blurred background.
Image 544:

Generated Caption:In Boston picturesque Beacon Hill area of my house built the door.
Original Caption:Unusual red telephone box built into a niche in the wall, Sandwich, Kent
Image 545:

Generated Caption:To port near the Flatiron building sitting in the window of a jewelry store cat.
Original Caption:My cat Cubby sleeping in the rocking chair
Image 546:

Generated Caption:The unknown bird waiting a turn at the feeder in this black and white winter.
Original Caption:Bird in a tree
Image 547:

Generated Caption:The book stands moved into place for cupping near roaster. His spongebob chair to the front porch gives a better idea of the enormity of the artifacts in the room.
Original Caption:Desk in upstairs bigger bedroom
Image 548:

Generated Caption:Nice red car photoshopped on in East York.
Original Caption:I took pictures of my car in our company parking house and composed a poster.
Image 549:

Generated Caption:By the Agora in the tree sitting on an old boat near a cement factory large bottle.
Original Caption:San Diego Zoo - lunch in the tree house
Image 550:

Generated Caption:This black cat belongs to a neighbor in bed stuy.
Original Caption:There is a cat in every second house in Erzgebirgskreis
Image 551:

Generated Caption:Of house by the trees was in teh 4th parade this car.
Original Caption:Stopped in Cottesbrooke to empty the VR wall box - NN6 096
Image 552:

Generated Caption:In the grass bananas used to be my backyard under it. The apple in the grass was delicious.
Original Caption:Seen in a flower basket on my friend s front porch.
Image 553:

Generated Caption:This person standing in front of things. Flying nun t shirt was the in the store at the counter he was totally high.
Original Caption:Adv. for new shirts in white or black
Image 554:

Generated Caption:Near ubud bali in the tree seemed to like it the horses.
Original Caption:Adventure dog stands in water
Image 555:

Generated Caption:Behind the monastery to see the sky burial site to the road grazing in the hay field near North Freedom Wisconsin random bulls.
Original Caption:Bay miniature horse grazing in pasture
Image 556:

Generated Caption:His fruits stand in Bugis Street market of puppet.
Original Caption:My baby in red crocheted dress
Image 557:

Generated Caption:The largest birds hovering over our boat as we cruised along on the pond surface. The largest birds hovering over our boat as we cruised along in the sky.
Original Caption:Osprey fishing over Packer Lake. The fish were sick with "ick" and the osprey were having a field day!
Image 558:

Generated Caption:The clock tower on a cross country road trip was under construction in 1987.
Original Caption:Came across this building while walking around the lower east side of NYC
Image 559:

Generated Caption:The white duck in black and white 1.
Original Caption:Two wood duck drakes on a fresh water pond in central South Carolina.
Image 560:

Generated Caption:The cat in traditional dress.
Original Caption:This cat belongs to one of my neighbors. I get lost in those blue eyes! What a pretty cat!!
Image 561:

Generated Caption:Of practice in field standing on a tree stump the sheep.
Original Caption:Hawell monument near Skiddaw car park 2
Image 562:

Generated Caption:In blue yellow ball rolls over the edge of the cup for a successful putt.
Original Caption:I kinda like this yellow stand out against the green
Image 563:

Generated Caption:Track bikes rider in emeryville at this house.
Original Caption:Women walking, dog sitting in cart in Huayuan Qianxiang Hutong, off Gulou, Beijing China
Image 564:

Generated Caption:The only road bike of a demolished building dumped in the water.
Original Caption:A couple of old school bikes at the Rumble in Delano car and motorcycle show in Wichita.
Image 565:

Generated Caption:From the wind this bear appeared in my dining room door looking for a meal.
Original Caption:Slapende vrouw in strandstoel / Sleeping woman in beach chair
Image 566:

Generated Caption:The hills covered in quartz at the lovely clear blue sky.
Original Caption:On the way up the mountain in the cable car
Image 567:

Generated Caption:The car was next to a very cool house in portland oregon into the trees. This old truck waisting away in the weeds near Hudson in Forest City NC under the trees.
Original Caption:Old Holden for sale, and in the background a car with a tree growing through the hood.
Image 568:

Generated Caption:The kitchen with the trees outside reflected in the microwave combi oven put over that cabinet by my little brother.
Original Caption:The kitchen in the new apartment - no worry about the roof falling in here!
Image 569:

Generated Caption:Some very old yellow apples found in my garden some are starting to rot. My handmade fruits berries in brown husk.
Original Caption:Pretty selection of tomatoes in this weeks fruit and veg box scheme.
Image 570:

Generated Caption:The horses on the 45th floor said.
Original Caption:A well looked after animal in a typical street scene, Mattancherry district of Cochin, Kerala India
Image 571:

Generated Caption:A duck sitting on a branch in the middle of a lake above it.
Original Caption:Justin soaked his shirt in water then spread it out on the patio table to freeze it overnight.
Image 572:

Generated Caption:In the sky over the water scudding along with the next rainstorm to soak the standing crops the clouds.
Original Caption:The tower was visible from across the river in this park with fountains and statues.
Image 573:

Generated Caption:A banana droped in a glass of water. Fruit cooked in oven with chocolate dressing.
Original Caption:Rocks around the base of the japenese maple tree in front yard
Image 574:

Generated Caption:My cute little kitty turned gray under kitchen sink. Cats looking for a home in Mendoicno County of the building.
Original Caption:Attrejou sitting under the table
Image 575:

Generated Caption:Flower living in some rocks at Botanical Beach Port Renfrew under bridge. Flower living in some rocks at Botanical Beach Port Renfrew.
Original Caption:In our front flower bed
Image 576:

Generated Caption:Plumage bird feeding on Salthouse beach in Norfolk.
Original Caption:Stray cat in my brother in law s house in Belgium
Image 577:

Generated Caption:On the left of the building found in Ayasofya Muzesi very lovely cute eyes cat.
Original Caption:Cow or cat by zakii anwar
Image 578:

Generated Caption:Over my window in the sky is for the rugby world cup the ball.
Original Caption:Moond in a blue sky
Image 579:

Generated Caption:The cup in Berkeley.
Original Caption:Trash plate in the neon glow of the window lights
Image 580:

Generated Caption:My car parked on the road right beside Cleveland Dam n Google office buildings under the tree. Food van was a little strange under the tree.
Original Caption:I pulled over to photograph this old house and my car got stuck in the mud.
Image 581:

Generated Caption:Little boy on the kitchen table.
Original Caption:We get drenched in the cloud forest
Image 582:

Generated Caption:The cars in Jambi of this building. The cars appears to be kll1 of the building.
Original Caption:Begging working elephant crossing a main road in Khon Kaen City
Image 583:

Generated Caption:Cool ratrods hotrods motorcycles over the edge.
Original Caption:Every day in Ittawon there is an amusing dog on a bike
Image 584:

Generated Caption:Of Hokkaido in the sky found at a pit stop during my road trip around Ireland the elvis presley automobile.
Original Caption:Sunset Boulevard 2009 in Hoek van Holland - US car meeting
Image 585:

Generated Caption:In evening sky these brightly colored boats sheltering at Poole Quay while storm clouds gather over the Sandbanks Peninsular.
Original Caption:Panjim ferry jetty, on the Mandovi river with a casino in the background
Image 586:

Generated Caption:Of Datong China in the pink sky called lullabell cow.
Original Caption:WA view of cow against interesting sky
Image 587:

Generated Caption:The built in Kenmore microwave by quality.
Original Caption:07039 State law prohibits passengers in bed of truck
Image 588:

Generated Caption:Of the field in a tree shed that sheep.
Original Caption:An elephant crossing the road in Lake Manyara nationa park, Arusha Tanzania
Image 589:

Generated Caption:Omani girl upfront at the largest rock by the bay with a plunger. The bird flying over the head of the big bull giraffe.
Original Caption:Maziwa Ngombe women in colorful attire
Image 590:

Generated Caption:The microwave in window.
Original Caption:Note the thick oak door and fun window that tilts out above the doorway. good for a cross breeze.
Image 591:

Generated Caption:The bird hanging around my daughters house in NW Reno against sky.
Original Caption:Bird on roof in silhouette
Image 592:

Generated Caption:To view on a building had probably 8 ducks in it a motorcycle.
Original Caption:The motorcycle has replaced the horse for the most part in Tibet.
Image 593:

Generated Caption:My cat sitting in the cabbage patch. My cat found in a box at a rubbish tip just before Christmas 2010.
Original Caption:Only lighting in room was a floor lamp just to right, camera kept overreacting to it. Neat effect though.
Image 594:

Generated Caption:All over her house in some grass passed beautiful pink flower.
Original Caption:A small flower c. 5mm across on the rocks near the coast. Probably a variety of stone crop.
Image 595:

Generated Caption:This bus stuck out like a sore thumb on the oceanside road in La Jolla Shores of a nice building. Modern bought cop cars parked in front of one of the many building bearing the signs of the war of 1996 by my bed. Stretch limousine parked in front of Sambucci Bros on a building.
Original Caption:I think the red schoolhouse stuck in a horribly drab building is too hilarious
Image 596:

Generated Caption:A cat in the bag.
Original Caption:This was the cat that fed in my house, was knocked by car and died
Image 597:

Generated Caption:The kitchen table to the program wearing it.
Original Caption:Capt. Leo in my beach bag
Image 598:

Generated Caption:A microwave installed by us in the Learning Center.
Original Caption:Four-layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream-- the base tier for the yellow and blue fondtant-covered cake in other pictures
Image 599:

Generated Caption:My car bathed in morning mist of the road. Hank 2nd car got a bit dirty driving around Tahoe of the road.
Original Caption:Black and white background with the cars left in colour
Image 600:

Generated Caption:Wolf hill covered in quartz by Md.
Original Caption:Rajesh Kalra washes up for breakfast in chilled river water at Tangtsey BRO camp
Image 601:

Generated Caption:Some flowers found near the beach in a pot to contain it with the trees. Like flowers growing from underneath an old piece of farm equipment in the tree.
Original Caption:Oxeye daisy and Caucasian ground cover plant in our garden.
Image 602:

Generated Caption:The water tower of my dreams.
Original Caption:... located in the field behind my house
Image 603:

