Kiwon Yun

I am pursuing a M.S. degree in Stony Brook University. I am interested in solving real-world problems related to computer vision, machine learning and human perception. Especially, I am passionate in understanding the way people look at and interact with digital media (e.g., image, video, motion capture), and developing computational methods that can understand visual contents. It includes object recognition/detection, human activity analysis, and video analysis. Currently, I am a Research Assistant at Computer Vision Lab and the Eye Cog Lab. I work with my advisor Dimitris Samaras and I also closely collaborated with Tamara L. Berg and Gregory J. Zelinsky.

In the summer of 2013, I was working as an research intern in the advanced product R&D group at Motorola Solutions, contributing to develop human and merchandise tracking and real-time activity detection system for smart retail store project. Previously, I served as the senior software engineer of Naver, the No.1 internet/game portal company in Korea, developing online board game "Go". Prior to Naver, I had worked as a software engineer for Anysys Technologies, a educational software company, where I developed various educational content including the RPG game, “Enaquest”. Also, I studied at University of Minnesota, Twin cities as an exchange student at 2007 and graduated with a degree from Yonsei University (South Korea) in 2009.