CSE 523/524
Introduction to Software Engineering and Project Plan

Spring 2017


CSE523/524 projects are done in conjunction with a faculty advisor and consist of 6 credits taken over two consecutive semesters. In general, you will need to put together a project plan at the beginning of the semester and have it approved by your advisor. Then, during the semester, a significant software development effort needs to be carried out, under the supervisor of your advisor. At the end of the semester, a project demo and a final written report should be available for the advisor to evaluate. Specific requirements are determined by your advisor and, therefore, vary from project to project.


Students should register CSE 523 under the appropriate section number of their faculty advisor. Section numbers can be found in the official class schedule on SOLAR. Students may not register CSE 523 and CSE 524 simultaneously, and neither course is open to students in the PhD program. 


A list of faculty advisors, their research interests, and links to potential projects can be found at http://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/~cse523/advisors.html. Students should contact faculty advisors regarding CSE523/524 projects as soon as possible. 


An organizational meeting will be held in NCS 120 on Wednesday, January 25 at 1 pm. More detailed information about CSE 523/524 will be provided at this meeting. All students already registered or planning to register CSE 523 this semester are suggested to attend this meeting. Students taking CSE 524 do not need to come to this meeting.   


Should you need further information, please feel free to contact the course coordinator Dr. Rong Zhao.