Generated Caption:Old building balcony sits over our neighbor garage.
Original Caption:A street sign in Prague
Image 604:

Generated Caption:By erik in the tree moves he moves horse.
Original Caption:Horse by the road
Image 605:

Generated Caption:The flowers are beautiful. The flowers are beautiful.
Original Caption:Getting ready to make flower pot cupcakes here are the toppers ready to go sugar cookies decorated in RI
Image 606:

Generated Caption:In the wild against the green grass taking a bath the pigeon.
Original Caption:Bird in a pine tree
Image 607:

Generated Caption:The largest stained glass window resides in the Met court yard by Satya Paul. The largest stained glass window hope you like it in disused building.
Original Caption:Shaikh Isa bin Ali house - A window in the eastern room
Image 608:

Generated Caption:The window at the Robin Hood jarrow moved here from elsewhere in church. The window of NJIT architecture building surround design in Lyndhurst Road Worthing.
Original Caption:My "where in the world" shot of Francks glass window
Image 609:

Generated Caption:Young bald eagle seeking fish in river over the water.
Original Caption:20090630_Alaska_3438 Young bald eagle looking for fish in river
Image 610:

Generated Caption:The bridge in the field.
Original Caption:Was sitting on a bench, looked up where the tree was above me and took a picture, sky in background.
Image 611:

Generated Caption:An airliner flown under the bridge in a high speed turn.
Original Caption:Northwest A320 in Delta colors approaching 34L at KSEA in a colorful dusk sky
Image 612:

Generated Caption:A cat sitting in the window of a jewelry store above the sink.
Original Caption:An adorable wooden cat. I like it. Doesn t talk much. shot walking around Neve Zedek.
Image 613:

Generated Caption:This bear in the kitchen window.
Original Caption:I loved the body language of this girl and florescent green color in the background!
Image 614:

Generated Caption:A butterfly attracted to the colorful flowers in Hope Gardens on the dog walk.
Original Caption:A flower and a real butterfly in the Butterfly House in Hershey park PA.
Image 615:

Generated Caption:This butterfly roaming around me at lake Hvaleyrarvatn in Da. A pink flower found in a conservation zone in a local cemetery.
Original Caption:Butterfly in the forest
Image 616:

Generated Caption:The window installed in guest bathroom. A window facing.
Original Caption:Kitchen table near the window
Image 617:

Generated Caption:My dog in a towel.
Original Caption:When I see a dog like this, I think Satchel probably does have golden retriever in there.
Image 618:

Generated Caption:In New York apartment a stained glass window buried.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in Midtown Atlanta.
Image 619:

Generated Caption:The cat resting in her bed and looking out the window.
Original Caption:The cat in the black (and white)
Image 620:

Generated Caption:Dog lick her face all over.
Original Caption:I love the way one girl is not listening to the story, she seems a bit distracted by the cute boy.
Image 621:

Generated Caption:Flower tucked in the corner of the house near the top. Flower running rampant in my garden over green grass.
Original Caption:Some flowers from old house and Strange pot in Shelbyville
Image 622:

Generated Caption:This flower was in a little pot outside of one of the restaurants in downtown Charleston. A yellow flower was in a little pot outside of one of the restaurants in downtown Charleston.
Original Caption:A brilliant yellow golden aster wildflower glows in the sunset on the mountain atop Tollgate Canyon near Park City, Utah.
Image 623:

Generated Caption:In a blue sky the clock tower rises over stellar place and the glass dome at Sapporo station.
Original Caption:The tower with the Presidents office building in the background
Image 624:

Generated Caption:In the foreground cat belongs to a neighbor.
Original this is why there s cat hairs in my light box area all the time!
Image 625:

Generated Caption:The flowers found near the bike path near the Willamette river in Albany as the sea.
Original Caption:Red in green
Image 626:

Generated Caption:In Toledo Ohio his first bike.
Original Caption:An awesome example in white with red speedblock - and alloy wheels
Image 627:

Generated Caption:A cup near that paper.
Original Caption:Sand all over my face yo!
Image 628:

Generated Caption:Her Akita dog seen whilst walking in Angmering Woods in Sussex.
Original Caption:I look great in my Doodie Pack..look my water bottle is in there!
Image 629:

Generated Caption:An apple veg on offer at the weekly farmers market in Luperon. A flower photographed in the Botanical Rose Garden at Sandown NH.
Original Caption:A light hangs in the centre of the glass window
Image 630:

Generated Caption:A car parked in front of that door constantly under the sign. Silver old classic car parked in the TCC bus stop of every building.
Original Caption:I like the big hot dog right above the sign advertising Thai Food.
Image 631:

Generated Caption:Glass windows created by Marc Chagall in Reims Cathedral at Prague Castle. A stained glass window moved here from elsewhere in church of a building.
Original Caption:Interior shot of stained glass window in the Abbey/Cathedral
Image 632:

Generated Caption:In florida around the tree peeking over my fence from next door at Danny house moss.
Original Caption:Table decorations at Finzean hall, a white heather plant in a terracotta pot that had been spray painted a gold colour.
Image 633:

Generated Caption:A white tiger in my desk chair.
Original Caption:Picture of a tiger in black and white looking calmly at camera
Image 634:

Generated Caption:With this odd bird in trees caught my eye his car.
Original Caption:ETS car running in Q16
Image 635:

Generated Caption:A bike co in black and white by the window.
Original Caption:Holiday in italy - photos taken on olympus om1 with various Kodak black an white film.
Image 636:

Generated Caption:Of house in water eating you may be able to spot them 183_6708 cows.
Original Caption:A black bear looking at salmon in the stream.
Image 637:

Generated Caption:A cute bike rests against some road construction barriers.
Original Caption:Stumbled on an outdoor wedding while walking in Santa Monica. One of the guests riding one of the many colorful wedding bikes.
Image 638:

Generated Caption:Around the building in the tree eating the cake cars.
Original Caption:Car in the canyon
Image 639:

Generated Caption:Underneath a bright blue sky of water lives in an abandoned warehouse in town Kansas cat.
Original Caption:Mars Mubarak Marsa Alam 2009Eretmochelys imbricataThe most common turtle in the red sea, omnivorous feed primarily of invertebrates
Image 640:

Generated Caption:The river bike near Diana house.
Original Caption:Springfield, OR: I took this photo of my road bike in order to help sell it before I moved to Arizona.
Image 641:

Generated Caption:On the street the cup is just around the corner.
Original Caption:Cup by Corning, plate marked Sterling vitrified china, East Liverpool, OH, G-3
Image 642:

Generated Caption:This cat sitting in the bird feeder and actually eats the sun flower seed.
Original Caption:Our cat sleeping in the cot
Image 643:

Generated Caption:In trafficholga 120cfn train going under the bridge.
Original Caption:This snowy fence stands in front of the nice dark to light transition in the sky
Image 644:

Generated Caption:Flowers grew 6 inches from the ground with nothing around it alike in the jade plant. Pink flowers grew up out of a pile of rocks and broken bricks in the backyard on the trees.
Original Caption:Add a candle in the middle and use this for a dinner table deco!
Image 645:

Generated Caption:Some flowers photographed at the botanical gardens in Montreal. The flowers photographed at the botanical gardens in Montreal.
Original Caption:Some pink flowers on an old yellow ladderback chair in my yard.
Image 646:

Generated Caption:The man walking in the market taken in granville island June 1st 2006 with the Ensign. A tall thin japanese girl posing for a street fashion photo on Cat Street near Shibuya.
Original Caption:Nevada base up against the wall
Image 647:

Generated Caption:The many eagles flying around our boat in Prince Rupert on the sky.
Original Caption:Bird flying above boat on Galapagos islands, Ecuador
Image 648:

Generated Caption:A wonderful bird flying in a majectic fashion near Sequim.
Original Caption:I saw this Red-tailed Hawk in a tree near the road on the way home. I took this photos looking out the window.
Image 649:

Generated Caption:Of the jungle under the tree Building in Abbotsford BC motorcycles.
Original Caption:The bike and me in north beach
Image 650:

Generated Caption:Window display in night market Hong Kong name Tracey Sowerby name location Derby location of Disney World. Window obscured by plant life to the building.
Original Caption:Reflections of cars in window of building in Havre de Grace, Maryland
Image 651:

Generated Caption:By the river in the tree is one of those times First cup.
Original Caption:Title is A dog in Hanoi, An elephant in Bangkok, Fire in Ganga.
Image 652:

Generated Caption:Of fish in the trees is a favorite for bicyclist hill.
Original Caption:A lake in dense forest of Mulshi
Image 653:

Generated Caption:With cabbage looking leaves in the trees enjoy grazing the lush green grass growing on our rich volcanic soils under along Table Mtn theses cows.
Original Caption:This cow stared at me the entire time i was walking by the field.. i ll probably have nightmares ....
Image 654:

Generated Caption:The old window by the table left in this one.
Original Caption:A cat strolls by an old worn wooden door in the backstreets of Meknes, Morocco.
Image 655:

Generated Caption:Another beautiful stained glass window around olympic national park viewing level of the Scott Monument. Glass window in the trees was over 600 years old.
Original Caption:New York - Stained glass window in the cathedral
Image 656:

Generated Caption:In the hat the balcony overlooking the swimming pool.
Original Caption:And a dog with brown in Lucca
Image 657:

Generated Caption:In the beach house the tiniest car stitched to the road by the giant little girl.
Original Caption:The green car to the left was parked in the middle of the street.
Image 658:

Generated Caption:The table by the stove top oven and overhead microwave built in. The chair of the building is adjustable.
Original Caption:My bachelor suite in Victoria. There s the kitchen, the bed is that wooden thing against the wall.
Image 659:

Generated Caption:My custom bike lied in saltwater for quite a while under the seat.
Original Caption:Rowan street window in apart
Image 660:

Generated Caption:Of the oasis in a tree house a few months ago a gray cat.
Original Caption:A stray cat that was relaxing on the beach in Laguna Beach, CA
Image 661:

Generated Caption:Glass windows seen in the proceding photoand for one glorious night.
Original Caption:A rare glimpse inside lauras tower in shrewsbury castle on open heritage sunday
Image 662:

Generated Caption:Under a blue sky Delhi IndiaMarch 200972 meter Islamic tower built in 1929 in Tenleytown a historic Washington DC neighborhood.
Original Caption:Egg-shaped tower (Torre Agbar) near the market in Barcelona
Image 663:

Generated Caption:The car seat t around anymore in months.
Original Caption:Covered chafing dish sits atop a bowl which can contain water and a burner below
Image 664:

Generated Caption:Of the Michaelmas Daisies silver ball in a tree.
Original Caption:Best orange moth in a swirl of blue mosaic pendant (10)
Image 665:

Generated Caption:Cows noticed some new arrivals in the field next to them under there somewhere.
Original Caption:Well, the water in this swedish lake was kinda yellow and the bottom a bit spongy.
Image 666:

Generated Caption:This bird cracked us up running around everywhere like a psycho by the sea.
Original Caption:Hawk that was just standing in the middle of the road like he owned it.
Image 667:

Generated Caption:Under a blue sky the clock tower sits on a building in Sydney Street Bristol Docks behind the SS Great Britain.
Original Caption:The clock tower at Brown University in the heart of Providence, RI.
Image 668:

Generated Caption:A cow of road.
Original Caption:A walk near Potes: Cows drinking at the water trough on the main street in the village of Tudes.
Image 669:

Generated Caption:The birds eat. The flowers are around the lamp post in the front of our house. The apple against zebra stripes.
Original Caption:Found in a flower bed at the Curran Apple Orchard Park here in University Place, Washington.
Image 670:

Generated Caption:The main stained glass window made by Ashley Bryan near our house. The main stained glass window depicting St Swithun and St Ethelwood.
Original Caption:The gem-like glass pieces throw concentrated spots of colored sunlight on the floor up in the balcony. It s incredibly beautiful.
Image 671:

Generated Caption:A GMC road striping truck somewhere on a street in India.
Original Caption:Coin tossthe guy in the gray shirt and hat is Sam Bradford
Image 672:

Generated Caption:Above the lake in sky surrounding lantau a hill.
Original Caption:The road we came in to Yosemite on - Augie dropped his tennis ball out the window
Image 673:

Generated Caption:In Taipei outside public house arrived a ball.
Original Caption:Stained glass window in the front room of the Casa Batllo with the Placa de Gracia in the background
Image 674:

Generated Caption:The white ball over Antwerp.
Original Caption:The branch of the pine tree appears to bend under the weight of the full moon as it rises in the sky
Image 675:

Generated Caption:Fairy dress made by her grandmother in the Chad region.
Original Caption:58-1. Outfit inspired by Jackie Kennedy pink evening dress
Image 676:

Generated Caption:Shop signs in sailboat salon window.
Original Caption:A plastic bottle recycling promise at the 2009 Seafood Festival in Morehead City NC (10/3/2009)
Image 677:

Generated Caption:A cross died in a traggic bus accident few yrs ago at 7150 Sherbrooke.
Original Caption:. . . and a pretty little tree standing up against the building.
Image 678:

Generated Caption:The cat framed by matching gray tree bark in Lagos.
Original Caption:Gazing at the beautiful girl in the mirror
Image 679:

Generated Caption:Cute dog sitting in the morning sun.
Original Caption:<b>Wayback Machine</b> - 1940sBlack Mountain, NCThis horse is standing right in the middle of what is today a supermarket...
Image 680:

Generated Caption:Cat sleeping in my basket of stuffing by J P Hedgeland. NII Acts window depicting St Leonard in the ballroom building. NII Acts window building as the beautiful ceiling.
Original Caption:St Neot, St Neot, sIX, Heraldic window by J P Hedgeland, hand-coloured plate
Image 681:

Generated Caption:Birds flying in snow by Minx modes.
Original Caption:Self portait in white shirt
Image 682:

Generated Caption:Bikes trail near Hildebrand Lock Dam Morgantown WV.
Original Caption:Close-up study in (un)natural office light. finger grime accumulated over time in native machine environment.
Image 683:

Generated Caption:At the lovely clear blue sky in the area looking through the hill.
Original Caption:A beautiful valley on the road back to Llanes via a bar in the village of Parres, I think!
Image 684:

Generated Caption:Their water tower set against a Tar Heel Blue sky in the field.
Original Caption:The pink and white rock against the blue sky was pretty amazing.
Image 685:

Generated Caption:The red car died the person driving the truck is in the hospital under the white sky.
Original Caption:2 lake front line buses in parking lot of closed hotel interstate 94 highway 50
Image 686:

Generated Caption:A glass bottle in the wine cellar suite.
Original Caption:Above kitchen sink
Image 687:

Generated Caption:A cosmetic bottle embodied the principle of proximity in this poster over wonen door alarm op 17 oktober.
Original Caption:Wine bottle cake in sugar crate
Image 688:

Generated Caption:The only girl walking by on remote beach in a blue sky. This Nahua woman walking by against a blue sky.
Original Caption:Relaxing under a palm tree on remote beach
Image 689:

Generated Caption:The best bar boy against a blue sky wearing a flower shirt on the street in Harajuku. The table in a basket hanging against a blue sky.
Original Caption:Relaxing under a palm tree on remote beach
Image 690:

Generated Caption:Mission_bicycle bike travels by bamboo boat in Wudaokou.
Original Caption:My bike held up by a rolling rock can :)
Image 691:

Generated Caption:Bread bowl being cooled down before it going into the icemachine.
Original Caption:AAA -2 Cats in a flower pot
Image 692:

Generated Caption:In Avon of the leaves is only three feet above the water national forest ga georgia bridge.
Original Caption:The Generali building in Jaffa road
Image 693:

Generated Caption:The boat passing under the bay bridge of the Eiffel Tower.
Original Caption:Uddevalla cable bridge in Sweden, along with a sailboat to mimic the shape of the bridge.
Image 694:

Generated Caption:Against a wispy blue and gray sky the chair caner in the Nyons market.
Original Caption:A romantic table by the beach
Image 695:

Generated Caption:The spires strikes in the book bitch.
Original Caption:View from the castle of Arco, Italy - in pink
Image 696:

Generated Caption:Of architecture on a building transformed in the tower.
Original Caption:Art in a house wall
Image 697:

Generated Caption:The flower to the bridge surrounded by a little bit in the grass. A tiny pink flower in some grass stands out against a bed of bright green foliage.
Original Caption:Some flower on a bar in a hotel in Grapevine, TX
Image 698:

Generated Caption:At Berry College in the grass was very over protective a horse.
Original Caption:Behind my friend Ang s house in Buffalo. They saw me next to the apple tree and came running.
Image 699:

Generated Caption:White window surround design in Lyndhurst Road Worthing to the street to the building. A door serves as a window in basement apartment to the building.
Original Caption:The Victorian splendour of Southport s Wayfarer s Arcade shot through a reflection on the window of a building within the Arcade.
Image 700:

Generated Caption:In the car near my homestay house cracked the pot.
Original Caption:Put chicken broth in a pot and reduce by half.
Image 701:

Generated Caption:The red ball hanging from the ceiling near Randall desk.
Original Caption:That s literally what the words mean in english on this cute metallic plate greetings card from kactus design.
Image 702:

Generated Caption:The bar windows are super creepy above it. This nice colored door draw quite an attention in the old town buildings.
Original Caption:Painted wooden door with art deco-style window above
Image 703:

Generated Caption:Birds of a sudden.
Original Caption:This huge thing was pecking at the back of the van window in the morning, guess it smelt the food inside.
Image 704:

Generated Caption:On a black wattle tree against the sky flying over my house an old war plane.
Original Caption:A kind of flower on the beach in Greece
Image 705:

Generated Caption:Of the Star House building a cross in wall.
Original Caption:Cross in sky
Image 706:

Generated Caption:Pale pink cross formed by sunlight reflections in the glass panels of the fernsehturm.
Original Caption:Ugly eiffel tower near my house
Image 707:

Generated Caption:In the sky a better stove removed.
Original Caption:Two handheld speedlights bounced into ceiling and wall -- window exposure masked in
Image 708:

Generated Caption:In the truck of this building runs around the lake once an hour a converted coach.
Original Caption:Orbit transporters(badal) bus enroute to jalandhar from bathinda via ludhiana.body manufactured by sutlej builders single door bus.
Image 709:

Generated Caption:The stained moved here from elsewhere in church inside the terminal building. In the same building stained glass viewing level of the Scott Monument.
Original Caption:Christ in the house of Mary and Martha - Abraham van Linge, 1641
Image 710:

Generated Caption:A cross is a bit unfortunate of the house.
Original Caption:I pulled off the road in the sand when I saw this.
Image 711:

Generated Caption:On the street horse fighting in a field.
Original Caption:Cow in the street in Noida (Delhi area, India)
Image 712:

Generated Caption:Every car making the left turn in the background to the building. The red car is a Fiat to the building.
Original Caption:There s a big white bridge in the distance - neat!
Image 713:

Generated Caption:Pineapple wrapped in seaweed and brown rice.
Original Caption:I also drilled an additional hole in the center of the gourd and added a green glass bead as a decoration.
Image 714:

Generated Caption:Motor in a tree.
Original Caption:Building the foundations and floor of our house with money I saved carting hey in Australia with David Hannah.
Image 715:

Generated Caption:In the air the hill is the lower meadow access road.
Original Caption:Virgin train passing what is left of the MG Rover plant at Cofton Hackett near Longbridge617
Image 716:

Generated Caption:At De Wolfe Point state park in water arrived weeks ago and were sitting around on the snow until the pond thawed these ducks.
Original Caption:Maybe the most common bird in the neighborhood, not just the most common water fowl in the neighborhood!Ralston Creek Trail, 12-16-09.
Image 717:

Generated Caption:The duck in London.
Original Caption:A male mallard enjoying his reflection in the water
Image 718:

Generated Caption:With a vivid blue color of the building overlooking the crazy clock in Old Town Square in Prague the balcony.
Original Caption:Man walking in front of green doors
Image 719:

Generated Caption:The stained glass window in disused building sponsored by insurance companies of Prague. The stained glass window was in a small church in Cromer Norfolk England by Sir Ninian Comper.
Original Caption:The new cathedral is the largest church in Austria and is notable for its stained glass windows.
Image 720:

