Warm-up Reading(2pts)

reading fun: The origin of the < blink >

. What do you think of < blink > tag? Will you use it to promote your web site? Write your answers briefly and save it as a text file read.txt

Task #1: studying new tags!

This homework examines your understanding of basic html tags we have exercise in the lecture#2. Furthermore, students are expected to know where to look at for new tags as needed. w3schools is a very good resource to begin with. Let us study tags < blockquote > and < address >.
  1. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_address.asp
  2. http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_blockquote.as
` Please go through the examples and understand how < address > and < blockquotes > work.

Task #2: Your first personal web page(8pts)

You are expected to use either of the two tags you have just taught yourself, in addition to the tags you have known from the lecture, to implement your own simple personal web page which looks like this . You should use < address > for My Address and < blockquote > for My Favorite Quote. Replace all the content inside the square brackt ("[]" bracket) with your own content, and save the file as "assign1.html" (by selecting "save as..." menu item from the "File" menu of NotePad, or right-clicking the file and selecting "rename ..."). Try to launch it using your web browser to test it.


submit the read.txt and assign1.html by sending it to Jun's email via attachment. Your email title should look like:
[BCS130-HW1][NAME][STUD ID][other optional content]

Grading Criteria: students receive full 8 pts as long as they can show how to use one of the two new tags. 2 extra pts for using both correctly.