The file match.tar should consist of the following files: ./MATCH/00_README this file ./MATCH/100.dat example x-y file ./MATCH/100.edge example edge-file ./MATCH/Makefile gmake Makefile ./MATCH/mat_main.c main program for blossom4 code ./MATCH/match.[ch] matching routines ./MATCH/matprice.[ch] pricing routines ./MATCH/mp_main.c main program for price4 code ./MATCH/tri_call.c program to call the triangle package ------------------------------------------------------------ Installation: This package is an add-up to the concorde package written by Applegate, Bixby, Chvatal and Cook and which can be found at . Type 'tar xvf match.tar', the MATCH directory will be created. Type 'cd MATCH' to get to the MATCH directory. To built the programs, first look at the Makefile and insert the right compiler, compiling options and the concorde directory (this is the directory with the concorde.a and the concorde.h file). After that just type 'make' or e.g. 'make blossom4', if you just want to get the blossom4 program. Other possibilities are 'make price4' or 'make tri_call'. ------------------------------------------------------------ Usage: After the programs are built, you can use them in the following way: - blossom4 Type blossom4 to see different options. Here some standard calls: blossom4 -k 1000 Calculate matching for 1000 random points. blossom4 -k 1000 -s 1 Calculate matching for 1000 random points with random seed 1. blossom4 -x 100.dat Calculate matching with the points from the file 100.dat. blossom4 -b -x 12345.bin -e 12345.del -5 Calculate matching with the points from the binary file 12345.bin, starting with the edge-set 12345.del and working with the ATT norm. blossom4 -e 12345.del -B 12345.price Calculate matching for the graph 12345.del and write the data necessary for the pricing program to the file 12345.price. - price4 Type price4 to see different options. Here is a standard call: price4 -b -n 12345.bin -d 12345.price -o 12345.bad.edges Calculate the bad edges for the pricing file generated with the blossom4 call above. - tri_call All the necessary information about tri_call can be found in the header of the tri_call.c file. For further information about options and file-formats see the concorde README file. ------------------------------------------------------------