I joined the Editorial board of the GetM obile Magazine.

I will be serving on the following Program Committess for 2017: WWW, MobiSys, Mobicom, CoN ext, Infocom, HotMobile, COMSNET.

I am the facilitator for the Girls Who Code club a t the Comsewogue Library in Port Jefferson Station. Very excited to see what we can do this ye ar.

Te-Yuan Huang and I served as the Sigcomm N2Women chairs in 2016. We designed a new N2Women dinner event befor e the conference. We got some very interesting and encouraging feedback, and this event will likely continue in the next years.

Javad Nejati, Yi Cao and I will be attending the AT&T Research Academic Summit.

Received as NSF grant for studying Web performance.

Received a Google Research Award for my work on improving Web performance.

Paper on analyzing mobile Web performance accepted to WWW 2016. Congratulations to Javad.

Was invited speaker to the WACI workshop at COMSNET 2016, and was a COMSNET panelist discussing Internet of Things.

Will serve as the N2Women chair at Sigcomm 2016 and the P oster and Demo chair at NSDI 2016.

Attending the Google faculty summit on Mobile on October 8th and 9th.

MobileHub won both the best paper award and the Gaetano Borriello best s tudent paper award at Ubicomp 2015[Award].

I will be serving on the following program committees in 2016: Mobicom 2016, NSDI 2016, Infocom 2016, Mobisys 2016, HotMobile 2016, IMC 2016.

Our MobileHub paper was accepted at Ubicomp 2015.

I will be serving on the following program committees in 2015: Sigcomm 2015, Mobicom 2015, WWW 2015, HotNets 2015 an d Ubicomp 2015

Our SPDY work won one of the Applied Networking Research Prizes in 2015.

  • I am very happy to be invited as a a panelist for the fourth N2Women Workshop.
  • SPDY paper accepted at NSDI 2014.
  • We will be presenting WProf demo and MobileHub poster at NSDI 2013.
  • WProf paper accepted at NSDI 2013
  • FindAll accepted at CoNext 2012
  • Sigcomm dissertation runner-up award. Citation here.
  • NSF NetS-small grant on smartphone power management funded.
  • August 2011: Panelist at the S3 workshop to be held during Mobicom 2011
  • June 2011: Demo committee at MobiSys 2011 and invited guest speaker at the N2Women meeting to be held during MobiSys.
  • June 2011: R3 paper accepted for publication at Mobicom 2011
  • April 2011: Joined UW as a Postdoc
  • February 2011: Program committee member of Mobicom 2011 and CHANTS 2011
  • September 2010: Our baby girl Nila was born on September 11th
  • August 2010: Program committee member of MobiSys 2011.
  • July 2010: Received the NSF CI Fellowship and will be joining UW as a postdoc. News
  • MAUI and Wiffler accepted for publication at ACM MobiSys 2010
  • Program committee co-chair for the Ph.D forum to be held in conjunction with MobiSys 2010. Details are here. This is a great forum to discuss your thesis with a group of experts and fellow Ph.D students
  • Invited to give another guest lecture at Rochester Institute of Technology for the graduate level course on emerging network technologies. The lecture slides are here
  • Replication routing in DTNs accepted at IEEE Transactions on Networking
  • TailEnder paper accepted at IMC 09
  • Program committee member for CHANTS, 2009 to be held in conjunction with Mobicom 2009
  • Co-chair of the PhD-Forum to be held in conjunction with MobiSys 2009 in Krakow, Poland. Details of the forum are here. Hope to see you in Krakow!!
  • Gave a guest lecture at Rochester Institute of Technology for a graduate level Emerging Networks class.
  • Presented papers at Sigcomm 2008 and Mobicom 2008 and a poster at Grace Hopper 2008
  • Thedu paper accepted at Mobicom 2008 to be held in San Francisco
  • Vifi paper accepted at Sigcomm 2008 to be held in Seattle
  • I am spending summer 2008 at Microsoft Research Redmond, working with Ratul Mahajan
  • I am a Microsoft Research Fellow and will be supported by the fellowship from 2008-2010
  • Recieved Grace Hopper Scholarship
  • "Thedu: Web search from a bus" accepted for publication at ACM Mobicom workshop on challenged networks
  • Spending this summer at Microsoft Research, Redmond. Working with Ratul Mahajan on the Vanlan project
  • Passed my Portfolio (PhD candidate exam) with distinction-- a honour given to 13 CS students since 1995
  • "RAPID: DTN Routing as a Resource Allocation Problem" accepted for publication at ACM Sigcomm in Kyoto, Japan.