Minh Hoai Nguyen – Software

  • Upper body detector: version 1.0, last updated 22 Apr 14.

  • Discriminative Sub-categorization: version 1.0, last updated 29 Apr 13.

  • Max-Margin Early Event Detectors: version 2, last updated 1 Mar 2016

  • Joint localization and classification: version 4.0, last updated 8 Jul 11.

  • Branch-and-bound and dynamic programming code: version 2.0, last updated 8 Jul 11.

  • Matlab functions: version 4.1, last updated 14 Jul 15.
    This contains Matlab functions that are frequently used in my research, which might also be useful for some other people. The functions support various tasks, including:

    • classification (e.g., Kernel ridge regression, kernel computation, kNN),

    • evaluation (e.g., computing Average precision, plotting precision recall curve, plotting ROC curve),

    • optimization (e.g., Sgd, Asgd),

    • k-means (e.g., parallel k-means, permuation k-means)

    • Misc. utility functions (e.g., create latex table, progress bar, compute square distance),

    • Video processing (frame extraction, mp4 creation, shot boundary detection, video thread linking).