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Embedded Optimization Lab

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Location CS 1307

To perform research on modeling and optimization techniques for efficient design, analysis, deployment, and operation of embedded systems. The challenge is to establish the techniques in the presence of non-parametric behavior, performance, and properties of complex applications and intricate implementation technologies.

Hardware X86 Compatable PC's, wireless sensors, mobile phones.
Operating System Linux, MS Windows
Software Open Source, Latex
Details Current projects include:
  • Mobility Modeling: We work on the development of a data-driven mobility model, using statistical likelihoods for path selection and speed of movement. Our focus is on the development of a framework to support any mobility traces and for ease of evaulation of various communication protocols, deployments, etc under such models.
  • Energy Efficient Wireless Protocols: We work on the development of wireless protocols which consider energy metrics for lifetime extension in sensor netowrks.
  • Mobile Computing & Applications: We work on the development of socially influenced mobile phone applications for developing countries. Challenges include working with limited and out-dated hardware, limited infrastructure and cost models in deployed areas, and facilitating current computation models to the platform. Another focus is on the development of peer-to-peer mobile and social information networks.
  • Architectures for Emerging Interconnect Technologies: With the emergance of new on-chip interconnect technologies, CAD is facing a drastic shift in optimization priorities, such as power, area, and bandwidth. We are developing new architectures and optimization techniques for emerging technologies, such as RF, optical, and/or plasmonics.
Funding State Funds, CEWIT
Coordinator Jennifer Wong
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