CSE 373 - Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2016

  • Course Time: 1PM - 2:20PM Tuesday-Thursday
    Place: Harriman 137
  • Steven Skiena's office hours are 2:30-4PM Tuesday-Thursday, in 251 New Computer Science, and by appointment. You can also catch me right after class.
  • The course assistants will be:
    • Our undergraduate TA will be Jake Christensen. He will be responsible for Piazza. His email address is jake.christensen@stonybrook.edu. His office hours will be 4PM to 5:30PM on Wednesday.
  • The CEAS tutoring services claims to offer help in CSE 373. Students may request tutoring information by visiting or calling the CEAS Undergraduate Student Office or visiting the CEAS Tutoring Services Website.
  • The course final exam will be held on Monday, December 19 from 5:30PM-8PM. It will be cumulative and cover everything we did this semester. Good luck!

Lecture Notes

Course Documents

  • Course Syllabus and lecture schedule in pdf format.
  • Daily Homework Problems in pdf format.
  • A list of hard problems suitable to challenge me on.

Homework Assignments

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Extra Credit

Interested students may attempt the following extra credit programming challenges from Skiena/Revilla for a small amount of additional points -- small enough that you should be motivated primarily by interest and not greed.

The solutions to these problems must be submitted on www.programming-challenges.com. Register for an account and join my CSE 373 extra credit class if you are intersted.

A schedule for doing these problems that is somewhat consistant with this course is:

  • week 1: 110101 3n+1
  • week 2: 110201 Jolly Jumpers
  • week 3: 110303 Common Permutation
  • week 4: 110401 Vito's family
  • week 5: 110405 Shoemakers problem
  • week 6: 111101 Is Bigger Smarter?
  • week 7: 111104 Unidirectional TSP
  • week 8: 110801 Little Bishops
  • week 9: 110901 Bicoloring
  • week 10: 110902 Playing with Wheels
  • week 11: 111006 Tourist Guide
  • week 12: 111105 Cutting Sticks
  • week 13: 110806 Garden of Eden
  • week 14: 111005 War
  • week 15: 110805 Tug of War


Read about the CS accreditation ABET program. The ABET objectives for the course are

  • Provide a rigorous introduction to worst-case asymptotic algorithm analysis.
  • Develop classical graph and combinatorial algorithms for such problems as sorting, shortest paths and minimum spanning trees.
  • Introduce the concept of computational intractability and NP completeness.

The course will also satisfy the following program objective:

  • (S6) have a solid understanding of computational theory and foundational mathematics.


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