Kevin McDonnell

Associate Professor of Practice

I am a member of the teaching faculty in the Department of Computer Science at Stony Brook University, where I have worked since the summer of 2015. I teach a variety of 100-level and 200-level Computer Science courses for CS majors and non-majors, ranging from courses on computer programming (Python, Java) to discrete mathematics (logic, sets, formal proofs) to systems fundamentals (assembly programming, basic architecture). I also serve as a faculty adviser for the undergraduate computer science major at Stony Brook and am the primary contact for candidates for the CS major as well as freshmen CS majors. I received my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from Stony Brook University and also my B.S. in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (summa cum laude). During my graduate studies I was awarded both a University Graduate Council Fellowship and a GAANN Fellowship (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need). My research interests include information visualization, visual analytics, geometric modeling and user interfaces. I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa and the Golden Key National Honor Society.

To applicants of the PhD program: I regret that at this time I am not able to sponsor you to study under me.

To current MS students: At this time I have no open slots for CSE 523/524 projects.

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  • Department of Computer Science
    New Computer Science Building 212
    Stony Brook University
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-2424
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A sampling of the courses I have taught during my career:

General Computing

  • Basic Web Design
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Spreadsheets and Data Analysis

Computer Programming

  • Advanced Programming I & II
  • Algorithms
  • C++ Programming
  • C# Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Introduction to Programming in Java
  • Parallel Programming in C++
  • Web Development and Programming

Applied Computing

  • Business Data Communications
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Graphics
  • Geometric Modeling
  • Operating Systems
  • Scientific Visualization


  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Elements of Mathematics I
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Pre-Calculus