CSE 533, Fall 2015

CSE 533 - Network Programming (Fall 2015)

Course outline (pdf) | CSE533 survey (pdf) | Reading list

Important notes:
1. If you believe you have all the pre-requisites: CSE 230 (Intermediate Programming in C & C++), CSE306 (Operating Systems), CSE310 (Computer Networks), or equivalents, but are not able to register, please email me to convince me that you have the pre-reqs, I will give you permission to register then.

2. If you did not have a chance to fill out the survey, please print the survey above, fill it, and slide it under my office door before Wednesday's class. Thanks.

Classes: Monday/Wednesday
Javits 111
Instructor:   Dr. Yanni Ellen Liu
New Computer Science 107
Office Hours: Monday 4-5pm
Tuesday/Thursday 1:45-3pm
or by appointment

Welcome to CSE 533 (Fall 2015). This page contains course outline and class schedule. Other course materials are available in Blackboard. Use your NetID to login.

Tentative schedule

Dates Monday Wednesday Notes
Week 1
Aug 24 26
Introduction TCP & UDP  
Week 2
Aug 31 Sep 2
Sockets Elementary TCP sockets Last day to drop/add a class: 4pm, Fri Sep 4
Week 3
Sep 7 9
Labor Day (no class) TCP C/S example A1 is out
Week 4
Sep 14 16
  I/O multiplexing  
Week 5
Sep 21 23
Socket options
Elementary UDP sockets
Advanced I/O functions  
Week 6
Sep 28 30
  ioctl A2
Week 7
Oct 5 7
Advanced UDP sockets    
Week 8
Oct 12 14
  Race conditions  
Week 9
Oct 19 21
Broadcasting   Last day to drop a course with "W": 4pm Fri Oct 23
Week 10
Oct 26 28
Unix domain protocols A3, PACKET sockets  
Week 11
Nov 2 4
Week 12
Nov 9 11
Datalink access Raw sockets  
Week 13
Nov 16 18
  Multicasting A4
Week 14
Nov 23 25
  Thanksgiving (no class)  
Week 15
Nov 30 Dec 2
ARP, IP options Last class (Final exam review) Final exam: Tue Dec 8, 5:30-8pm, Javits 111&105


Prof. Hussein Badr provided most of the course materials. Sincerely thanks!

Last Update: December 3, 2015