Generated Caption:Near Brooklyn bridge in the street tilted over like this classic car.
Original Caption:Pink car in vegas
Image 721:

Generated Caption:In Norway of the Parliament building fiving each other a bottle.
Original Caption:Christmas 2009 in the kitchen while we were making cupcakes with her new girl gourmet cupcake maker
Image 722:

Generated Caption:Some guys car get out from under the water over its logo.
Original Caption:An orange van parked in downtown Penticton. (275a)
Image 723:

Generated Caption:Of blooms vestigal red fruit flies in medium.
Original Caption:A lovingly decorated christmas tree was found lying in the street in romsey
Image 724:

Generated Caption:The third floor balcony alongside a creek.
Original Caption:My shoes are in the photo to illustrate just how green this monument is in real life.
Image 725:

Generated Caption:The Purdue University clock tower in blue sky.
Original Caption:Asian boy in traditional attire standing against black background.
Image 726:

Generated Caption:In Kyoto under a clear blue evening sky going over prinsengracht bobs new bike.
Original Caption:The old school police box standing guard over the Palace.They ve also got a Gundam hiding in the trees back there.
Image 727:

Generated Caption:Condor steel road bike recommended by Cycling Active Magazine Nov 09.
Original Caption:This is our XXXL Megabike. Perfect full suspension cross country bike for riders over 6 7&quot;.
Image 728:

Generated Caption:Red door decorated with geometric patterns framed with decorative carvings in the stone wall by the railway.
Original Caption:A birght red wall behind a bar in downtown Vancouver proved to be the perfect setting for this picture.
Image 729:

Generated Caption:The big black oven used for cooking water heating and warmth in winter of the building.
Original Caption:Street sign in Taipei
Image 730:

Generated Caption:A cactus flower in red.
Original Caption:Egyptian-style antique table in the window at Weschler s Auction House, at 909 E Street NW, Washington, DC.
Image 731:

Generated Caption:The stained window by a J Davies in all Saints Claverley Shropshire of the sorrounding buildings. Glass window depicts Faith Hope and Charity in the church of on my office wall.
Original Caption:The extant medieval glass of Holy Trinity Hull is gathered together in this window in the clergy vestry.
Image 732:

Generated Caption:In the sky the twin towers over window.
Original Caption:Air conditioning fan vents on a rather interesting hindley street rooftop with adelaide s iconic westpac building in the background.
Image 733:

Generated Caption:Of sunset the hill glistened in the breeze and sunlight.
Original Caption:Showing the stark treeline in the Rockies - dense woodland to bare rock in a few metres.
Image 734:

Generated Caption:On a summer sky its water bowl glazed in royal blue and a heather tan.
Original Caption:13&quot; bowl in Black Walnut. Homemade orange shellac finish.
Image 735:

Generated Caption:Somewhere around Clapham the window of every building caught my eye love it.
Original Caption:Photo by Stephen Cox.Limestone ornamentation above the windows of the parish office building of the Cathedral of the Assumption.
Image 736:

Generated Caption:The window free in Dearborn Michigan. The classic style window seen inside the cathedral of Cologne Germany to the building.
Original Caption:North window of the aisle has stained glass by Arthur S Walker 1951[Full information on the Stoke Gifford set homepage]
Image 737:

Generated Caption:My cats sleeping in our garden.
Original Caption:Little girl in her chair by my desk
Image 738:

Generated Caption:This mother bird feeding her babies in our maple tree on the phone.
Original Caption:Male cardinal in snowy tree knots
Image 739:

Generated Caption:In the garden of a road offered by JoseMariHilario to my Virgen de los Angeles plant.
Original Caption:Front door is just to right of window. more examples of discoloration caused by water on the patio.
Image 740:

Generated Caption:In downtown Portland gazing ball made by my boy.
Original Caption:The floor of the market area in Tirumala was decorated with these rangolis.
Image 741:

Generated Caption:A train going over the snake river in Blackfoot Idaho at hill house hotel. A train rushes under the bridge between Shibuya and Ebisu stations of a demolished building.
Original Caption:An Acela Express train blasts past a MOW truck around 140MPH accelerating to 150MPH through Kingston station.
Image 742:

Generated Caption:The ducks swimming in the Potomac River of texas.
Original Caption:Three Ducks in green water
Image 743:

Generated Caption:Beer pong girl got caught in the head lights.
Original Caption:Platform Hip Hop FestivalPhoto by Prudence UptonPlease note: Bay 20 now has a black masonite floor covering
Image 744:

Generated Caption:A mango tree boat leaving late evening shot with Nikon F601 from near St Barbara in Roscoff France like water.
Original Caption:This is a special made ship to transfer water to remote islands in Greece
Image 745:

Generated Caption:Of Melbourne in the tree comes under the signal bridge protecting the up diamonds at Rochelle on 10 a passenger train.
Original Caption:Its rush hour time at Deval tower with a five car train headed for Barrington back in 1978
Image 746:

Generated Caption:The train set in the Bellagio Conservatory traveling through a wooden bridge of a road.
Original Caption:Picture of a NS train in Sittard. Black and white and the train is it s original color.
Image 747:

Generated Caption:A sign graces the side wall of the Zeller Garage in Palo Iowa.
Original Caption:Inexplicable sign on a door at the gas station in Susquehanna.
Image 748:

Generated Caption:Golf ball sized hail that fell from the sky near Red Lodge Montana by Owner.
Original Caption:Old street lamp at the court house in Tampa, Florida.
Image 749:

Generated Caption:At Adelup the bike around the tree was my street cruiser in Yeoju.
Original Caption:Hugh s S3 road bike done up in Team colours
Image 750:

Generated Caption:My grandads dog rusty in Ormiclate South Uist.
Original Caption:A Blond and Brown horse in a field in the White Mountains of Az
Image 751:

Generated Caption:At the Clarkson house monarch butterfly in the grass shot.
Original Caption:Close up of a monarch butterfly on a white picket in Leigh (Rodney, NZ)
Image 752:

Generated Caption:In the paddy field these spectacular flowers growing on the arbor above our spa. A flower in the paddy field. The wild milkweed plants from the costume people found in my backyard taken care by mum.
Original Caption:Kiln fired, handpainted, handmade, flower in golden yellow and orange black.
Image 753:

Generated Caption:The ducks in a hanging basket.
Original Caption:Caught this duck standing on church wall near my home.
Image 754:

Generated Caption:The cross hanged on the wall on the far end of a locked church in Sighisoara toward the Golden Horn.
Original Caption:Jumping around in the tower at the castle Ashby de la Zouch
Image 755:

Generated Caption:Against a blue sky under the tree lingers in back while the neon sign is out front tower.
Original Caption:The roof of nina s favorite building in st. petersburg, the old location of the dom knigi (house of books)
Image 756:

Generated Caption:Bike by wall.
Original Caption:Tow young boys on one bike near abo-sobh beach in Duraz (big village in Bahrain - Middle East).
Image 757:

Generated Caption:My dog thinks i am in black and white.
Original Caption:Black and white photography from my class. scanned in negatives, edited in photoshop
Image 758:

Generated Caption:The cats by the fax machine living around the castle of Cordoba. All our cats get down in my bag for some reason of buildings.
Original Caption:The only girl in my house that is not afraid of the camera....
Image 759:

Generated Caption:Girl eats everything in site even the core of a pineapple. People walking beside.
Original Caption:It s all about the branding - we used the green screen in the animation studio before the demo of how you animate!
Image 760:

Generated Caption:By river embracing dog in the sky were the clouds.
Original Caption:A bike in a field dreams of unconventionnal places
Image 761:

Generated Caption:The window set in the walls of the patio. The windows opening the sidewalk to contect the water to the main line.
Original Caption:Padlocked wooden door in stone wall, Canary Isles
Image 762:

Generated Caption:Photograph fruit rose from Dad house that i tinkered with the coloring of in iPhoto March 2009. Giant plastic fruit salad i had in Kaliningrad.
Original Caption:Cranberries and water in a crystal vase - on my mom s dining room table
Image 763:

Generated Caption:The dog during the cross country drive.
Original Caption:Red ape.&quot;They dress your cage in its nature...&quot; Small black flowers that grow in the sky, Manic Street Preachers
Image 764:

Generated Caption:To the house 5 EMD locomotives originated in bellevue oh and will get on home rails west of danville.
Original Caption:A westbound stack train rolls under the EB signal bridge guarding the diamonds at NX.
Image 765:

Generated Caption:Display window of the building is on the right on the 4th floor.
Original Caption:Guaranteed Pure Milk water tower in situ
Image 766:

Generated Caption:These small bikes used by the Portland Zoo Bombers.
Original Caption:Flattened bottle caps with scrapbook paper and magazine images, sealed under a resin dome.
Image 767:

Generated Caption:At Sion Hill Hall in the sky flying over one of the Santee Lakes a hawk.
Original Caption:A black headed gull flies low over a lake in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, England.
Image 768:

Generated Caption:The sheep dog rusty in Ormiclate South Uist of a Pepsi machine.
Original Caption:The idea of calm exists in a sitting cat ~ Jules Renard
Image 769:

Generated Caption:His car being parked where the road is at its widest in New Jersey. My car being parked where the road is at its widest in the hazy blue sky.
Original Caption:Daytrip by train to Lisba, by car to Estoril, Cascais and then on to Simtra.
Image 770:

Generated Caption:The ball juggler in the Houston Renaissance fair.
Original Caption:Vision through a broken glass in a factory building using fisheye.
Image 771:

Generated Caption:The bottle in Dublin tijdens bedrijfsuitje van de Rabobank juni 2006.
Original Caption:Bed bar in hou hai, two old hutong houses turned into a very cool bar
Image 772:

Generated Caption:In water this bird is wild.
Original Caption:This female was sitting in a tree in my backyard.
Image 773:

Generated Caption:By the sink not yet in the sky is a sofa bed the car seat.
Original Caption:Nadia was projected onto a television screen while in Studio i.
Image 774:

Generated Caption:To the NUMMI auto plant Fremont in tree face by eadaoin this tiger.
Original Caption:A tiger rescued by poachers, sits lazily behind a thin chainlink fence at the falls.
Image 775:

Generated Caption:A flower found in shady places in the woods outside our house. Flower found in a conservation zone in a local cemetery against grass.
Original Caption:Spring in a white dress
Image 776:

