Name: Dongli Zhang
Email: dongli.zhang0129 "at"
Research Interests: Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Operating System

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Malware & VM Introspection Papers

I am a PhD student working with Prof. Radu Sion in NSAC


PhD in Computer Science     State University of New York at Stony Brook     2012
M.Sc in Computer Science     State University of New York at Stony Brook     2010-2012
B.Eng in Computer Science and Technology     Shandong University of Science and Technology     2006-2010

Teaching Assistant:

CSE215     Foundations of Computer Science     2012 Fall     Paul Fodor
CSE528     Computer Graphics (TA page)     2012 Fall     Hong Qin
CSE303     Introduction to the Theory of Computation     2013 Spring     Leo Bachmair
CSE328     Fundamentals of Computer Graphics (TA page)     2013 Spring     Hong Qin
CSE230     Intermediate Programming in C and C++     2013 Spring     Ahmad Esmaili


CSE533     Network Programming     Hussein Badr     2010 Fall
CSE548     Analysis of Algorithms     Michael Bender     2010 Fall
CSE549     Computational Biology     Steve Skiena     2010 Fall
CSE540     Theory of Computation     Ker-I Ko     2010 Fall
CSE534     Fundamentals of Computer Networks     Hussein Badr     2011 Spring
CSE532     Theory of Database Systems     Michael Kifer     2011 Spring
CSE508     Network Security     Rob Johnson     2011 Spring
CSE528     Computer Graphics     Hong Qin     2011 Fall
CSE506     Operating Systems     Donald Porter     2011 Fall
CSE530     Geometric Foundations for Graphics and Visualization     Hong Qin     2012 Spring
CSE530     Visualization     David Gu     2013 Spring


My prior works on fluid animation


This is my favorite animal conservation organization in China, called LuckyCats. My dream is to run a LuckyDogs with my wife in the future.