Leman Akoglu

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

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Technical Reports

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  • TemporalOpinionSpam: Event detection in multivariate indicative signals of opinion spam.

  • GRASP-RLS: finding robust subgraphs of a given size (in Matlab).

  • FraudEagle: finding fake reviewers in bipartite review networks (in Matlab).

  • CoClusLSH: fast bottom-up (agglomerative) hierarchical co-clustering (in Matlab).

  • RTG: generate realistic, time-evolving, weighted graphs (in Matlab).

  • OddBall: spot anomalous nodes in weighted, unlabeled graphs (in Python and Matlab).

  • PICS: partition attributed graphs into cohesive clusters (in Matlab).

  • Dot2Dot: summarize (by a forest of connection trees) a set of nodes in a graph (in Matlab).

  • CompreX: find anomalies in categorical/numerical databases (in Matlab).


  • Google Scholar: academic articles published in venues of various fields of computer science and their citation relations.
  • Political Polarity Data: yes/no votes of congressmen on bills in 111th US Senate/House and +/- opinion of users on topics in PoliticalForum.