Generated Caption:In downtown Ocala Florida of the nice deco buildings driving through small Basque Country roads the little train.
Original Caption:Passenger train from Wroclaw Glowny to Poznan passes bridge over Odra river
Image 777:

Generated Caption:The beautiful flower found in the woods on top. Sky blue flowers hanging in there even though we had a few frosts overnight under the olive tree.
Original Caption:Spring flowers in my flower bed
Image 778:

Generated Caption:Bike disguised by the red powdercoat in the Armenistis office.
Original Caption:A bike lane sign in London
Image 779:

Generated Caption:In the Monkey forest of the river looked cool especially with the blue blanket under the saddle savage horses.
Original Caption:Ok not a safari but a trip to busch gardens down the street from my house in tampa florida
Image 780:

Generated Caption:By anne frank house awesome cars slides open to provide ventilation to the cabin.
Original Caption:The restaurant in the first floor of this building used to be a place called the Time Cafe.
Image 781:

Generated Caption:A flower of office building is Osteospermum underneath the pure white petals. The pink flowers reflecting in the windmill of office building.
Original Caption:Dome against blue sky
Image 782:

Generated Caption:Pink flower standing against some hot temperatures. The flowers standing against some hot temperatures.
Original Caption:Pretty pink wild flower at Garden in the woods
Image 783:

Generated Caption:Fruit of Lincoln Cathedral.
Original Caption:Almost bizarre to see the moon in a clear sky shortly after the storm had passed. Like nothing had happened...
Image 784:

Generated Caption:The beach ball was red and now its purple in pink.
Original Caption:The clock and roof in Smithfield Market, London - original black &amp; white shot tinted blue
Image 785:

Generated Caption:In a white bed under our Chrismas tree laying by the door and acting pathetic a cute puppy.
Original Caption:Monkeys in nikko along the winding road to chuzenji-ko lake
Image 786:

Generated Caption:In a flower White daisy is practically transparent.
Original Caption:White Mandevillas blooming side by side on same plant with pink blossoms
Image 787:

Generated Caption:Under sail in the entire building living area if you chose to dine inside 4 chairs.
Original Caption:Cant call it a dinning room in an open plan house ah. Looks like we need abigger table
Image 788:

Generated Caption:For lease in the tree crossing the busy road the train.
Original Caption:Hocking Valley Railway in Nelsonville. Hocking Valley Scenic Railway gives weekend train rides. Between Canal Street and the river in Nelsonville.
Image 789:

Generated Caption:Unknown butterfly was on the sidewalk in the middle of a busy downtown street santando nell albero.
Original Caption:At a butterfly house somewhere in North Wales
Image 790:

Generated Caption:Boxes handpainted with bird in pine tree and squirrel in appletree by Bea Fondant.
Original Caption:High-ratio white cake with coffee praline swiss buttercream. Draped in rolled fondant and painted with blue food coloring gel.
Image 791:

Generated Caption:Green heron has a fish in its mouth with hill tribe spacers.
Original Caption:My beach glass nuggets in bracelet form, with hill tribe spacers.
Image 792:

Generated Caption:In house orange makes a lovely ornamental plant near Knossos Crete Greece Solanum melongena cv.
Original Caption:50s Murano lamp pale caramel cased over white
Image 793:

Generated Caption:In the grass a hill leads to the beach.
Original Caption:Lobster boat @ Port.reassuring to know that the boat is evidenced by the foot of water inside !!!
Image 794:

Generated Caption:By that tree many road rally cars.
Original Caption:In front of house truck in drive looking back up the street
Image 795:

Generated Caption:A humming bird for the first time.
Original Caption:A male mallard on a low wall by the Rose Lane entrance to Christ Church Meadow
Image 796:

Generated Caption:The window sill over a bench. The window cast upon the pillars of alcobaca cathedral portugal.
Original Caption:There s a stunning window of stained glass irises above the claw-foot tub.
Image 797:

Generated Caption:Oranges waiting to sell it. Crab apple eaten by bat.
Original Caption:Orchids growing happily in a hanging flower pot at the spice garden
Image 798:

Generated Caption:By Crikeycrumbscake in the sky erected upon it the tv tower.
Original Caption:Market square clock tower donated by an American in honor of William Shakespeare. Stratford-Upon-Avon.
Image 799:

Generated Caption:A nice little butterfly found on a flower near the airport in my garden.
Original Caption:Inside the butterfly house near the Palace in Vienna.
Image 800:

Generated Caption:By Thomas Prill in the bank building balanced on her head a water bottle.
Original Caption:Found this book in the library last sat.. there s some interesting paper projects in it.
Image 801:

Generated Caption:A wonderful datura plant hanging in bathroom with decorative hanger.
Original Caption:A few experiments of capturing water drops in a glass of water.
Image 802:

Generated Caption:A classic sports car braking. Cow yellow rental car is the little white one in the middle.
Original Caption:Waiting to cross the street in Seoul
Image 803:

Generated Caption:This car parked on a street no surprise in the pink elephant. Car is in the lead of the building.
Original Caption:Saw this in Red Bank up the street from the train station
Image 804:

Generated Caption:Many cats in the car.
Original Caption:Here s looking at you - cat on a roof in Cha Kwo Ling Tsuen
Image 805:

Generated Caption:One less strong person looks really like a ball in winter wear by the ocean. The woman walking to the beach with his daughters in hand of the Star House building.
Original Caption:With experiments in orange on the wall
Image 806:

Generated Caption:Near our house in the tree come home from the mountain the cows.
Original Caption:Highland cow by the side of the road
Image 807:

Generated Caption:Green apple flies in medium against the the blue sky.
Original Caption:Butterfly bracelet Turquoise and Fire agate set in sterling silver
Image 808:

Generated Caption:Of Queen park on the road was my street cruiser in Yeoju lovely old bike.
Original Caption:The cross bike dresses up in road costume
Image 809:

Generated Caption:2009 pretty girl running around in peace. A person walking in the street wearing sexy and provocative clothing of the building.
Original Caption:Man in the red hat
Image 810:

Generated Caption:This pot had CIBA golden yellow blue and magenta in it over the river Maas.
Original Caption:Planet view of stone house concert in forest hill park
Image 811:

Generated Caption:The cute cat found in a show window of a store in chiku.
Original Caption:<i>chalk on my arm</i>. dog wasn t supposed to be in this.. but he looks cute anyway!
Image 812:

Generated Caption:Highland cattle grazing wire fence in the way around the lake.
Original Caption:Horse in a field by the leeds and liverpool canal at rodley, west yorkshire, england
Image 813:

Generated Caption:Under the river kwai bridge a boar hog into the water.
Original Caption:This dog was having great fun swimming in the river, after his ball. He had had enough by now!
Image 814:

Generated Caption:A bird in the sky walk at Allens pond on the beach loop. The swan in the sky grounded a rare sight at seaforth.
Original Caption:We see this bird on the road to Farm Beach sitting on the fence or in the paddocks.
Image 815:

Generated Caption:My laptop of coffee monitor beside it.
Original Caption:Guys from the cable/digital TV co. carry around these protected laptops running Win XP
Image 816:

Generated Caption:Across the river in tree parked by the road the car.
Original Caption:Truck on the lawn/car parked by the road
Image 817:

Generated Caption:These blue white vans parked up on the street in the area of Totterdown in Bristol UK at Shenzhen newly developed beach resort. My car built in computer over crissy field.
Original Caption:My beautiful girl in her big bow dress
Image 818:

Generated Caption:Under tall trees the coolest looking car spotted in Munich last summer.
Original Caption:V-8 no less but the little girl by the tree is more interested in next door s offering....
Image 819:

Generated Caption:A water bottle sitting in the lab since i started working here with Snooky our gray persian cat.
Original Caption:Kimono ScarfHand dyed silk in pale leaf green and yellowColorful butterflies on pale yellow vintage silk crepe kimono panel
Image 820:

Generated Caption:In a tree male tiger rescued by poachers.
Original Caption:Waldemere sitting on a platform in the tree
Image 821:

Generated Caption:The birds through the clouds.
Original Caption:Some black head bird taken in bray head.
Image 822:

Generated Caption:A bridge passing over the francois river in the building.
Original Caption:Glass tower in samseong
Image 823:

Generated Caption:The clock tower lighted up while the moon is in the background by Donatello.
Original Caption:How to be an alien in SPb: white night from the car s window
Image 824:

Generated Caption:A local dog enjoys the beach in his old age.
Original Caption:At the murky, braided streams fed by glaciers, a male and female look for roots.
Image 825:

Generated Caption:The ball floating by so in the sky.
Original Caption:Sterling silver and blue agate pearl earrings, inspired by lime tree seeds and dragonfly wings.
Image 826:

Generated Caption:Volkswagen bus operated inside the wall of the old city in Quebec City with a plastic cover.
Original Caption:Former London transport RML2334 seen at Northweald preserved in later London Country bus services NBC green livery. 04/07/10.
Image 827:

Generated Caption:Orange bowl of every building. Orange for later when it thirsty.
Original Caption:The red one is my favorite, the yellow comes in a close second.
Image 828:

Generated Caption:In the house of this tree borrowed from our hotel the bike.
Original Caption:Talk between a bike activist and a bus driver in Paris
Image 829:

Generated Caption:In backyard a box sold by the pound.
Original Caption:The jewel window from inside the jewel box bank: the Merchants National bank designed by Louis Sullivan in Grinnell
Image 830:

Generated Caption:On the left of this house is in fruit.
Original Caption:West wall (door on right). Note Isabelle s bed in corner
Image 831:

Generated Caption:The car parked in front of the Museum near Winnipesaukee lake. The car spotted in Munich last summer to trees.
Original Caption:Dora was stuck on the sign post and the lady walking by was of no help.
Image 832:

Generated Caption:The car under a cherry blossom tree parked closely against the wall in the hudson river park. The little car parked in a street near the left Bank under a cherry blossom tree.
Original Caption:Second floor - lounge on the left &amp; bedroom in the middle
Image 833:

Generated Caption:Yellow flower stems have disappeared of orange. Yellow flower glows in the sunlight over green grass.
Original Caption:Pretty yellow surrounded by pink
Image 834:

