Warm-up Reading(2pts)

reading fun: The 5 most under used html tags

What do you think about them? Why are they under-used? Write your answers briefly and save it as a text file read.txt

Task #1: studying new tags!

Please go through the examples and understand how < hr > work.

Task #2: Your personal web page(8pts)

We will continue working on the personal web page. Based on your hw1,
  1. add the copyright symbol.
  2. use < hr > to do a thematic change.
  3. add descriptions for books.
Your personal web page should now look like this .
Please add a photo to your personal web page. The photo can be placed anywhere you want it to be. Rename your file as "assign2.html".

Task #3: nested list(5pts)

Download the sample.html file to your local PC and study the source code. Please make sure you also download the 3 image files that come along with the sample.html and make sure the image files are stored in the same directory as the sample.html, this way your web browser renders the sample.html with images. Please modify the source code to add a "contents". The contents must contain a nested list. The result should looks like this. Save your sample file and images.


group the read.txt, assign2.html, the image used in your assign2.html and sample.html in one folder and compress them into a zip. Rename the zip as "[BCS130-HW2][NAME][STUD ID].zip", then send it to Jun's email via attachment. Your email title should look like:
[BCS130-HW2][NAME][STUD ID][other optional content]