Industrial Experience

Areas of Interest:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Analytics and Visualization

Project Work:

  • Software Engineer, Altair Engineering - Bangalore:

    • Supervisor: Arun Grover (Team Lead, Altair Engineering - Bangalore)
    • Team: PBS Professional (Portable Batch System) Core Developers
    • Duration: July, 2014 - June, 2015
    • Area: High Performance Computing, Operating Systems
    • About PBS: PBS Pro is commercial, enterprise-ready, robust High Performance Computing (HPC) workload management solution. It maximizes efficiency & utilization of computing resources available and improves job turnaround.
    • Work:
      • Developed a shared library called Timer, for clients to execute batch jobs periodically with different time periods.
      • Resolved product issues pertaining to memory management and batch job scheduling in Linux environment. Also worked on synchronization, signal handling and socket programming. Extensively used C, GDB, Valgrind and Perforce.
  • Student Trainee, Samsung India Software Operations - Bangalore :

    • Supervisor: Sreenath Reddy Konda (Group Engineering Manager , Samsung India Software Operations - Bangalore)
    • Team: Memory Solutions Group
    • Duration: May - July, 2013
    • Title: Big data analysis of semiconductor fabrication data
    • Area: Machine Learning, Data Mining
    • Work: Developed a software using Java and WEKA Data Mining library and implemented various techniques of classification, regression, clustering and anomaly detection to analyse semiconductor fabrication data.