CSE642 Algorithms Seminar

Locations and Hours:

Friday 11:00-12:15 @ Computer Science Lounge (CS Building 1211).

Course Description:

This reading group provides a meeting place for Stony Brook faculty, postdocs, and students interested in the analysis of algorithms. We meet once a week, with one of three different missions:

  • Paper presentations -- This is fairly informal, with one person (i.e. student) responsible each time for leading the discussions. Nobody will have to lead for more than one paper per semester.
  • Open Problem Bull Sessions -- where we pose and attack accessible research problems. A good time is had by all.
  • Road Trips -- to the special computational geometry or theory days at NYU, Columbia, and the like.

You can get one credit for participating by simply registering for CSE 642. You are also welcome to come without registering. 

We have a mailing list. Please email me (Jie Gao) if you want to be added to the list.

Schedules for Spring07: (past offering: Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007)

9/7: Open problem session.

Michael Bender proposed an open problem of n people who need to shake hands/kiss with each other before they leave a party. The problem is to design how the people move to minimize the time needed before everyone can leave the room.

Thank Mohammad Irfan and Giordano Fusco for taking notes for this session.

9/14: Holiday, no class.

9/21: Open problem session.

We continued with Michaelís problem and discussed various extensions including non-zero kissing time, etc.

9/27: Open problem session.

Steve Skiena has an open problem to share: given a graph drawn on a canvas, embroider by a tour such that the front pattern matches the given graph and the length of the thread on the back is minimized.

Another optimization problem with optimization in stitching is studied a few years ago.

List of papers for presentation:

Last updated: 9/3/07