Mallesham Dasari

varun agrawal 

PhD student, 2016 - Present
Computer Science
Stony Brook University, New York

I work in WINGS Lab under the guidance of Prof. Samir Das. My research interests are Networked Systems and Mobile Quality of Experience. I try to improve these systems using architectural and algorithmic support.

Previously, I was a senior research engineer at Uurmi Systems, Hyderabad, India, during 2012-2015. At Uurmi, I worked on the design and development of Network protocols (L2/L3) for wireless ad hoc networks and Wireless Multimedia, for Indian Defense Laboratories.

More details can be found in my CV

I am interning at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Palo Alto in summer 2017.




Teaching Assistant, Stony Brook University
Instructor, Computer Science Education


Office Adress: 330 New Computer Science Building, Stony Brook, New York


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