Jie Gao

Professor, Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University

Current Ph.D Students

  1. Haotian Wang (2018 till now).
  2. Aria Rezaei (2017 till now).
  3. Hao-Tsung Yang (2014 till now), co-advised with Prof. Shan Lin.
  4. Kin Sum Liu (2013 till now), co-advised with Prof. Shan Lin.

Past Postdoc and Ph.D Students

  1. Jiaxin Ding (December 2018). Dissertation: Geometric Algorithms for Spatio-Temporal Data Sensing, Mining and Privacy Protection..
  2. Bo Li (Postdoc from 2016-2017), co-advised with Prof. Grant Schoenebeck. Tenure-track Assistant Professor at UIUC.
  3. Chien-Chun Ni (August 2017). Dissertation: Network Algorithms for Routing and Sensing Using Area Preserving Maps, Homology and Curvature. Received the 2016 Catacosinos Computer Science Award, first job at Yahoo Research Labs.
  4. Golnaz Ghasemiesfeh (August 2017), Dissertation: Contagions in Social Networks. Finalist of Facebook Graduate Student Fellowship 2013. First job at Accenture Research.
  5. Siming Li (May 2017), Dissertation: Mobility and Traffic-Adaptive Routing Algorithms for Wireless and Optical Networks. First job at eBay.
  6. Jiemin Zeng (August 2016), Dissertation: Integrating Mobile Agents and Distributed Sensors in Wireless Sensor Networks. First job at Google.
  7. Mayank Goswami (August 2013), co-advised with Prof. Xianfeng David Gu, Joseph Mitchell. Dissertation: Computing Teichmuller Maps and Applications of Conformal Geometry to Sensor Networks. Postdoc at MPI Germany. Assistant Professor at Queens College, City University of New York.
  8. Akshay Patil (August 2013). Dissertation: Analyzing Dynamics in Online Social Networks. First job at Quantcast. Received the Outstanding Dissertation Progress Award by the American Sociological Association for contributions in computational sociology analysis.
  9. Xiaomeng Ban (December 2012). Dissertation: Exploring Advanced Communication Primitives Using Greedy Routing in Sensor Networks. First job at Google.
  10. Dengpan Zhou (May 2012). Dissertation: Distributed Algorithms for Online Coordination in Wireless Sensor Networks. First job at Nine Chapters Capital Management, LLC.
  11. Rupa Krishnan (August 2010). Dissertation: Improving Network Performance through Measurement Based Analysis. First job at Google.
  12. Rik Sarkar (May 2010). Dissertation: Geometric Abstractions for Information Processing in Sensor Networks. Assistant Professor at University of Edinburgh.
  13. Sol Lederer (December 2009). Dissertation: Localization and Location Certification in Sensor Networks. First job at Morgan Stanley.
  14. Yue Wang (May 2009), co-advised with Prof. Joseph Mitchell. Dissertation: Geometry Discovery With Connectivity Information And Applications In Sensor Networks. First job at Microsoft.
  15. Xianjin Zhu (August 2008), co-advised with Prof. Himanshu Gupta. Dissertation: Collaborative Information Processing and Query Evaluation in Wireless Sensor Networks. First job at Microsoft.