Experiments in the Creation of Collaborative Learning Environments

The goal of this project is to create learning environments where children can be fully immersed in and engaged with their learning materials. Research objectives include:

Gallery Game

In our first experiment, we are making a game based on a variation of the coloring problem: given a concave polygonal gallery space, how can you arrange guards such that all parts of the gallery are visible to at least one guard? The goal is to minimize the number of guards needed to cover the space. The children's positions in the space are tracked by reflectors on top of their caps.


L. Scarlatos and R. Friedman (2006) On Developing User Interfaces for Children in Educational Virtual Reality Environments, CUNY Graduate Center Technical Report TR-2006015. (pdf)

This work is being supported by the National Science Foundation through grant number CNS-0420996. The opinions expressed in these pages are those of the authors, and in no way represent the opinions of the National Science Foundation.