CSE595/EMP572: Special Topics in Convergence Research (2016 Spring)

Subtopic:"Sustainable Energy - Policies and Technologies"

Lecturers (Co-lectured by CS and DTS Faculty):

Lectures: M, W 17:00 ~ 18:20, B204

Office Hours: Individualy by appointment

Main Course Description:

Subtopic Description:

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  1. Course Overview:
  2. Convergence, Korean Smart Grid, and International Financial Context:
  3. Engineering and Public Policy:
  4. Energy Politics: Sustainable and Unsustainable Energy Regimes; Sponsorship and Innovation, or Repression and Blocking:
  5. Assessment of Renewable Energy Technologies using Decision Modeling, Renewable Energy Strategic Road mapping for Policy and Technology Foresight:
  6. Future Energy Network:
  7. Formal Verification of Function Blocks Applied to IEC 61131-3:
  8. Quantitative model checking techniques for energy systems:
  9. Final Project Presentation: