Congratulations to Xianwen Peng, Limeng Ruan, and Hongyang Zheng for winning the 2016 Competition with their game, Dismember and congrats to all students who made it to the finals. Your hard work is much appreciated.

You're Invited!!!
Stony Brook University's
14th Annual
Game Programming Competition

Friday, May 12th @ 6pm
SAC Auditorium

Come one and all. All students, alumni, faculty, family, and friends are welcome to see our Stony Brook student finalists present their original game creations. After the student presentations, winning teams will be selected and awards will be presented. Browse this site for information on past competitions, and be sure view selected game trailers from past years via our YouTube Channel


The finalists from our 2016 competition are listed below, which includes links to their video trailers.

Ascent of Andrial Ascent of Andrial
by Alec Day, Mike Witkovsky
Legend of the Dragons Legend of the Dragons
by Bryce Gregerson
Boss Fight Boss Fight
by Alec Day, Billy Gibson, Danny Gibson, Nic Sosa
Nightmare Facade Nightmare Facade
by Douglas Bell, Max Obydennov, Konstantinos Pagonis
Cloud 9 Cloud 9
by Nickolas Conte, Danny Rosenthal, Daniel Sha
Otherworldly Otherworldly
by Ethan Kelly, Joey Cunneen
Dismember Dismember
by Xianwen Peng, Limeng Ruan, Hongyang Zheng
Pearla Pearla
by Yang Cao, Hechuan Wang
Flux Flux
by Gerard Lucaks
Ricochet Hell Ricochet Hell
by Michael Sayan
Homeward Homeward
by Christopher Ford, John Guastavino, Maggie Lei
The Victory Trails Victory Trails" by "Victory Trails
by Amna Hieder, Andrew Allhusen, Andrew Peitzsch, Jason Meurlin, Ken Ramos, Timucin Altan, Zhengyang Liu


Heather Arbiter (Game Designer) - Since being a competition finalist in 2007 Heather has gone on to get a Masters Degree in Game Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology and has since worked as a Game Designer. She's worked on a number of projects including The Daily Crossword engine used by such papers as the LA Times, Washington Post, and Independent.

Jimmy Bouker (Nickelodeon Games) - Jimmy's game "Touch It" won the 2014 competition. Jimmy now works as a Software Engineer for Nickelodeon Games in New York City.

Yves DeSousa (Eduware) - A Stony Brook CS Alum and former TA, Yves now works as a Lead Developer for Eduware, which makes educational software, including games.

Paul Gifford (Applied Visions, Inc.) - Paul's game, Opposites Attract, won the 2013 competition. Paul now works at a Software Engineer at Northport's Applied Visions.

Charles Huang (Scholastic) - A former competition finalist and host, Charles now works in the world of educational applications, including games, at Scholastic.

Matt Lagueras (Nickelodeon Games) - A finalist in the 2015 competition, Matt now works as a Software Engineer for Nickelodeon Games in New York City.

Mike Pellechia (Applied Visions, Inc.) - Mike’s game, “Paddle Baddle” won the 2010 competition and he has since released a number of games through his own independent studio, Onslaught Studios. Mike currently works as a Software Engineer at Northport’s Applied Visions.

Brendan Rivers (Team Frizz) - A finalist in both 2013 and 2014, Brendan has since released his game from 2014’s event, Frizzy, for WiiU and the Xbox One.

Evan Saft (Applied Visions, Inc.) - A competition finalist in 2014, Evan now works as a Software Engineer for Northport's Applied Visions.

Angad Sidhu (Viacom/Nick Games) - A double finalist in 2012 for the games Arcane Lament and George the Slime King, Angad now works in New York City as a Software Engineer for Nickelodeon Games.

Alex Thomas (Applied Visions) - A competition finalist in 2006, Alex now works as a Software Engineer for Northport's Applied Visions.

Sabrina Wagner (kidOYO) - A finalist at last year’s competition, Sabrina now teaches kids how to make their own games at kidOYO. She also teaches Italian. Che bello!.

Rong Zhang (Tumblr) - A former Computer Science teaching assistant, since graduating from Stony Brook Rong has worked as a Software Engineer at Viacom and now Tumblr.

Kid Judge: the indomitable Harrison


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