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Virtual Reality Lab

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Location CS 2209

Development of virtual reality systems for various design and testing applications such as: Mechanical CAD flythroughs, architectural walkthroughs, biomolecular drug design.

Hardware X86 PC, SGI/MIPS, SUN Microsystems Sparc, ApplePowerPC
Operating System SGI-OS, Solaris, MS Windows, MacOS, Mac-OSX
Software Latex, Emacs, C, C++, GNU C, GNU C++, Java, Pine, CDE, MS Visual Studio

Typically each graduate student can expect to have access to a (more or less) personal system and access to other interesting hardware such as: Immersive Workbench Provided by Fakespace, Inc., Haptic Feedback Provided by SensAbel Technologies, Inc., Three-dimensional Audio Provided by Crystal River Engineering, Head Mounted Displays (Virtual I/O "i-glasses!", Virtual Research "VR4" Head Mounted Display), 6-D Spaceball, VPL Data Glove, Flying Mouse, Isotracks and a Wacom Digitizing tablet.

Funding NSF, ONR, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL), INTEL, APPLE.
Coordinator Arie Kaufman
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