Generated Caption:The most ridiculous looking flower found in a field near a gas station. A rose found in a field near a gas station.
Original Caption:Red flames in the sky
Image 835:

Generated Caption:The car known for its crash test scores in sky.
Original Caption:The ride back from dog beach was much harder - against the wind!
Image 836:

Generated Caption:The main shop window is near my workplace of Hoskins building.
Original Caption:A delightful clock in the town centre of St Helier with the iconic Jersey cow at the base.
Image 837:

Generated Caption:East window built in 1457. Window is the oldest episcopal chuch in N.
Original Caption:Suchalady in red dress w_st louis background.tga taken by Suesue Sideways
Image 838:

Generated Caption:The beautiful plant of beer.
Original Caption:The candle tree (gift from my mum) has finally found a permanent place in front of my living room fireplace.
Image 839:

Generated Caption:Bread bowl using natural light from a window behind for the heels.
Original Caption:11 inch pine bowl, from a dead tree on a friends place near the Sam Houston National forest
Image 840:

Generated Caption:By Tilda in the sky dress her shirt.
Original Caption:Brunette standing on beach at Moorea in Tahiti
Image 841:

Generated Caption:Clear glass bowl placed just below the massage chair.
Original Caption:Carved face on building in Madrid
Image 842:

Generated Caption:Very colorful boat spotted in Legazpi City Albay.
Original Caption:A passenger ship built in 1949, flying the United Kingdom (UK) flag.IMO Number: 5034927
Image 843:

Generated Caption:Orange on request.
Original Caption:More moon action, if you look really closely you can see a plane flying by
Image 844:

Generated Caption:Street bike spotted around town by the water.
Original Caption:Riding his bike around the lake
Image 845:

Generated Caption:The REAL police car clad in pajamas and water wings San Diego of NJIT architecture building.
Original Caption:Five of us and a dog in moira s electric car
Image 846:

Generated Caption:The little boy standing in a doorway at the dining hall building near Lake Pukaki. The red chair closed side view against the blue sky.
Original Caption:Jack and Pope standing on the beach in Muizenberg
Image 847:

Generated Caption:The car driven on the road to and from races in the water around the lemon tree. My race car parked by the Belvedere Hotel in a garden tree.
Original Caption:The car was pretty dirty - didn t know it would be in a photo shoot.
Image 848:

Generated Caption:In the grass the butterflies dance above my lamp.
Original Caption:A Monarch butterfly in a field of Milkweed and wild Loosestrife.
Image 849:

Generated Caption:In blue sky a Gaudi street light aswell.
Original Caption:A street light with a pretty sky in the background.
Image 850:

Generated Caption:Near chong rock in the water docked off of Cape Porpoise Pier by the lighthouse that boat.
Original Caption:The water was like glass and crystal clear! The Garden Wall in pictured in the distance.
Image 851:

Generated Caption:Beautiful cows showed up in the field grass.
Original Caption:This cow was walking in the fields behind our home in the eveninglight...Added some drama with Topaz...
Image 852:

Generated Caption:A duck cooling off and resting at the same time in Lake George in northern New York State on a sunny day.
Original Caption:A little duck swimming in the Averno lake.Napoli, Italy.
Image 853:

Generated Caption:Of john hancock building the two towers standing from the old fort.
Original Caption:The ground floor has a Pharmacy, a Butcher, and a Bakery. We all share the &quot;cour&quot; (small courtyard in the center).
Image 854:

Generated Caption:Against the green background in a potato field growing outside my grandparents house a flower.
Original Caption:Red flower in close
Image 855:

Generated Caption:Tower in Bellingham WA.
Original Caption:A structure on the bridge over the Seine River at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
Image 856:

Generated Caption:Van hauled off. His car involved in the front straight crash.
Original Caption:Het DAF Museum is gevestigd in een industrieel monument in Eindhoven. In het DAF Museum zie je de hele geschiedenis van de DAF voertuigen.
Image 857:

Generated Caption:In black and white this horse was very over protective.
Original Caption:Black bear that is near a dirt road in the daytime
Image 858:

Generated Caption:On the Mekong river her bike sitting around.
Original Caption:These female swimmers opt for the most popular type of swimming costume in China: very modest, yet quite elegant.
Image 859:

Generated Caption:A horse standing at the drive thru in the Loire valley.
Original Caption:You can t go wrong with black and hot pink fringe, especially when it matched your horse!Photo by Lauren Hale
Image 860:

Generated Caption:Of every building chair in a big girl bed.
Original Caption:Instead of fencing the baby in, it s much easier to put the heater and the cat in the playpen (and the cat loves it)
Image 861:

Generated Caption:Heavy clouds taken over the green patch under a blue sky.
Original Caption:No so easy, the guy was standing up in the boat ! taken in Vietnam
Image 862:

Generated Caption:Another butterfly lives in the gardens of the George Mason Memorial it have wonderful gardens and a lots of water over there.
Original Caption:Monarch butterfly male identified by black spots on lower wings
Image 863:

Generated Caption:The little flowers painted in Photoshop elements over the sink. Flower painted in Photoshop elements by a farmers field.
Original Caption:Blue flower in the shadow
Image 864:

Generated Caption:In the house the window watching the busses go by.
Original Caption:An African couple looks from their balcony to the street in downtown Barcelona
Image 865:

Generated Caption:Suspect car hit the up before ending the hot ride against this sign post in Varadero. The cars spotted on the way to the park in the parking lot were any indication against the trees and sky.
Original Caption:Mixed-use building near bus routes.
Image 866:

Generated Caption:This strikingly gorgeous colored horse roaming around on the coast of the Outer Banks Beaches in the sky.
Original Caption:This strikingly gorgeous coloured horse in Conwy RSPB is lovely. Black face one rear leg and bit of tail.
Image 867:

Generated Caption:Many road rally cars take you anywhere you need to go around North Hills bags and all of the pool. Old car shows a nice contrast against the gray church wall by the water.
Original Caption:Around market house
Image 868:

Generated Caption:A window near where i work.
Original Caption:A metal sign advertising the Great Northern Railroad. In the &quot;Railway&quot; station building at the museum in Eureka MT.
Image 869:

Generated Caption:Fruit in our kitchen.
Original Caption:Making a rasta bird house for the tree in my yard.
Image 870:

Generated Caption:A basket made from woven banana leaves in the springtime.
Original Caption:Detail from a primitivist stained glass window in the Smith Museum of Stained Glass in Chicago.
Image 871:

Generated Caption:Onto the wooden cart in tree go faster any other bike.
Original Caption:Spotted this man near the bird market in Malang. Clever way to bring the bird cage.
Image 872:

Generated Caption:In the ground with an orange tree during July and August a bright yellow flower. A yellow flower growing by the creek in my field.
Original Caption:Was digging in the flower bed and couldn t resist going in for the camera
Image 873:

Generated Caption:In black and white of a building combined with the weeds and the litter an old window.
Original Caption:Manhattan in black & white
Image 874:

Generated Caption:The only clock is across the street from the Residence Inn Marriott hotel in Bricktown Oklahoma City.
Original Caption:Old Port, Panasonic FZ100, 1,753mm(the clock on the tower in the 25mm photo),Montreal, September 2010
Image 875:

Generated Caption:Windows have a great view of cat 8 in the bank building.
Original Caption:Some of the several hundred office windows in the old sugar refinery building along Powell Street in East Vancouver.
Image 876:

Generated Caption:The car by Star Bonaire B is in front of the store under water. 2 cars hit on Mountain road in front of the tech under water.
Original Caption:Ottawa by the fish market
Image 877:

Generated Caption:In center showing against the green background with the silhouette of flower flowers. The true flowers are the white structures in the middle.
Original Caption:Red fire in sky
Image 878:

Generated Caption:The Christmas tree ball was about four inches in diameters of a chicken head.
Original Caption:Stuffs from last weekend in city island.... before we found the sacrified animal carcasses on the beach
Image 879:

Generated Caption:In hot pink silver the plates are plastic.
Original Caption:Fruit bowl /center piece crystals in blues and greens accentuates a luscious kiwi green .
Image 880:

Generated Caption:The flowers found in the forest of Blue Pond Conservation Area Maryland. The white dress in the brown tank top.
Original Caption:Mal Malouf showed a cute dress with a fall print at Plaza Style 2010, hosted by The Plaza at Preston Center
Image 881:

Generated Caption:54 bowl being cooled down before it going into the icemachine.
Original Caption:In a paper cup
Image 882:

Generated Caption:A pink orange rehydrate in your tea pot at the carnival.
Original Caption:No dog in this street
Image 883:

Generated Caption:In the Singapore river of a traditional japanese building converted to black and white just for J the little yellow bus.
Original Caption:Tram No 273 on display in black and white
Image 884:

Generated Caption:Of our Lady Koblenz Germany near a house windows in the Notre Dame stained glass.
Original Caption:Stain glass window in the church
Image 885:

Generated Caption:On the street two black cars KIA Sorento in Chernobyl.
Original Caption:Valerio s, next to the train and bus stations in Lanark, serves excellent fish and chips, take-away or sit in.
Image 886:

Generated Caption:Art car spotted in Campbell off Little Tujunga. Less white cars photographed from the dog park in Davis by trees.
Original Caption:The most colorful tree we saw on the entire trip - on a side road in Winslow
Image 887:

Generated Caption:The little boy posing for a street fashion photo in Shibuya above colorful lake. The other people trying to cross under the emergency telephone sign.
Original Caption:Getting out of the water after jumping in and blessing our union, Hawksnest beach St. John
Image 888:

Generated Caption:Mug covered in green gold and dark red canes against the sky.
Original Caption:70% chocolate sponge cake with ganache chocolate filling, covered in white fondant icing and decorations with theme of stock markets
Image 889:

Generated Caption:Of people in grass go faster the motor.
Original Caption:Woman riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle along Highway 14 near Readstown, Wisconsin. Photo taken from window of passing car.
Image 890:

Generated Caption:In St Albans Cathedral stained glass window above the West entrance. The best glass window from a chapel in Dartmouth under low tree.
Original Caption:1907 Presentation and Annunciation window in memory of Robert Blezard, ) presented by his son
Image 891:

