Schedule of Presentations in Fall 2013



Title of the paper

Sep 4, 2013


Learning Spatio-Temporal Structure from RGB-D Videos for Human Activity Detection and Anticipation

Anticipating Human Activities using Object Affordances for Reactive Robotic Response

Sep 11, 2013


Eye-Fixation Based Salient Object Detection

Modeling Clutter Perception using Parametric Proto-object Partitioning

Sep 13, 2013

Kota’s Prelim

Understanding Online Fashion Networks

Sep 18, 2013


Multi-Modal Emotion Recognition in Response to Videos

Sep 25, 2013


Single Image Shadow Detection using Multiple Cues in a Supermodular MRF 

Oct 2, 2013


Modeling eye movements in a categorical search task

Oct 9, 2013

CV Faculty Candidate

Dr. Minh Hoai Nguyen: Toward Large-scale Human Behavior Analysis

Oct 16, 2013

Ankit A.

Learning the parts of objects by non-negative matrix factorization

Non-negative matrix factorization as a feature selection tool for maximum margin classifiers

Oct 23, 2013


Internet-Based Morphable Model

Oct 30, 2013

Vitaly & Michael

Learning Realistic Human Actions from Movies

Modeling Actions through State Changes

Predicting Human Brain Activity Associated with the Meanings of Nouns

Nov 6, 2013

Yongsin & Saizheng

Single Image Haze Removal Using Dark Channel Prior

Deep Learning Tutorial Part 1/2

Nov 13, 2013


Object segmentation by long term analysis of point trajectories

Nov 20, 2013


Deep Learning Tutorial Part 2/2

Nov 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Break


Dec 4, 2013

Prof. Tannenbaum


Dec 11, 2013

Dec 18, 2013

Finals week