picture of me
			with my labmates Chia-che and Bhushan.
My name is William Jannen and I am a sixth year Ph.D. student at Stonybrook University. I am part of the OSCAR lab, and I am generally interested in file systems and storage. I am currently a member of the team developing BetrFS, an in-kernel Linux file system built using write-optimized dictionaries.

Prior to joining Stonybrook, I did research on RNA secondary structure prediction at Williams College in the Aalberts lab. RNA projects that I have worked on include: RNAbows, a visualization tool for viewing and comparing RNA secondary structures in thermal equilibrium; Bindigo, a tool to optimally BIND olIGOs to longer RNA targets; and Nestor, an RNA secondary structure prediction utility. Nestor is based on stochastically sampling and clustering individual structures with a new and intuitive distance measure.

Manuscripts and software can be provided upon request.