Schedule of Presentations in Fall 2014



Title of the paper

Sep 3, 2013


Concept learning via autoencoder

Sep 10, 2013

Derek MacGee

Digital Pathology: From 2D to 3D

Sep 17, 2013

Zhixin, Kwang-suk

Opening shut eyes

Face alignment at 3000 FPS via regressing local binary features

Consensus of regression for occlusion-robust facial feature localization

Sep 24, 2013

Maria, Kiwon

3D face tracking in fisheye video for autostereoscopic displays

Training Object Class Detectors from Eye Tracking Data

Oct 1, 2013

Le Hou

Introduction to Neural Network and Related Tools

Oct 8, 2013

Kristen, Hieu

Deep Learning

Oct 15, 2013


(nsf proposal)

Oct 22, 2013

Xue, Junting

Efficient Action Localization with Approximately Normalized Fisher Vectors

Triangulation embedding and democratic aggregation for image search

Oct 29, 2013


Automatic Feature Learning for Robust Shadow Detection

Nov 5, 2013

Avi, Pengyue

(medical imaging, and face recognition)

Nov 12, 2013


Nov 19, 2013

Ke, Yingtao

Text Detection

Rich Feature Hierarchies for Accurate Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation

Nov 26, 2013


Dec 3, 2013

Nahid, Boyu


Dec 10, 2013

Zijun, Ankit