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Distinguished Professor and Chairman, CEWIT Chief Scientist
Computer graphics; visualization; virtual reality; user interfaces; multimedia; computer architecture.
(631) 632-8428

  • Leman Akoglu Assistant Professor Mining and Modeling of Large-scale Real-world Networks, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Graph Mining, and Pattern Discovery. (631) 632-9801
  • Leo Bachmair Professor Computational logic; automated deduction; symbolic computation. (631) 632-8452
  • Hussein Badr Associate Professor Computer communication networks and protocols; performance evaluation, modeling and analysis. (631) 632-8455
  • Michael Bender Associate Professor Algorithms; data structures; scheduling; cache and I/O-efficient computing; parallel computing. (631) 632-7835
  • Jing Chen Assistant Professor Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Auctions, Markets, Cryptography, Algorithms, Computational Complexity, and Secure Hardware.
  • Rezaul Chowdhury Assistant Professor Design and analysis of algorithms and data structures for combinatorial problems; Computational Biology and Bioinformatics; Experimental algorithmics. (631) 632-1421
  • Samir Das Professor Wireless networking and mobile computing; performance evaluation; parallel discrete event simulation. (631) 632-1807
  • Ahmad Esmaili Lecturer Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Web Technologies; Information Systems; Computer Science Education; Mobile Application Development. (631) 632-1628
  • Mike Ferdman Assistant Professor Michael Ferdman's interest is in computer architecture, with particular emphasis on the design of efficient server systems. His research interests span the entire computing stack. (631) 632-8449
  • Paul Fodor Research Assistant Professor Logic Programming, Active Deductive Databases, Complex Event Processing, Benchmarking for Rule-based Systems. (631) 632-9820
  • Anshul Gandhi Assistant Professor Mathematical tools to analyze the behavior of systems and to optimize metrics of Performance, Power and Energy.
  • Jie Gao Associate Professor Algorithms, computational geometry, sensor networks, wireless networks, social networks. (631) 632-9169
  • Phillipa Gill Assistant Professor Computer networks, network measurement, inter domain routing, Internet censorship/information controls, security and reliability.
  • Xianfeng Gu Associate Professor Computational Conformal Geometry, Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision, Geometric Modeling, Networking, Medical Imaging, digital geometry processing. (631) 632-1828
  • Himanshu Gupta Associate Professor Theoretical Issues in Wireless Networking, Sensor Networks, Materialized Views, and (Multiple) Query Optimization, Data Analysis in Database Systems. (631) 632-8446
  • Nima Honarmand Assistant Professor Computer System Design, emphasizing Parallel Computer Architecture and Operating Systems. (631) 632-1522
  • Rob Johnson Assistant Professor Software Security, System and Network Security, Cryptography, Digital Rights Management, Operating Systems, Networks, Algorithm Design and Analysis (631) 632-1643
  • Arie Kaufman Distinguished Professor and Chairman Computer graphics; visualization; virtual reality; user interfaces; multimedia; computer architecture. (631) 632-8428
  • Rob Kelly Associate Chair Medical Informatics, Information Systems (Especially Banking Systems), Software Engineering, Electronic Commerce, Parallel Programming. (631) 632-7543
  • Michael Kifer Professor Declarative Languages for Data and Knowledge Manipulation, The Semantic Web, Integration of Object-oriented and Deductive Paradigms, Object-oriented Databases. (631) 632-8459
  • Annie Liu Professor Programming Languages, Compilers, Software Systems, Program Optimization, Program Analysis and Transformation, Reactive Systems. (631) 632-8463
  • Ellen Liu Research Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Design and Performance Evaluation of Resource Management Strategies in Computer Networks and Systems, Wireless Networks. (631) 632-8454
  • Long Lu Assistant Professor Long Lu's interest is to identify and thwart critical security threats that plague widely deployed systems and software, with a current focus on smartphone platforms and the web.
