Biographical Sketch

I am a research scholar at Stony Brook University, pursuing PhD in Computer Science. My research interests are in the domain of mobile computing and wireless networks, with an emphasis on improving user Quality of Experience. I work in the Wireless Networking and Systems (WINGS) Lab under Prof. Samir Das. Previously, I have also worked at SUNY Korea with Prof. Pradipta De on computation offloading. For more details on my work, you can refer to my CV or refer to my Google Scholar webpage.

Latest News

  • Apr 2018: Presented our paper at IEEE Infocom in Hawaii.
  • Jan 2018: Camera-ready version of our Infocom paper is posted here.
  • Nov 2017: Our paper on crowdsourced spectrum sensing, "Spectrum Patrolling with Crowdsourced Spectrum Sensors", accepted at IEEE Infocom 2018.
  • Sep 2017: Presented our paper on TV streaming sticks at IEEE Sarnoff 2017 at Newark, New Jersey.
  • Aug 2017: Our paper titled, A First Look at Performance of TV Streaming Sticks, accepted at IEEE Sarnoff 2017.
  • Jun 2017: I am joining Samsung Research America as summer intern.
  • Jan 2017: My survey paper is now available on the journal's archive.
  • Jan 2017: Presented my paper at IEEE CCNC.
  • Dec 2016: Attended ACM CoNEXT at Irvine.
  • Dec 2016: Presented my paper at IEEE Globecom.
  • Nov 2016: Received university grant from SUNY Korea and Korean government to attend IEEE Globecom 2016 and IEEE CCNC 2017.
  • Nov 2016: Received travel grant to attend ACM CoNext 2016 at Irvine.
  • Oct 2016: Our survey paper "A Survey of Adaptive Techniques in Computation Offloading", accepted at Elsevier Journal of Networking and Computer Applications.
  • Sep 2016: Our paper "Scheduling with Task Duplication for Application Offloading", accepted at CCNC 2017.
  • Sep 2016: I have joined Wireless Networking and Systems (WINGS) Lab under Prof. Samir Das at Stony Brook's main campus.
  • July 2016: Our paper "Service Level Guarantee for Mobile Application Offloading in Presence of Wireless Channel Errors", accepted at Globecom 2016. See you all at Washington DC in December.
  • May 2016: Obtained travel grant from ACM SIGARCH to attend ISCA 2016.
  • June 2015: Our paper titled, "Parametric Analysis of Mobile Cloud Computing Frameworks using Simulation Modeling". accepted at ARMS-CC (workshop co-held with Principles of Distributed Computing) 2015