Harsh Wardhan Agarwal

I am a Graduate student at the Stony Brook University, New York, pursuing my Master's of Sciences degree in Computer Science since Fall 2017 and anticipate to graduate by Spring 2018 (December).

Before beginning my career at the Stony Brook University, I have recieved my undergraduate degree from the Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai in Bachlor's of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.

My interests range in various fields that include Predictive Modelling for Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Website Development. I have a keen interest learning about developing machines that can process huge amounts of data in real time and attain decision making skills close to humans. I also like to study about developing computationally feasible models capable of extracting information from huge data sets and generating profitable insights. Captivated by the idea of data classification to find similar attributes in multi-featured data, I intensely study about the computational feasibility of these algorithms when the size of processing data is scaled up substantially.

In the present era of social networking, I see great potential in the amount of data that is generated at an exponential rate. It is intriguing for me to think of developing predictive models that can predict what users want even before they ask for it or can even draw presumptions for a social change.

My long term goal after the Master’s program is to work as a Data Scientist in an organization with a keen focus on research building machines that can percept information out of the raw data.