Generated Caption:Many clock towers lit up in blue this night of the YMCA Little League team i.
Original Caption:This shot is of the steeple on st walburgs church preston the highest building in the city
Image 892:

Generated Caption:In the car of the house is a 12 the purple ball.
Original Caption:Terry carved pumpkins: dragon & kitty cat in tree
Image 893:

Generated Caption:Flowers kissed by the sun in the window. A flower kissed by the sun in my favorite building.
Original Caption:3 Japanese Anemones in blue glass vases on a dining room table against an African wooden door
Image 894:

Generated Caption:This cat sitting by the flower pot at a random house in northern Viet.
Original Caption:Black and white cat in the Medieval section of Rhodes, Greece
Image 895:

Generated Caption:In black and white cat.
Original Caption:A white tiger waddling in a shallow water catchment.
Image 896:

Generated Caption:The ubiquitous black capped chickadee added the finishing touches to the tree against the skyline in the background on my air. Birds female on rock in the sky.
Original Caption:Pampas grass in the sky 347/365
Image 897:

Generated Caption:Every car says Plant Hospital of Madeira Portugal. Black car parked in the middle of the street on a building.
Original Caption:This office building in San Jose housed NETCOM Online Communications in 1993. Photos taken in 2010.
Image 898:

Generated Caption:The 2nd largest face clock standing in front of Doh a popular music box store at Otaru. A tower lit up in blue this night by candle light.
Original Caption:A clock tower in Denver, Colorado.October MSH entry - &quot;I think I have a tick&quot;
Image 899:

Generated Caption:Monarch butterfly clinging to a blue Mist flower at Grapevine Botanical Garden in October.
Original Caption:A butterfly in a field in the Santa Monica mountains.
Image 900:

Generated Caption:Glass windows of the lydia baptism. The stained window in the catheral of Milan.
Original Caption:Stain glass windows in the church on the site of the lydia s baptism
Image 901:

Generated Caption:The classic car meet in Tungelsta over the weekend under the olive tree. In bright red dust under the olive tree cars see one of my cats sleeping underneath it.
Original Caption:A groovy sport car in New Delhi street
Image 902:

Generated Caption:The little green frog car tailgaiting us on the ass 2 lane highway we took through New Mexico in Roanoke Virginia. Pretty rare car spotted in Munich last summer beside the building.
Original Caption:Bhutan s single traffic policeman, w/ dog in the road
Image 903:

Generated Caption:Fish bowl taking movies.
Original Caption:Little Otter, tiny Kiki, and jet black Jett lounge around in the blue velvet bed by ugotogal
Image 904:

Generated Caption:The clouds accented by bridge structure in my kitchen window.
Original Caption:Pink hibiscus flower in Florida
Image 905:

Generated Caption:A wooden tower dominates the main square where el palio o horse race happens every year in July.
Original Caption:Amari in white door bw
Image 906:

Generated Caption:Both barn cats in the hat.
Original Caption:In a way too small plastic box
Image 907:

Generated Caption:Of the blue building a Village Bicycle Project bike spotted outside a school in Amsterdam Oud Zuid.
Original Caption:My third bike in my life.... Now have turn more like a road bike.
Image 908:

Generated Caption:Near the bus stops in the tree meet by my house my cars.
Original Caption:A blue produce truck parked outside this church in a small town in Colombia.
Image 909:

Generated Caption:Two horses bred in province Friesland Holland with grass.
Original Caption:Brauner im Rheinland - brown horse in the Rhine area
Image 910:

Generated Caption:A male mallard duck landed near our summer place and wanted his picture taken in the Lincoln Memorial reflecting Pool.
Original Caption:These must be salt water ducks as they are swimming around in the harbor.For Bonnie :)!
Image 911:

Generated Caption:Coveted balcony in Cruz living room against the blue sky.
Original Caption:The bottom floor the lease to a shop. And yes, they have homes at the beach and in the mountain too.
Image 912:

Generated Caption:The east window in the same building is a ninian comper. The east window in the same building shows the Prophet Elijah.
Original Caption:The East end window in the church ofSt Mary with St Hugh, in Harlow, Essex, England.
Image 913:

Generated Caption:A convertible parked in front of a building to the station.
Original Caption:A yellow thai tuk tuk parked in front of mcdonalds at the bangla road
Image 914:

Generated Caption:In the sky clouds colored by the sunrise with flying and singing birds.
Original Caption:A red pick up truck checks in to the Wigwam Village in Cave City, Kentucky.
Image 915:

Generated Caption:Cars with a green tiled building park on the sidewalk there. The cars hit on Mountain road in front of the tech under blue water bridges shadows.
Original Caption:Looking from across the street a wrecked car is in front of the store.
Image 916:

Generated Caption:Wall storage cabinet backed up against the old oven unit of the door.
Original Caption:Wooden door in stone farm building, Fermes Equestres du Vercors, Sassenage, Grenoble
Image 917:

Generated Caption:This little bird running around in the surf in Sarasota under a moody looking sky.
Original Caption:A seagull on a telephone pole on the edge of How Tun Woods this afternoon,with a troop of starlings on the wires below him.
Image 918:

Generated Caption:The clouds playing with each other in Nikko under it.
Original Caption:Muff and Boner arrive and assure him the person on the pedestrian bridge over Highway 1 is Surf City s Hash Flash
Image 919:

Generated Caption:The car stuck in the water. The cars spotted on the way to the park in the parking lot were any indication.
Original Caption:Might as well paint a yellow cross over it to make it totally Swedish!
Image 920:

Generated Caption:Over Chambal river under the pink sky dunk our legs in the water before bringing us in many colorful boats.
Original Caption:Sailing boat off the coast near Praia de Gale (Gale Beach), Portugal
Image 921:

Generated Caption:To a tree stained glass window hovers above in Chappelle in the Ile de la Cite in Paris.
Original Caption:-Steel reached the 50th story in December 2010.-As of February 11, 2011 tower steel is now above floor 56.
Image 922:

Generated Caption:Pink hood blue bird table clock in the same direction.
Original Caption:Vanilla cake filled with white chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries, coated in white chocolate ganache and fondant, with handmade sugar roses
Image 923:

Generated Caption:The butterflies stood out against the blue background of an antique shop.
Original Caption:&quot;Spitzhaus&quot;...see the person standing beside it for a size comparison. This house is quite the Tourist attraction in Bernkastel!
Image 924:

Generated Caption:Bendy window covered in raindrops of this building.
Original Caption:This sits atop of the historic post office building in marietta Ohio
Image 925:

Generated Caption:A juvenile bird awaits its next feeding in a mountain meadow in Dixie National Forest Iron County southern Utah of plasencia.
Original Caption:A bird remains on its perch as building number 2 of the World Financial Center looms in the background.
Image 926:

Generated Caption:Bikes stopped in this intersection in the same building.
Original Caption:Bike store window in Laguna beach Ca
Image 927:

Generated Caption:Small bird photographed near Sand Dunes National Park Colorado catching crane flies of junk. My weekend bird photographed near Sand Dunes National Park Colorado catching crane flies in the grass.
Original Caption:Tiny female bird captured in the morning sun.
Image 928:

Generated Caption:The birds in my bird bath.
Original Caption:Glass pearls in the soft glow of white set to dangle from silver tone handmade earring hooks.
Image 929:

Generated Caption:His ZR Cycles 650B mountain bike setup on my indoor trainer in front of the tv.
Original Caption:We hand delivered Popo a new bike then made him pose in front of his house with it.
Image 930:

Generated Caption:Girl standing near Tennyson in North Korea. Girl standing near Tennyson in the sky.
Original Caption:Inside the UN building where the armistice was signed. Sarah is standing in North Korea.
Image 931:

Generated Caption:The front window taking it all in of course. Bell tower was right in the center of the christmas tree farm under clear blue sky.
Original Caption:A windmill building we spotted while in Solvang.
Image 932:

Generated Caption:The stained glass window moved here from elsewhere in church near the Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria building.
Original Caption:A stained glass window on the south side of the Nave in York Minster.
Image 933:

Generated Caption:The puppies weaned. The dog resting after chasing the racket ball all over the tennis courts at the park near our house in the sink.
Original Caption:A moment of cuteness, spoiled by too much flash and Pixie walking out of the frame... but still cute nonetheless.
Image 934:

Generated Caption:On the second floor against the deep blue sunset sky is in the backyard of our video head end and data center the tilted tower.
Original Caption:Skytree under blue sky
Image 935:

Generated Caption:Near the King Road Oban cows in a big field.
Original Caption:Three fallow bucks in a field at side of the road - were in a little herd of males about seven of them.
Image 936:

Generated Caption:New clock tower silhouetted against lower manhattan in the house.
Original Caption:Detroit sky line in black and white
Image 937:

Generated Caption:A basket being set on the floor in the hot pink outfit.
Original Caption:Tom s Storage Locker Damage January 22 2011 Items on white shelving and in basket were undamaged) Download 1170
Image 938:

Generated Caption:In an ancient building a young bird fallen down by his tree at bed time.
Original Caption:This baby bird flew into the window and was stunned. We put it in the shade to recover.
Image 939:

Generated Caption:Of the Middle East in the sky t give the hoot the birds.
Original Caption:IMG_6892 Lookn up in the sky its a bird its a plane its ah..... you
Image 940:

Generated Caption:A tiger lily hangs from a tree near the lake of CHU in the mountain.
Original Caption:A black bird on a lake in Idaho.
Image 941:

Generated Caption:On koh phi phi in our field was by the car park at the Num Ti Jah a brown bear.
Original Caption:A Cinnamon black bear near Black Tail Plateau
Image 942:

Generated Caption:For a little bit in the grass rests against a colorful wall Hue Vietnam the bike.
Original Caption:Young man sitting in the park under the tree near his bycicle
Image 943:

Generated Caption:Fruit known as the lansones.
Original Caption:Lights in a clock shop window
Image 944:

Generated Caption:Female cats checkin me out. Our little terrier dress up.
Original Caption:Photo diary of Franny cat s last 24 hours - in her cat bed; one of her favourite sleeping places
Image 945:

Generated Caption:My car positioned below of photo. Many road rally cars stuck under the waterfall of the building.
Original Caption:Apes truck in front of the river house
Image 946:

