Hui Kang    PhD student

Department of Computer Science
Stony Brook University
email: hkang at cs stonybrook edu


I'm a PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University; this is my 5th year. My research interests include resource virtualization and its deployment in cloud computing, management and performance modeling of cloud applications. I am working under the direction of Jennifer Wong. Since 2010 I spent some time doing intern at NEC Lab and VMware.


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*All are in the Computer Science Department.


  • Hui Kang, Jennifer Wong, To Hardware Prefetch or Not to Prefetch? A Virtualized Environment Study and Core Binding Approach, 18th International Conference on Architecture Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), Houston, Texas, 2013. (PDF)
  • Hui Kang, Jennifer Wong, vCSIMx86: a Cache Simulation Framework for x86 Virtualization Hosts, 3rd Workshop of Runtime Environments, System, Layering and Virtualized Environments (RESoLVE), Houston, Texas, 2013. (PDF, software download)
  • Haifeng Chen, Hui Kang, Guofei Jiang, and Yueping Zhang, Network-Aware Coordination of Virtual Machine Migrations  in Enterprise Data Centers and Clouds, Integrated Network Management (IM), Belgium, 2013

  • Hui Kang, Xiaoyun Zhu, and Jennifer Wong, DAPA: Diagnosing Application Performance Anomalies for Virtualized Infrastructures, 2nd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Management of Internet, Cloud, and Enterprise Networks and Services (Hot-ICE), San Jose, California, 2012. (PDF)
  • Hui Kang, Yao Chen, Jennifer Wong, Radu Sion, and Jason Wu, Enhancement of Xen's Scheduler for MapReduce Workloads, ACM Symposium on High-Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC), San Jose, California, pages 251-262, 2011. (PDF)

  • Haifeng Chen, Hui Kang, Guofei Jiang, and Kenji Yoshihira, VCAE: a Virtualization and Consolidation Analysis Engine for Enterprise Data Centers, IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO), Hungary, pages 1-10, 2010.

  • Hui Kang, Haifeng Chen, and Guofei Jiang, PeerWatch: a Fault Detection and Diagnosis Tool for Virtualized Consolidation Systems, IEEE/ACM International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC), Washington DC, pages 119-128, 2010. (PDF)
  • Hui Kang and Jennifer Wong, A Localized Multi-Hop Desynchronization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE INFOCOM Mini-conference, Brazil, pages 2906-2910, 2009. (pdf, slides, video) longer version

  • Hui KangImproving Packet Reception Performance in High Traffic Sensor Networks, IEEE PerCom Ph.D forum, Texas, 2009. (pdf, poster)



Linux Source Code
Madwifi,  Contiki,
Ethereal: A popular network analyzer, Windump.
SOSP 2007, USENIX 2007, USENIX 2008Sigcomm 2008.

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