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Location CS 1308

Massively Parallel Computing Networks; Simulation of Ultra-Fast (PetaByte/sec) Computer Networks and Massively Parallel Computer Data Exchanges; Memory Latency Reduction in Parallel RSFQ Superconducting Computers; Grid Computing; Supercompilation of Java Programs; and Extraction of Gene Expression Cascade Trigger Events.

Hardware Sun Microsystems Sparc, Dec Alpha, Apple PowerMac, X86 PC, SGI Challenge, Sequent Parallel Processors
Operating System Solaris/Dec Unix/SGI Unix/Sequent Unix, MAC OSX, MS Windows, Linux
Software Emacs, MS Word/Excel, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Fortran, C, Java
Details Current work includes: Simulation of Ultra-Fast Computer Networks
Funding NSF, DOD, NIH
Coordinator Larry Wittie
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