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Location CS 2207

Development of volume rendering techniques for use in scientific visualization and virtual reality applications.

Hardware X86 PC, SGI/MIPS cpu, SUN Microsystems Sparc, Apple PowerPC
Operating System SGI-OS, Solaris, MS Windows, MacOS, Mac-OSX
Software Latex, Emacs, C, C++, GNU C, GNU C++, Java, Pine, CDE, MS Visual Studio
Details Among the projects are:

  • architectures for volume rendering,
  • parallel methods for volume rendering (regular and irregular grids),
  • development of tools for visualization, and
  • flow visualization.

Typically each graduate student can expect to have access to a (more or less) personal system and access to other interesting hardware. PhD students have a personal system and office space.
Funding NSF, ONR, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL), INTEL, APPLE.
Coordinator Arie Kaufman
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