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We consider the problem of capacitated kinetic clustering in which $n$ mobile terminals and $k$ base stations with respective operating capacities are given. The task is to assign the mobile terminals to the base stations such that the total squared distance from each terminal to its assigned base station is minimized and the capacity constraints are satisfied. This paper focuses on the development of distributed and computationally efficient algorithms that adapt to the motion of both terminals and base stations.

Analysis of Internet topologies has shown that the Internet topology has negative curvature, measured by Gromov's ``thin triangle condition'', which is tightly related to core congestion and route reliability. In this work we analyze the discrete Ricci curvature of the Internet, defined by Ollivier et al., Lin et al., etc. Ricci curvature measures whether local distances diverge or converge. It is a more local measure which allows us to understand the distribution of curvatures in the network.

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So here is the multiple choice question (MCQ) datasets that I crawled for my course project: Answering Multiple-choice Questions Using Machine Learning Techniques. Download Dataset Descriptions: These data are mainly harvest by some exam MCQ websites and the available testbank for textbooks. Notice that the MCQs with not enough data quality is removed. We delete the questions with less than three words. Also, the question that is based on a graph, a table, or other references rather than the question itself is deleted.


Here is my memo for some network dataset resources that are available online. SNAP dataset, Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection A huge dataset collection on all kind of graph such Facebook Relationship connection graph, AS topology graph, citation graph, twitter graph and so on, their SNAP-python graph lib is also powerful and fast. KONECT, The Koblenz Network Collection The other big collection site for graph and network dataset.


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