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Location CS 2214

Create a network RAM server which will function in a similar manner as a network fileserver does for user files. Develop a system that provides huge quantities of memory for user applications over fast, low latency network ( 1 Gb/sec).

Hardware A cluster of Alpha 21164-based PC-class machines
Operating System RedHat Linux

The target platform for the prototype NMS consists of a cluster of 64-bit Alpha 21164-based PC-class machines, each equipped with at least 1GB of RAM and approximately 10GB of disk backing store, and connected by a high-speed (1.2Gb/sec) Myrinet interconnect which will be dedicated to the network paging function. Each machine will also be equipped with standard 100Mb/sec Fast Ethernet interface for general-purpose communication using IP.

Funding NSF
Coordinator Eugene Stark and Tzi-cker Chiueh
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