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DISCUSSION BOARD POLICY: If you post messages on the discussion board, you may not post answers for any assignment, recitation or exam, in whole or in part. You may ask for assistance or provide assistance with homework problems (with respect to understanding what you are required to do), specific language syntax, compilation errors, program environments (e.g. Eclipse, JBuilder, XWin, etc.), topics discussed in class or in your textbook, and other course related matters. You may also discuss other matters of a general nature associated with computer science, but please keep unrelated topics to a minimum. You are asked to treat each other with respect. Please do not post or respond with derogatory remarks, or these remarks will be removed at the instructor's discretion. Misuse of the board will not be tolerated. Enjoy!


Following are incomplete version of the lecture notes . You should complete the notes during class--do not rely on the posted slides as your only source of information for the course. Additional discussion and explanation is given in class which does not appear on the slides.

Unit 1 - Specifications, Order of Complexity, Software Development and Abstract Data Types 
Unit 2 - Linked Lists
Unit 3 - Stacks
Unit 4 - Queues
Unit 5 - Recursion
Unit 6 - Binary Trees
Unit 7 - Balanced Trees
Unit 8 - Hash Tables & Searching Algorithms
Unit 9 - Data Structures in the Java API
Unit 10 - Pointers & Memory Management using C (not covered)
Unit 11 - Sorting Algorithms
Unit 12 - Introduction to Graphs


We will be using version 1.8 of the Java SDK in this class.

Java Tutorial
The Java API


Answers to recitation exercises will be posted online once all sections have had an opportunity to try the exercises. Remember that you are graded in recitation based on participation, not the answers to the recitations. Even if you don't know how to solve the problems, you will still receive credit for the recitation if you participate in the exercises and discussions. The goal of the recitation is to LEARN, not just earn points.

Recitation 0 - Clone and equals Methods, Javadoc Style Comments
Recitation 1 - Order of Complexity, Specifications
Recitation 2 - Linked Lists
Recitation 3 - Stacks
Recitation 4 - Queues , Practice Problems (Midterm 1) ,Solutions to Practice Problems
Recitation 5 - Recursion
Recitation 6 - Binary Trees
Recitation 7 - More on Binary Trees, Practice Problems (Midterm 2), Solutions to Practice Problems
Recitation 8 - B-Trees, Red-Black Trees
Recitation 9 - Hash Tables
Recitation 10 - Sorting Algorithms
Recitation 11 - Graphs
Recitation 12 - More Sorting Algorithms
Recitation 13 - Final Exam Review, Solutions to Practice Problems , Study Sheet


Answers to frequently asked questions about the course will be posted here. Please check regularly to see if your question has been answered before asking your TA or instructor. Thanks.

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