Welcome to CSE 308! If you are enrolled in the course, be sure to periodically check the course schedule for all materials and changes as the semester moves along. Note that all grades will be posted to Blackboard. Also note that all students enrolled in this course should have U4 standing, and thus have experience in 300-level classwork, and so must be on track to graduate in either December, 2016 or May, 2017.

The Project

This semester, all teams will be developing a Web/Mobile App combo with a fully integrated back end that will be deployed for real at the end of the semester. The technology choices for teams this semester will be limited in comparison to semesters past. The hope is that it prevents teams from spinning their wheels while deciding which APIs to go with. Note that you will get to make some tech decisions (i.e. some APIs), but not regarding the basic platform, and so there may be things you won't like about the tech choices made, but you'll just have to work around those issues.


For the group project, students will be divided into teams of four. Project responsibilities will be carefully divided such that all students are making contributions and the project benefits as a whole. Each team will have four members that fit into one of the roles listed below. This is not to say that students in these roles are solely responsible for these domains, all team members should make contributions as needed to progress the project across all domains. But, the person in each role will be the primary decision maker for that doamin. Note that all students are considered Software Engineers, but additionally, students will be assigned the following roles:


Before starting the semester, there are a few rules of note that everyone must understand.

Team Programming

One of the principles that will be emphasized this semester is team programming, which involves multiple programmers working collaboratively on the same task. This is an efffective technique for preventing stalls in the development process. While working on the team project, students will be encouraged to do all programming using this technique and in addition, for all project responsibilities, teams will designate backup developers who will aid in the completion of a task when needed and will take over a task when a developer is overloaded. Note that students are to work independently on the individual programming assignments as the start of the semester and that this requirement will be strictly enforced.


Development teams, with roles, will be listed below as they are determined. Students may form their own teams if they wish. To do so, first choose an aptly named color that suits your team. Choose one that is not copyrighted (not owned by crayon or paint companies, for example). Your team name will then be your color name plus "Life". So, if your pick the color Nyzema, your team name would be Nyzema Life. Once your color (and thus team name) is selected, specify your team name and members, with roles, in the shared CSE 308 Team Google Sheet. Note that you should set the fill color for your cells to your team color, and make sure the text color is a color with enough contrast such that it is neat and legible. Should your team be missing a member or two, just place a '?' in the cell representing the position you're looking to fill.

Students not assigned to a team by the second lecture will be placed by the instructor. If you are to form your own team, I strongly advise forming teams around similar schedules. For example, past experience has shown that commuting students work well together because they may choose to meet and work off-campus rather than on. Note that should any changes to a team occur, the instructor must immediately be informed, as this is the only official teams list. As teams are formed they will be listed below, which also contains the current pool of students without a team. Finally, note again that students who are not on track to graduate either this semester or next will be dropped from the course, which may include some students listed below, so please check with your teammates before adding them else you may very well lose them and require a last minute substitute.


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