Generated Caption:A tall glass window above the buildings moved here from elsewhere in church. The most beautiful stained above the buildings window within a small mausoleum in Staglieno Cimiterio Genova.
Original Caption:A more distant look at the stained glass windows above the altar in the church beside the abbey
Image 947:

Generated Caption:Into the blue sky the most comfortable couch looks in this photo.
Original Caption:Sun was low in the sky bathing the castle in this lovely soft light.
Image 948:

Generated Caption:In a yellow house a pot filled with water at our accom.
Original Caption:Empty plastic plant pots in the garage
Image 949:

Generated Caption:The flower being warped by the water droplet near the top to Aucilla boat ramp. A pink zinna flower cluster on a tree in the grounds of Shrewsbury Castle over green grass.
Original Caption:A bumble bee hiding on a pink zinna flower (Zinnia angustifolia Profusion ) photographed in Lake Ridge, VA.
Image 950:

Generated Caption:The cat sitting on a blanket in the front yard of his home in Clackamas Oregon under the table.
Original Caption:By Aspry_1957 This cat was posing for me from the inside of her truck
Image 951:

Generated Caption:The cat as a boat.
Original Caption:Clouds over cedar hills utah blue pink
Image 952:

Generated Caption:Such a gorgeous flower seen in a mountain valley at Philmont Scout Ranch New Mexico in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from the bus stop. These spectacular flowers growing in our tomato plant pot over green grass.
Original Caption:This sweet little flower was growing in an overgrown field next to a pile of rubble.
Image 953:

Generated Caption:The green car bedecked under the fall of pink blooms from the overhead blossoms in my neighborhood.
Original Caption:R J Poots 1954 Bentley R Type model finished in oxford blue over silver with grey leather interior
Image 954:

Generated Caption:Stained glass window casting the blue light on the table in the Coventry Council chamber. Glass window casting the blue light on the table over the building.
Original Caption:Trena Cox stained glass window (about 1948) in St Peter, Chester
Image 955:

Generated Caption:This bird sitting on the harbor wall in Dublin from the car window.
Original Caption:Black bird sitting in the snow enjoying the winter scenery
Image 956:

Generated Caption:Seuss flowers swaying in the wind of the building. Washington lily swaying in the wind of an abondoned office building.
Original Caption:I tried this in black and white and color. Not sure which one I like better. So I put both.
Image 957:

Generated Caption:Of the building the white female flowers loom class the craft kitchen in santa ana orange county california sat feb 28th.
Original Caption:London horse bus discovered in Norfolk 2002
Image 958:

Generated Caption:The flowers of 100 mph. The yellow flowers are back in my garden again.
Original Caption:A bowl of daisies in water at my mom s friends house in greece
Image 959:

Generated Caption:Rick Case Hyundai car t in the background at Alan Hancock College.
Original Caption:Van down by the river
Image 960:

Generated Caption:A stained glass window shows the Prophet Elijah of glasgow.
Original Caption:1859 window by Clayton &amp; Bell in the church of St Mary the Virgin, Kelvedon, Essex.
Image 961:

Generated Caption:Blackbird nesting site in a marsh in Hibbing Minnesota against the blue sky.
Original Caption:Long tongue. The immature bird has buffy whiskers, in contrast to the complete blue head of the adult.
Image 962:

Generated Caption:Beneath my toes over green grass simmered in red curry sauce 0324_san diego_5195 yellow orange.
Original Caption:The foliage of a maple tree outside my grandmother s house in Cadillac, MI.
Image 963:

Generated Caption:An express bus is t Sorry not in Service.
Original Caption:This bus has had the 32 route branding removed, except for the running heading along the roof above the windows.
Image 964:

Generated Caption:Garden flowers blooming in the field in front of my house with clouds. Pretty flower tinged with orange in the sky.
Original Caption:White summer daisies in tall grass with blue sky
Image 965:

Generated Caption:Glass window viewing level of the Scott Monument in St Mary Sprotbrough. A stained glass window moved here from elsewhere in church above the trees.
Original Caption:Dutch,16th century stained glass window in east wall of south transept showing eight scenes from the life of St Nicholas
Image 966:

Generated Caption:One car going under the bridge in Macau.
Original Caption:Red and orange Commodores in car park
Image 967:

Generated Caption:Cow bull posing in a green field with blue sky through hard Proterozoic crystalline rock.
Original Caption:Cow bull posing in a green field with blue sky
Image 968:

Generated Caption:Cow bull posing in a green field with blue sky from Hirschhorn castle.
Original Caption:Cow bull posing in a green field with blue sky
Image 969:

Generated Caption:In the box of a field lined up by the Bouygues Telecom bus a local bike.
Original Caption:Red beach cruiser bicycle propped against fence in front of house.
Image 970:

Generated Caption:A window hanging in the EA stairwell. Green door of the Star House building is one to many staircases in the home.
Original Caption:Shuttered window of a house by the sea in Southwold
Image 971:

Generated Caption:Colorful flowers sitting on the table in my sister house. Orange flower sitting on the table in my sister house.
Original Caption:Participant #90. I decided to use the brown bag fabrics in giant wheels appliqued to a strip pieced background.
Image 972:

Generated Caption:Fresh friut plates are plastic by Ryke Catering.
Original Caption:The white box is a shaving set! Presented to S at brunch in the Westin
Image 973:

Generated Caption:A stained glass window is in the north transcept behind the organ near the Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria building. The stained glass windows by Louis Davis pupil of Christopher Whall at St Giles Stoke Poges Buckinghamshire near the Sydney Town Hall and the Queen Victoria building.
Original Caption:This stained glass window is in the porch of Kilcash Church, Slieve na Mon.
Image 974:

Generated Caption:To Wendy parents home by trees plays in the water with a beer keg at the Los Angeles Zoo a tiger.
Original Caption:Tiger sitting against the glass window
Image 975:

Generated Caption:A flower eyecatching in our bushland by the pink cake box. Flowers taken in Sun Peaks British Columbia on Mt Tod over green grass.
Original Caption:Mixed blue and white wild harebells taken in my garden.
Image 976:

Generated Caption:A church tower added in 1814 of this building.
Original Caption:Tallest steeple on Saint Paul s Catholic Church, a very prominent church building in this small seaside village.
Image 977:

Generated Caption:A road bike in the big blue house.
Original Caption:Sky blue in a sea of french rose confections
Image 978:

Generated Caption:The best glass to the abbey window inside Notre Dame in Paris. The kitchen window under tall trees discovered in a beach cottage on Bainbridge Island.
Original Caption:Sitting in Irina s kitchen window
Image 979:

Generated Caption:The stray cat by the glass buildings. The cat in our hotel room taken over the girls blankies.
Original Caption:Our kitten, Nala, sitting all proper by the front door of our house.
Image 980:

Generated Caption:Of Croatia in the sky needs to wash it soon red cars.
Original Caption:Photograph of ourselves driving down the highway, reflected in the bus wheels running at our side.
Image 981:

Generated Caption:A blue heron pauses atop a tree in Santa Barbara prior to the Santa Barbara Forum on Digital Transitions.
Original Caption:This Australian Darter bird was found high up on a street light at the rock pool by the beach.
Image 982:

Generated Caption:In a telephone box of the building View out window.
Original Caption:Kitchen window in spring
Image 983:

Generated Caption:These flowers growing around the temporary science building at Pomona College in Dad and Sherri unit.
Original Caption:A flower resting in a bowl
Image 984:

Generated Caption:By the river against sky built in 1906 and has Arabic Hebrew and English faces this functioning clock tower.
Original Caption:Beautiful old Court house building for Suwanee County, Florida. This is in the town of Live Oak.
Image 985:

Generated Caption:In the sky big mama kittens getting hit by a train. The cat around the house in the sky.
Original Caption:I think he got some of the paper towel in his mouth!
Image 986:

Generated Caption:Of our street in trees sent to developing countries my bike.
Original Caption:Bianchi bike in lethal danger from a small hydroelectric plant and falling rocks.
Image 987:

Generated Caption:In disused building stained glass window designed by Hugo Simberg called the dove. The windows in disused building by Tommy Kovac.
Original Caption:Looking out at the W-5 building from the shattered window in W-3
Image 988:

Generated Caption:This woman sitting on the sidewalk in Mumbai by the stained glass. The boy walking by next to matching color walls in gov t building.
Original Caption:Us girls in front of the white house
Image 989:

Generated Caption:Apples cooked in oven with chocolate dressing.
Original Caption:Two womens behind a old car near the beach in greyscale
Image 990:

Generated Caption:A church tower looming over the tree tops in black and white.
Original Caption:In black & white
Image 991:

Generated Caption:The green glass ball suspended about the civic square in Wellington with sideglow fiber.
Original Caption:A beautiful blue sky appears above the reflections of Union Square.
Image 992:

Generated Caption:Window purchased cheaply from Cartmel Priory at the dissolution in Otavalo. Our window caught my attention under a winter tree.
Original Caption:Window in the side chapel next to the dacre monument
Image 993:

Generated Caption:A mummified dog in the water was one of the few.
Original Caption:Cougar in his younger years. Another street cat in Parkdale.
Image 994:

Generated Caption:Teen girl exercising with hula hoop in gym through my lounge window.
Original Caption:<i>And when the door is closed you re wearing different clothesOr hiding in the paper pretending not to hear</i>
Image 995:

Generated Caption:Strange cat spotted beside the road in Reynoldsburg. The cat spotted beside the road in the grass.
Original Caption:This cat hangs around our office and is not camera shy like the other ones.
Image 996:

Generated Caption:The table frightened vance in the back. Leather chairs surrounded by cookbooks in my building.
Original Caption:New dining room table wiht a built in stained glass window.1/4&quot; plate glass covers the stained glass and makes a continous surface
Image 997:

Generated Caption:The screen in the middle of the building.
Original Caption:My modest little exhibition space, standing out in the scores of black and white.
Image 998:

Generated Caption:In the pretty ocean water the bear of fish.
Original Caption:Jim in the swim. I think he looks like he s swimming in blue jelly.
Image 999:

Generated Caption:Race horse in flower bed.
Original Caption:Dig a hole, put a ball in it, and don t let another dog get it. (except Stella)
Image 1000: