Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Course Overview

An introduction to procedural and object-oriented programming methodology. Topics include program structure, conditional and iterative programming, procedures, arrays and records, object classes, encapsulation, information hiding, inheritance, polymorphism, file I/O, and exceptions.

Course Text

The text for the course is Introduction to Java Programming, Brief Version 10th Edition by Daniel Liang. Publisher: Prentice-Hall

This book provides a solid introduction to programming in Java.

Class Information

Getting Help

Programming Environment

We will be using the programming language Java with Eclipse as the programming environment. You will install Java and Eclipse on your computer. Use the following installation guide to help you install Java and Eclipse. A copy of this guide is also available on blackboard under Documents\Resources.

Here are instructional videos on how to install Java and Eclipse:


Here is the latest class syllabus

Course materials for Fall 2018