I am Phani Krishna, a first year PhD candidate in Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University.

Research Interests:

I am interested in Performance Evaluation and Measurement of Wireless Networks.
I worked with Prof. SivaRam Murthy, as part of my Master of Science by Research program. And my previous work on WiMAX networks can be found here.

Interesting Articles:

Course Work:

Graduate Courses Teaching Assistant
CSE 506: Operating Systems CSE 547: Discrete MathematicsCSE 300: Technical Communications
CSE 532: Theory of Database Systems CSE 534: Fundamentals of Computer NetworksCSE 305: Principles of Database Systems
CSE 548: Analysis of Algorithms CSE 310: Computer Networks


Contact Info:

Department of Computer Science,
Stony Brook University.
Email: ppenumarthi@cs.stonybrook.edu

Some Useful and Inspirational Links.
Here is a link to my previous webpage.