  • Richard McKenna Lecturer Computer Science Education; Computer Game Programming; Internet Commerce Programming. (631) 632-9564
  • Klaus Mueller Professor Visualization, Visual Analytics, Medical Imaging, Computer Graphics, Virtual and Augmented Reality, High Performance Computing on GPUs. (631) 632-1524
  • Minh Hoai Nguyen Assistant Professor Computer Vision; Machine Learning; Human Activity Recognition; Semantic Video Analysis (631) 632-8460
  • Nick Nikiforakis Assistant Professor Web Security and Privacy; Software Security; and Intrusion Detection (631) 632-(TBD)
  • Luis Ortiz Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computational Game Theory and Economics, Graphical Models, Applications to Complex Systems, Computational Biology, and Computational Finance. (631) 632-8471
  • Robert Patro Assistant Professor Scalable Algorithms for High-throughput Genomic Analysis, Algorithms for Inferring and Comparing Biological Networks, Network Evolution & Systems Biology (631) 632-8457
  • Donald Porter Assistant Professor Operating Systems, Concurrent Programming, Security. (631) 632-8448
  • Hong Qin Professor Computer Graphics, Geometric and Physics-Based Modeling, Computer Aided Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Aided Geometric Design. (631) 632-8450
  • C.R. Ramakrishnan Associate Professor Logic Programming; programming Languages; verification. (631) 632-8218
  • I.V. Ramakrishnan Professor Artificial intelligence, Computational Logic, Machine Learning/Computational Logic Combination, Information Retrieval, Computer Accessibility. (631) 632-8451
  • Dimitris Samaras Associate Professor Computer vision; machine learning; computational behavioral sciences; computer graphics; medical imaging; computational photography (631) 632-8464
  • Tony Scarlatos Lecturer Multimedia; interface design; computer-based training; distance learning. (631) 632-8432
  • R. Sekar Professor Computer and network security; software/distributed systems; programming languages; software engineering. (631) 632-5758
  • Radu Sion Associate Professor Cyber-Security, Applied Cryptography, Network Security, Systems Security, Systems, Large-Scale and Cloud Computing, Green Computing, and Cost and Energy-Efficiency. (631) 632-1672
  • Steve Skiena Distinguished Teaching Professor Algorithms, Computational Biology, Large-scale Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis, Social Trends Analysis, and Combinatorial Computing. (631) 632-9026
  • Scott Smolka Professor Model checking; semantics of concurrency; CASE tools for safety-critical systems; distributed languages and algorithms. (631) 632-8453
  • Eugene Stark Professor Operating Systems, Programming Language Semantics, Concurrency Theory, Specification and Verification of Distributed Algorithms, and Functional Programming Languages. (631) 632-8444
  • Scott Stoller Professor Distributed systems; fault-tolerance and security; software testing and verification; program analysis and optimization. (631) 632-1627
  • Allen Tannenbaum Professor Computational computer vision, image processing, medical imaging, computer graphics, control, mathematical systems theory.
  • Michael Tashbook Lecturer Software engineering (specifically the application of formal methods); computer science education; databases and privacy; biologically-inspired computing. (631) 632-1629
  • Anita Wasilewska Associate Professor Foundations of Data Mining Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Biology and Bioinformatics, Applications for the Automated Theorem Provers, Inductive Learning Systems.
  • Larry Wittie Professor Massively Parallel Computation, Computer Architecture, Large-Scale Simulation of Memory and Perception in Mammalian Brains. (631) 632-8456
  • Jennifer Wong Research Assistant Professor Wireless Distributed Embedded Systems, Sensor Prediction for Energy Efficiency, and Statistical Techniques for Optimizing Designs in the Presence of Manufacturing Variability. (631) 632-1728
  • Erez Zadok Associate Professor File Systems and Storage, Operating Systems, Energy Efficiency, Performance and Benchmarking, Security, Networking, Compilers, and Software Engineering. (631) 632-8461
  • Rong Zhao Director of Software Systems Division Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Medical Informatics, Software Engineering, and User Interfaces. (631) 632-7528

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