Advise on Eating While Interviewing

The interviewing process is exhausting. A single job interview usually takes several days filled talks you have to give, meetings with people who will vote whether to hire you or not, and lots of meals with more people who hold the key to you getting the job. And that's just one job you're seeking: you could be interviewing with a dozen or more groups or companies over a period of several weeks or months. Generally speaking, during the interview days, you'll be well fed: three square meals a day, receptions, and snacks (normally, especially if you're a "poor graduate student," you're lucky to have one good meal a day :-)

When you're interviewing, you want to be alert and responsive, and you want to give off the best impression you can; one wrong answer and your prospects of getting the job are over. Also, you want to appear interested in what the people you meet with have to say, not someone who can't keep the eyelids from closing. Therefore, aside from sleeping very well the night before, I recommend that you eat and drink very lightly and carefully:

(Last updated: 10/22/2017)