Ph.D. Students Supervised

  1. Prasad Rao (Ph.D., 1997), HP Research Labs, Princeton, NJ.
    Thesis: Efficient Datastructures for Tabled Resolution

  2. Xiaoqun Du (Ph. D., 2000), Google, New York.
    Thesis: Tabled Resolution and Constraints for Model Checking Real-Time Systems and Infinite-State Systems

  3. Abhik Roychoudhury (Ph. D., 2000), Computer Science Department, National University of Singapore.
    Thesis: Program Transformations for Verifying Parameterized Systems

  4. Yifei Dong (Ph. D., 2002), Openseed Institute, Norman, OK.
    Thesis: Performance and usability issues in model checking

  5. Samik Basu (Ph. D., 2002), Computer Science Department, Iowa State University.
    Thesis: Techniques for verification of infinite state systems

  6. L. Robert Pokorny (Ph. D., 2005), XSB Inc., East Setauket, NY.
    Thesis: Model-checking of distributed autonomous agents using logic programming

  7. Giridhar Pemmasani (Ph. D., 2005), Harbor Financial Management, Port Jefferson, NY.
    Thesis: Efficient verification of concurrent systems with timed components

  8. Beata Sarna-Starosta (Ph. D., 2005), Cambian Business Services Inc., Vancouver BC, Canada.
    Thesis: Constraint-based analysis of security properties

  9. Ping Yang (Ph. D., 2006), Computer Science Department, SUNY Binghampton, NY.
    Thesis: Verification techniques for mobile processes and security protocols

  10. Diptikalyan Saha (Ph. D., 2006), IBM Research, New Delhi, India.
    Thesis: Incremental evaluation of tabled logic programs

  11. Anu Singh (Ph. D., 2009), Yahoo, SF Bay Area, CA.
    Thesis: Modeling and Verification Techniques for Ad Hoc Network Protocols

  12. M. Asiful Islam (Ph. D., 2012), Google Research, Mountain View, CA.
    Thesis: Inference and Learning in Probabilistic Logic Programs with Continuous Random Variables

  13. Andrey Gorlin (current student).
    Thesis Topic: Verification of Probabilistic Systems

  14. Arun Nampally (current student).
    Thesis Topic: Approximate Inference in Probabilistic Logic Programs

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