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Location CS 1208

To perform research on Authentication, Digital Rights Management, Secure Mobile Commerce, Secure Software Developement Environments, Security Management Tools. We mix algorithm design with practical tool developement.

Hardware X86 PC
Operating System Linux
Software Standard GNU software, Latex, StarOffice, etc.
Details Current work includes:
  • Content-Based Access Control: CBAC enables bloggers and social networkers to specify simple access-control policies that can be applied automatically to future posts, photographs.
  • Static Analysis for Security: Develop tools to help programmers write better software.
  • Secure Mobile Commerce: Cell-phones will soon replace credit cards in point-of-sale transactions. We propose an architecture for enabling secure commerce on an otherwise untrusted platform.
  • Usable Password Management: We are developing a usable web password manager based on the principle that "a secure user interface should not only make doing the right thing easy, it should make doing the wrong thing hard."
Funding State Funds
Coordinator Rob Johnson
Lab Web Page SPLAT Lab