Jun Yuan

a.k.a Jun Yuan-Murray

Ph.D candidate

Computer Science Department
Stony Brook University

Email: junyuan (At) cs (Dot) stonybrook (Dot) edu

A.B.D. in Computer Science, Stony Brook University, 2015.
M.Eng. in Computer Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2007.
B.Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2004.
B.Econ. in Finance , Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2004.

About Me

I am a senior Ph.D student in the CS Department at Stony Brook University. I will be joining SUNY Farmingdale as an assistant professor starting fall 2016.

I am very lucky to be supervised by my advisor Prof. Rob Johnson. I have been working very closely with Prof. Don Porter and Prof. Michael Bender on the project BetrFS since 2013.

I do research in the general areas of security, systems and theory. Currently my research focuses on the co-designing new data structures and file systems to build better storage systems. Though being a fairly recent convert to the operating systems research, I really enjoy applying innovative theoretical solutions to challenging system problems and building systems that are fast, durable and robust.

Prior to my foray into systems research, I worked with Prof. Rob Johnson for years in the areas of programming language, software security and usable privacy until my long maternity leave in 2013. New and cool ideas on security/privacy field still interest me, especially the ideas with a theoretical background and real world impact. Prior to coming to Stony Brook, I was at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China, where I did research in the area of Image Watermarking and Copyright Protection, as well as Software Reverse Engineering.

I also work part time for Percona on the PerconaFT project(formally TokuTek ft-index), an opensource implementation of B^e-tree, based on which we built BetrFS. I am highly interested in any collaboration opportunity to commercialize BetrFS. If you feel BetrFS might be a good fit for your system/storage media, we should talk.

Selected Publications(Complete Publications)

Selected Projects

Selected Courses

  • CSE608 Advanced Computer Security
  • CSE537 Artificial Intelligence
  • CSE548 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSE532 Theory of Database Systems
  • CSE541 Logic in Computer Science
  • CSE624 Advanced Operating Systems
  • CSE506 Operating Systems
  • CSE534 Compiler Design
  • Industry Experience

    Software Engineer Intern/Consultant Percona, Durham, NC 2015/09-present
    Contracted Software Engineer/Project Assistant CA Technologies Innovation Center, CEWIT, Stony Brook, NY 2012/12-2013/08
    Research Intern CNITSEC Source Code Review Lab, Beijing, China 2005/11-2006/02


  • I live with my family on beautiful long island. I am very lucky to be married to my best friend, the science geek John Murray. I am also a proud mother of Kelvin Murray.
  • I grew up in a small rural town in China. I have learned most of my English from the cartoon "Gargoyles" and the drama "Friends".
  • Religiously speaking, I am a Buddhist. I practice Zen and believe in disciplines.
  • Politically speaking, I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative (I know it can sound like a cliche).