Lori Scarlatos' CSE 523 / 524 Masters Projects

I plan to supervise a limited number of M.S. projects each semester. I have several research projects that focus on Educational Games, Gamification, Mobile Apps, Visualization of Learning Data, and Tangible User Interfaces. For more information on these projects, please see my web page. To work on these projects, you should have some background in computer-human interaction, computer graphics, visualization and/or web programming.

My general approach to the project is to identify fairly well-defined implementation projects that can be reasonably accomplished within two semesters and, if successful, will be a useful contribution to an ongoing research project. Of course, I will be available for help throughout the course of the project. If you have a research idea on your own, and it falls into my area of expertise, then I'd be more than happy to assist and provide some guidance. Within the first few weeks of the course, the student and I will decide on a project and concrete deliverables for the end of the first semester. Letter grades for making each milestone will be agreed upon within the first month of the semester. At the end, you will write a detailed report. The writing of a research paper that can be published at a conference or in a journal is encouraged, but not required.

Please note that all project courses require my written approval. If you are interested in working on a project with me, you can send email to Lori (dot) Scarlatos (at) stonybrook (dot) edu.