Maximal Area and Conformal Welding Heuristics for Optimal Slice Selection in Splenic Volume Estimation

I. Gutenko, H. Peng, X. Gu, M. Barish, and A. E. Kaufman

In SPIE Medical Imaging, 2016 (pp. 97853V-97853V)



Accurate estimation of splenic volume is crucial for the determination of disease progression and response to treatment for diseases that result in enlargement of the spleen. However, there is no consensus with respect to the use of single or multiple one-dimensional, or volumetric measurement. Existing methods for human reviewers focus on measurement of cross diameters on a representative axial slice and craniocaudal length of the organ. We propose two heuristics for the selection of the optimal axial plane for splenic volume estimation: the maximal area axial measurement heuristic and the novel conformal welding shape-based heuristic. We evaluate these heuristics on time-variant data derived from both healthy and sick subjects and contrast them to established heuristics. Under certain conditions our heuristics are superior to standard practice volumetric estimation methods. We conclude by providing guidance on selecting the optimal heuristic for splenic volume estimation.


H. Peng, X. Gu, M. Barish